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12/02/2023 03:19:19

Have a great Day and Weekend my dear Friend! Hugs..
I wish you a nice day and a good time.




Szia kedves barátom! Jó reggelt! Szép hétvégét kívánok! Már nagyon várok egy kis havat de mintha most is az eső cseperegne és nagy a köd! Puszi....

12/02/2023 03:10:53

A perfect day, my friend! A nice Saturday!

12/02/2023 00:00:54

Have a nice weekend with lots of smile,hugs


12/01/2023 23:41:29


12/01/2023 22:37:35
jó éjt jó hétvégét eve

12/01/2023 22:11:39

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12/01/2023 20:02:01

 Wishing you love, joy, and peace
today, tomorrow, and always.
Sweet Dreams!


12/01/2023 14:28:03

a Happy December for you..with many blessings xoxo 











12/01/2023 12:19:13

Wishing  you a very merry  December!

12/01/2023 11:46:14

Have yourself a merry lil December!


12/01/2023 11:34:43

Hello dear friend!!
I wish you have an excellent Weekend!!
Enjoy and be happy forever!!
ƸӜƷ ¸.✫•°*”˜ ƸӜƷ ˜”*°•. ✫**ƸӜƷ
**✫.•°*”˜ ƸӜƷ ˜”*°•. ✫**

12/01/2023 11:08:50

Getting more ICE and SNOW today
Snow you can Walk on

12/01/2023 09:53:55
Reggelt Reméljük szép hétvégéd lesz eve


12/01/2023 09:49:03
Good afternoon everyone, I am now here in Roden with a severe throat infection
I have to go back but with a lot of pain I have demanded too much of myself to just help everyone and pass me by. Locking this site has not done me any good either I always made the images beautiful
but yes, Boomer was not working on that years ago and everything went well. Now I have had many conversations about writing and would open up my site! I have been on Boomer for a long time from the beginning and had many contacts there, but Error came and everything was gone. Yes, I have Daya66 but do not accept contacts, that is not possible and don't do that!!!
I would like to thank everyone for taking the trouble to respond to me, even with images written honestly, I am unable to get an image with 1 MG Bay and I have no need to suffer all that misery again, I wish Boomer everything and want don't break anything for those who can stick with 1 MG Bay, my compliments.
Lots of love and greetings to all from Roden in the Netherlands, I hope to come across well, a doctor from Roden has given me something 200KM back, my other half is on his way here, and I would love to be there with my little man, my dog ​​and family and wife (Shih). Tzu my dog)❤❤I miss them so much and I really feel bad for the business, my other children take care of the business and give me a lot of confidence
Lovers, I hope I come home soon, I'm waiting for my son-in-law who lives in Roden, and he's married to my daughter Fabienne. I'll stop now. My daughter wrote this down for me++)
Love Dayenne and have fun and health wherever you go.
Hug from the Netherlands❤

12/01/2023 09:36:03


Special Angel Message

Dear Ones,
You have celebrated your day of thanksgiving, and now begins the rush to your season of joyful holidays. 
While joys are keenly felt at this time of year, so too are pains and losses felt more sharply.  In the midst of the happiness lies a sad core: you may have happy decoration, lavish meals, loved ones, and a comfortable home in which to enjoy them – but many do not.
For them, the end of the year is marked by hardship and loss of loved ones as well as home and safety.  Turning on the news brings fresh evidence of the unhappiness that surrounds you.
You may look at the world events with dismay, but has it not always been this way?  Hardship abounds, at the happy season as well as the cold seasons and the sunny ones. 
How shall you respond to the dreadful trials you see or read about?  How can you enjoy the merriment of your experience in the face of so much pain in others’? 
We urge you to help as you can.  If you welcome guests, invite them to bring food to be distributed to those who reach out to the hungry.  Perhaps in the midst of your gift buying, you can offer a few dollars to every collection site you pass. 
You might carry a few long-lasting foodstuffs in your vehicle to give to those who ask for help.  As you move through the season, you can find many ways to help or to support those people and organizations offering assistance.
Do what you can, and when you have, turn with a light heart to the blessings of your life: your safe dwelling place, your pantry filled with food, the ones whose love warms your heart, the comforts you enjoy. 
As you shift your focus to the good and happy, as you appreciate your blessings with a grateful heart, know that fresh good comes, for you and for others.  Welcome the blessings and celebrate the season of Love, knowing that despite the trials of every life, blessings surround you at every moment.  In this knowledge, find peace.
You are always blessed.

All the  preparation in the world 
won't make you feel ready
because you can never prepare for
the unknown. Learn what you can 
and then trust in your self. You can 
never know what's coming , but you
can have faith that you can handle it.
and so the adventure begins!
Celebrate you! 
Love and Blessings.

12/01/2023 09:31:22
Hope you have a great Day today

12/01/2023 08:13:22

Some people wait for a miracle 

to start living their lives happily. 

Others, use that time and create 

the miracle themselves.

~ Philippos ~

12/01/2023 07:29:51

Good morning my sweet friend: May you live this Friday full of smiles! I send you kisses

12/01/2023 06:57:20


12/01/2023 02:17:10

Hello Sweetness!

Morning My Sweet Friend......Here we have reached the end of the
week....Friday.I hope you had a good week.I hope your weekend is all you
expect it to be.Enjoy it to the fullest! See you back here on Monday.
Stay safe, Stay Well, Stay Beautiful as always sent with much Love and
respect janet.

12/01/2023 02:15:57

A perfect day, my friend!

12/01/2023 01:27:13


12/01/2023 00:51:26

A visitor... Have a nice day


12/01/2023 00:01:43

11/30/2023 23:27:40

God morning sweet Lady Eve and heartily greetings


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