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Ron Will

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12/13/2019 16:10:38

Happy Winter  Image - 1


12/13/2019 16:05:29

Settinghere think  about  what i want for  Christmas 

There are so many presents sitting under the tree,
and I can see that there are more then ten for me,
but all those presents still wont make me happy,
cause the one thing that I want is not a "What" but a "Who"
and that means all I want for Christmas......is you,

I could be getting a new watch, or new clothes to be in style,
but I can't have the joy of making a watch or clothes smile,
and a new watch or new clothes would only last me awhile,
material possessions won't make me happy like you do,
so all I want for Christmas.......is you,

You're the real reason that all  fall in love,
I know, cause now you're the only thing I'm thinking of,
you are the perfect gift from the heavens above,
and I know you can make my life anew,
so all I want for Christmas.......is you,

I'm counting down the time until Christmas is here,
cause on Christmas day, me and you will be near,
and to you, there is one thing that I want to make clear,
I'm going to ask for one thing, and believe it's true,
all I want for Christmas this year......
is to have the most perfect gift in this world....you,

Have a wonderful  merry  Christmas  

From our  house to yours

Love and blessings  to all 


12/13/2019 15:56:04

12/13/2019 15:48:31

Proof that some people know what to do with children..

That whine, act up and misbehave in public!

I'm going with them next year:)

Have a gr8 Friday

12/13/2019 14:54:39

12/13/2019 14:33:11

A good teacher is like a candle - 

it consumes itself to light the way for others.

~ Unknown ~

12/13/2019 13:06:26

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12/13/2019 13:06:01

Have a wonderful day,remember to eat your apple.

12/13/2019 12:55:32


12/13/2019 12:53:19

12/13/2019 12:27:21

Affectionate Thoughts to You my SweetHeart Friend...♥ 



12/13/2019 11:34:52

Image may contain: people standing

Happy FriYay! ! It;s the 13th! lol

12/13/2019 09:03:31

good morning..may you have a amazing day..sweet hugs xoxo   
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12/13/2019 08:49:40

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12/13/2019 08:32:25

Hugs June

12/13/2019 07:50:37

Friday Smile to You my Treasured One...♥ 

12/13/2019 07:43:13

Good Morning Ron  Hope you have a great Day

12/13/2019 04:54:48

12/13/2019 04:15:52




12/13/2019 02:07:18

How to VOTE for the Winter*Christmas Design Contest:Just  click on the Design Contest Page box under the video on the HOME page. Once on the page the left side are all the names of the nominees.To view each page click on each name. Make your choices in each class. All the rules and voting format are on the right side of the page.Just copy the template n fill in your votes. Nominees must vote n you can vote for yourself. ALL Boomer Members can also vote. It is a great way to support the contest n make new friends.Send all your votes via  message right to the Design Contest Page. Thank you! We appreciate your votes. 

12/13/2019 00:25:39

12/13/2019 00:17:09


12/12/2019 20:58:28


Will you be with me when I need you?

I plan to lock you in my heart Dear, and throw the key away...

Is that alright?

Write me, and let me know!


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

Recorded by Annette Hanshaw on January 16th, 1930 in New York, NY for Columbia and released on Clarion and Velvet Tone Records.


I'll Lock You In My Arms - Annette Hanshaw - 1930 -



12/12/2019 18:42:46

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12/12/2019 18:33:18

Evening my friend,  another cold day

well the weekend starts tomorrow  hope you have  great plans.,  today I went to the movies  saw  Knives Out., it's a whodunit  movie,  great cast.

hope you have a good night my friend and thank you so much  for your friendship  and all the great comments,  Hugs  June 

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