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04/28/2022 20:39:26

04/28/2022 20:17:36

Evening  had a nice lunch with a friend today we went to Friday's  haven't been there in years.

our weather is still cold  only in the 47  right now., hope you had a good day.,  see you in the morning.,

Hugs June

04/28/2022 07:33:52

Hi Babes Smile!!!Up And About Very Early Took An Exercise Class On The Heath This Morning Only Ten Showed Up Mostly The Younger Students From My Gym We Did A Mile Run Jog All Around The Heath Wow The Colours Of The Trees And Grasslands Are Something To Behold Before The Onslaught Of Dog Walkers Some Of Them Handle A Whole Pack As Much As Ten Or More I Suppose Thats Good Business Seven Days A Week At A Tenner An Hour And Thats All Day Long For Some Rather Them Than Me...I Sometimes Take A Friends Alsation For A Run And Thats A More Than Enough To Handle ...Working From Home Today I Seem To Have A Back Log The Girls Have Accepted On Some Regular Contracts They Don't Know It Yet But Theres A Little Bonus Heading Their Way For All The Extra Time They Put In On My Behalf I Like To Show My Appreciation They've Been Soooo Good And Helpfull While I've Been Working From The Cave ...Which Reminds Me That There's Still A Few Things That Need Sorting Out There Soooo I'll Be Heading Back Maybe Over The W/End Will Have To See How It Goes...I've Got A Guitar Lesson For My Friends Wife I've Been Teaching Her Bass Guitar At Advanced Level For A Long Time Thats The Uni Friend Thats Got The Pub On The River Thames Soooo That Will Be A Nice Slap Up Dinner And A Beer Or Two Otherwise I'd Be Home All Day Over Working On New Variations Thats The Music I Had In Mind For The New Group To Play At Napsbury...I Always Compose Whatever I'm Writing All The Way Through To The Finish It's Never The Same If You Go Back On Anything In Music More So Keep The Flow Going While Your Hot INNIT SMILE!!! Hahaha I Know You Know What I Mean Naughty Girl Just Kidding...OK Sweeettzzz Better Get Cracking Have A Lovely Day And Take Care See You Soon...



04/27/2022 21:53:09

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04/27/2022 21:37:14

04/27/2022 20:42:27


04/27/2022 18:02:59

Evening., feel a bit better  but still tired.  will be going upstairs soon

had a piece of chicken for dinner  forgot to eat  yesterday to tired to get up.   weather is crazy   rainy with hail right now  so cold wish mother nature will bring sunshine.,  have a good night my friend

04/27/2022 06:20:19

Hi Babes Smile!!!Not Much Going On Weather Wise Cloudy And Grey With A Cold Wind But It's Still Nice To Be Home Again ...Well Last Evening Was A Great Success We Went Through All The Arrangements And Music That Will Be Played For The Last Time By Me As Knebworth Has Bought The Whole Works To Use In Their Music Festival In June My Guyzz Wont Be Able To Use Any Of My Material As Now It Comes Under Copywrite Laws And Being A Ghost Writer It's No Longer Mine It's A Pity Really As My Band Really Do It Justice Just The Way I Wrote It And All The Feeling That Go With It ...It Will Be Interesting To See If Whoever Uses It Can Do it Justice Which I Very Much Doubt ...Will Just Have To See How It All Goes INNIT SMILE!!!...My Freezer Is Overflowing With Seafood Now As It Comes In Very Handy For Outdoor Barbecuse In The Summer Months If We Ever See The Sun Again Lets Hope Maytime Will Bring Better Weather...My Garden Is Racing Away With Veggies Still In The Greenhouse Just Waiting For The Warmer Weather I Did Manage To Bring Back Some Cuttings From The Cave Garden The Fire Ruined Most Of It But It Will Grow Back In Fact It Might Even Do The Ground Good For Some Plants We Live In Hopes...All The Blossoms From My Plum Tree Have Blown Away And Tiny Pears Are Forming On The Two New Pear Trees I Planted A Couple Of Years Ago It's All Looking Good Now I Love Fresh Home Grown Food To Me It Has A Taste And Holds The Flavour Well...OK Sweeeetttzz Things To Do And People To See Soooo Take Care Be Happy See You Later Maybe......



04/26/2022 22:31:04

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04/26/2022 20:56:05

04/26/2022 20:34:17

04/26/2022 18:33:06

04/26/2022 09:08:26

Hi Babes Smile!!!Missed Ya,...All Wrapped Up With Knebworth Music Festival I've Been Writing Material For A Well Known Band That Are Playing Knebworth In June Thats Taking Most Of My Meeeee Time Away It's Ok I've Got Plenty Of Things Lined Up When The Festivals Slow Down A Bit The Girls Are Well And Happy I Fink! At Least I Hope Sooo I'm Sure Jenny Would Soon Let Me Know They've Been Soooo Good Handling Contracts Dunno What I Would Do Without Them Both Great Girls I'm Very Lucky To Have Them...It Hasn't Been So Bad The Engineers Have Finished For Now At The Cave But It Took Ages To Get Things Back To Before The Fire Started So That I Could Work From There Again And Thats What i've Been Doing Most Of The Week Of Course I Did Get A Couple Of Fishing Trips In Just To Get Out To Sea For A Breath Of Fresh Air And Relax A Bit And Yes Thats What Does It For Me INNIT SMILE!!!I Came Home In A Piper Twelve And Dropped It Off At My Club There Are More Women Learning To Fly According To The Teacher Pilots I Wonder What Brought That On...I'm Jamming With The Guys Tonite Trying Out Some New Material And Then A Club Maybe See How I Feel Later On...Just Going To Nip Up To Costco To Pick Up A Few Bits And Pieces Their Doing A Special On Sea Food Prawns And Mussels I Like To Keep The Freezer Topped Up ...Ok Sweeetttzzz Have A Lovely Day Be Happy See You soon ...



04/25/2022 22:06:32

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04/25/2022 20:49:22

04/25/2022 17:41:44

evening., chilly day our weather is so crazy,  witing for the sun to shine.,  just went for coffee today 

hope your monday starting out great for good week Have a good night  see you in the morning   

 hugs  June

04/24/2022 22:41:44

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04/24/2022 20:51:49

04/24/2022 20:06:02

04/24/2022 16:36:56

Evening.,  just went for coffee today an brought it home

red  sox lost today., hope you have a wonderful night,  chill night   sww you tomorrow.,  hugs  june'

04/23/2022 22:22:45

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04/23/2022 22:22:41

04/23/2022 21:25:23

04/23/2022 16:23:21

Afternoon,  hope your having a great  Saturday., I just went for coffee  and the store  going to watch the Red Sox game  tonight.,  see you in the morning

  hugs  June

04/22/2022 22:40:52

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