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04/05/2022 20:40:48

04/05/2022 19:56:28

04/05/2022 18:18:03

Evening was a nice day., I went to Aldi's  and coffee with the girls.

excepting rain for the next  4 day.,  hope you had a better day.

Hugs  June/.

04/04/2022 21:52:14

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04/04/2022 20:21:04

04/04/2022 19:36:03

04/04/2022 18:54:46

Evening was a streeful day for me

went to the Mall bought my make up., and when i went for coffee to meet the girls.,  i didn't have my phone.,  i left it at the mall., was lucky  because in the case were credit card, money, etc.  i use a friends phone and called the dept, and they had it  Amen,. so i have such a tension headache.,  am home now  and had grapefruit for dinner  thats all i had all day except tea.   well i hope you had a better start of the  week  than  me..  see you tomorrow  hugs  June

04/03/2022 22:07:13

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04/03/2022 20:59:59

04/03/2022 20:16:05

04/03/2022 18:46:13

Afternoon.,  another lazy day for me., i have to get out of this  rutt

hope you had a good day.,  and a great start to a new week

hugs June

04/02/2022 22:17:02

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04/02/2022 22:01:52

04/02/2022 21:22:11

04/02/2022 18:41:28

Evening., was a nice day.,  but i was to lazy to go out.,wanted to go to the mall.... just did laundry  and changed the linen., but will have to find something to eat  i forgot today., just had water

hope your day was a lot better and have a great night.

04/01/2022 22:07:06

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04/01/2022 20:01:34

04/01/2022 18:56:03

Evening  turned out to be a nice day  with off and on drizzle

got my nails done.,meet the girls for coffee... hope you had a good day., and the start of a great weekend.

04/01/2022 08:54:55

Hi Babes Smile!!!Weather Sunny With Sleet Showers And Very Cold Around 7C...I Dropped Jackie Off In Oxford And Flew Back To My Club At About 9pm Jeff My Instructor Offered Me A Deal On One Of His Training Planes To Hire Out When I'm Not Using It, It's The Same Baby I Learned To Fly In It's Quite A Big Deal Maintaining And Servicing Aircraft Whatever The Size But In Fact It's Much Cheaper For Me To Stick To The Deal We Already Have Which Is Picking Up And Dropping Off Hired Bookings When I'm Not To Busy It's Tempting But I Had To Think Of My Own Business First And From Now On For The Rest Of This Year I 'll Be Writing For The Agency Thats Supplying My Studio In Cornwall Which Is One Of The Reasons I Bought The Cave In The First Place I Find The Isolation Very Beneficial To Take On More Contracts Which Will Please The Girls As That Will Mean A Rise In Wages For Them And That Will Keep Us All Happy INNIT SMILE!!!...Ok Sweeeeetzzz Heading Off To My Gym To Give Ann-Marie Another Chance To Lay On The Pressure Lol...But It Really Does Keep Me In Good Shape...Soooo Have A Lovely Day Be Happy See You Soon...



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