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05/16/2022 18:36:35

Hello Friend,

Have a nice evening.


05/16/2022 18:34:10

Evening., nice day., but now  were going to get  heavy winds and rain, getting so dark out.

had the plumber come by  i need to replace the cabinet and sink said it would be cheaper to replace the whole thing. so as soon as i  get the sink he'll do the work.

hopefully my son get it this week.,  hope you had a good day.   see you in the morning.. hugs  june

05/16/2022 17:22:01

It's Monday!









Have a great week!

05/16/2022 15:23:23

Hello dear friend!!
I wish you have an excellent afternoon//evening!!
Enjoy and be happy forever!!

05/16/2022 15:14:29

 GG  xx

05/16/2022 15:14:22

Kívánok boldog, békés napokat a hét hátralévő részére is! Holnapra változatos időt ígérnek lehűléssel, széllel és esővel... Vigyázz magadra! Puszi

05/16/2022 14:30:10

Don't Fiddle Around, Have A Great Week gifs gif new week good week new week  quotes new week gifs good week quote… | New week quotes, Great week, Have a  blessed week

05/16/2022 14:10:13

The Better Angels Of Our Nature

By Joseph J. Mazzella

It is funny how the fabric of our lives seems to go on and on but the fabric of our clothes, not so much. It was a few weeks ago when my son showed me the hole in his jeans. Further inspection showed that both of my sons’ pants were worn out and getting holes. And while their shirts were in better shape both of my sons had “grown” as well. While their adolescent growth spurts had stopped ten years ago, their aging bodies and slowing metabolism had made their bodies grow out and their shirts grow tight.

I spent the afternoon then first at the thrift shop and then at the department store picking out new blue jeans and better fitting shirts. It was a lot of work and I was tired when I got home. I took off the tags and put up their new clothes then I gathered up the old ones to toss in the trash. The jeans were more than garbage ready but when I grabbed their shirts to throw out I felt a little nudge in my heart and in my mind. I knew at once what it was. It was what Abraham Lincoln had once called: “The better angels of our nature.”

These better angels knew that most of the shirts had a lot of good wear left in them. They shouldn’t be thrown away when someone less fortunate could use them. I smiled to my God and my better angels then and laid out the shirts. I carefully looked at each one to see if any were too worn out. Those I tossed but the rest I stuffed back into the big thrift store bag to donate the next chance I could. As I put them in my car’s trunk too I felt a joy in my heart. It was like God was looking at me with Love and the better angels both above and within were smiling at me as well.

Always listen to those little nudges in your heart and mind. Always listen to the better angels of your nature. They are the voice of God within. And they will always lead you to more love, more giving, and more joy. They will always lead you to a better you.
Happy New Week! Never take one single thing for Granted . Blessings

05/16/2022 13:46:59

“It does not take courage to kill. 

It takes courage to live.”

~ Renee Ahdieh ~

05/16/2022 13:41:04



05/16/2022 12:14:12

   hang over Monday... did any1 get to see the moon lastnight? i got a pic. will send it later xX

05/16/2022 12:06:23

05/16/2022 10:50:15





05/16/2022 10:49:26

Les gens les plus heureux ne sont pas nécessairement ceux qui ont le meilleur de chaque chose, mais ceux qui profitent simplement....

je te souhaite une belle journée de lundi ainsi qu'une belle  semaine ..

bisous de ton amie Jaya...





05/16/2022 10:09:03

Monday Bliss & Love my Precious Friend... XoXo

bohemiandiesel:“ http://bohemiandiesel.com/photography/lookbooks/road-to-soulshine”

cosmic-dust:“   collaboration: Daughter of The Sun & Prism of Threads   photographed by Amanda Charchian. model: Nathalie Kelley   ”

sarahloven:“¢αѕα αитιgυα  Got excited and decided to release our first @spell_byronbay Sunset Road post early! The first of many to come, with exclusive images you can only see on the RGG blog. Link in bio! ߌբ

somerollingstone:“Vika Falileeva by Zoey Grossman for For Love & Lemons Holiday 2015”

Jimi hendrix GIF - Find on GIFER

05/16/2022 10:00:41
Mounting created BloggifCBB9-AC14-2930-4304-AC58-A25-C6-BD15226

05/16/2022 09:55:59

Happy Monday...

05/16/2022 09:36:18

Hello Sweetness!

Good Morning Sweet FriendHope your weekend was amazingHave a great start to your new weekStay Well, Stay Safe always sentwith love janet.

05/16/2022 09:07:46

morning..have a wonderful awesome new week..hugs xo 








05/16/2022 08:43:17


05/16/2022 07:23:53




Monday starting.
Happy and sprinkled with tenderness for you.
Have a great new week
Lots of kisses from me...

05/16/2022 06:52:33



05/16/2022 06:38:29

Have a Lovely Day & a Fabulous New Week Ahead My Dear Friend ...





05/16/2022 06:32:48

hello Dear, I wish
you have a wonderful and fruitful week ahead of you. Happy New Week, my
sweet friend. Much love and hugs..Rosine

05/16/2022 06:21:14

I hope You enjoyed Your Weekend my Dear Friend.
I know I did after the long Days I had.
Let's start this New Week off fresh....Enjoy
this Monday!
Love, Hugs
& always Smiles:))).

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