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11/24/2020 06:27:34

enjoy your day.love and hugs

11/24/2020 05:31:18

11/24/2020 03:26:13

Nice Tuesday my dear Friend and Week! Greetings Ildikó

11/24/2020 02:55:19

Lots of Love


11/24/2020 02:43:55

11/24/2020 02:42:24

11/24/2020 02:34:17

11/23/2020 23:52:57

Have a lovely Tuesday,my Friend!


11/23/2020 23:48:07

Hi Sweetie! Wishing you a good night and Sweet dreams when you get there!Love you lots Negra!

11/23/2020 23:38:13

11/23/2020 23:23:23

11/23/2020 23:04:34

11/23/2020 22:38:10

11/23/2020 21:52:25



Care to join me?

I know you're busy.

Just sit yourself down and rest your hands and feet!

I need to tell you how much I care for you!


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

Billy Rose / Fats Waller / Harry Link (1929) Annette Hanshaw, v acc. by
Phil Napoleon, t / 2 as / ts / vn / p / Tony
Colucci, g / ? Hank Stern, bb / Stan King, d. New York, May 9, 1929.

I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling - Annette Hanshaw acc. by the New Englanders (Ben Selvin's Orchestra) - 1929



i'm flying high but I've got a feeling i'm falling
falling for nobody else but you
you caught my eye
and I've got a feeling I'm falling
show me the ring and I'll jump right through I used to travel single,
we chance to mingle, now I'm a tingle are you?
hey mister parson stand by
for i've got a feeling i'm falling
falling for nobody else but you
oh, honey! oh, honey! i never felt this way
romantically i'm up in the air
it’s funny, so funny me taking it this way
don't know if i should
but gee, it feels good
flying high up in the sky but i've got a funny feeling that i'm fallin'
fallin' for nobody else but and you and you know it too baby that's why
i'm falling

falling for nobody else but you
and you know it too
you caught my eye
and i’ve got a feeling i'm falling
show me the ring and boy i'll take it from you
i used to travel single, oh
we chance to mingle, oh
now i'm all a tingle over you oh mister parson stand by
don't leave me now
for i've got a feeling i'm falling
falling for nobody else but you! "That's All!"

11/23/2020 21:27:51

Chase your dreams but always 

know the road that will lead you home again.

~ Unknown ~

11/23/2020 20:15:50


my friend

11/23/2020 19:35:51

~ Blessings 

11/23/2020 18:39:56


11/23/2020 18:29:52

Don't forget to feed the birdies...

11/23/2020 18:06:31

Tuesday Blessings | Tuesday greetings, Happy tuesday quotes, Blessed

my friend

11/23/2020 16:46:15

I'm thankful for
you my friend
I don't have a large
number of close friends,
but I do know there are
a lot of good people,
near and far,
who I can count on,
Who care about me,
and who want only
the best for me.
I truly value my friends
and will never have
enough" or too many.....
You give me advice,
sometimes when I need it,
sometimes when I don't,
You listen to me complain,
which I do too much,
and you celebrate with me,
even if things aren't always
going well for you...
Thanks for been my friend,
God Bless you..
Happy Thanksgiving!...
My wonderful and
sweet friend, with love,
♥ Nancy ♥....

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11/23/2020 16:09:02

11/23/2020 15:58:17

stopping in to say hello and to wish you a very nice new week..hugs 






11/23/2020 13:01:35
I wish you a Fantastic Day ♥
Joy,peace and Friendship,
Full of Love,Blessing
Sweet smiles and Big Hugs
From my Heart to you (✿◠‿◠)♥

11/23/2020 12:19:41

It doesn't matter if you are twenty, forty, or sixty. What matters is how old you feel. You have the years to live free and without fear. To follow without fear along the path, for with you, you take the experience acquired and strength of your desires. How old are you? It doesn't matter to anyone. You have the years to lose fear, and do what you want and feel. Enjoy your Monday, along with a wonderful week ahead. Quote from my teacher Friday. Christel

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