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10/20/2020 00:03:03

Good Evening

Beggar's Day! For starving ghouls and boils who can't wait until Halloween to go trick-or-treating ~Enjoy!






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crazy chick Cup.coupe.tasse.café.fantôme.Ghost.Halloween.Victoriabea

10/19/2020 22:24:42

“Remind yourself:

You can only deal with the present moment.

Everything else is a memory, a hope or a fear.”

~ Unknown ~

10/19/2020 19:44:24

Evening., nice fall day.,

i voted  early for president  today got that  over with. made Italian stew for dinner tonight.

hope you monday  was great.. and i hope you have a wonderful night'   Hugs  June

10/19/2020 15:26:16

stopping by to wish you a wonderful new week. take care and remember to wear a mask.

10/19/2020 08:05:04

10/19/2020 04:49:42

Good morning I hope you had a wonderful weekend 

have a Magical Monday 

luv and hugs xxx

10/18/2020 22:59:07

"The only thing that really matters

in the journey of life

is the company of those

with whom we choose to share it. "

~ Unknown ~

10/18/2020 19:39:16

Evening., hope you had a great Sunday

and tomorrow the start of a new week., hope it will be great for you. the weather is chilly., expecting rain  tomorrow early voting in my town., will check it out to see how long the line is.

10/18/2020 11:47:35

10/18/2020 11:11:58

                                                      Bless  Be

10/18/2020 07:38:59

10/17/2020 22:08:59


remember thinking what a giant ear-to-ear SMILE Eddy had as he played
Explosion on the stage ~it turned me on and really blew me away ;) He
was a real crush for me until Valerie Bertinelli stole him away LOL.
It's such a shame boomers are dying off in their 60s and 70s it seems.
He will be sorely missed by so many like me. If your ears can handle it
and if ya like ~Enjoy!

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missed and loved always ~another awesome boomer gone too soon

10/17/2020 19:45:19

Hope your having a wonderful Saturday  and your  weather is nice., it's  very  chilly here in Medford.,  went to the grocery store., plus met the girls for coffee.,  then xmas tree shop but the lines were so long  we didn't buy anything..  again  no idea  what's for dinner,  sons not coming home  again..  have a good night, see you in the morning.

hugs  June

10/16/2020 20:22:26



can't decide what i want for dinner but getting late  so may skip it.

hope you had a great day  and have a fantastic weekend

hugs June

10/16/2020 19:50:11

10/16/2020 09:35:36

10/16/2020 04:51:05

Good morning have a fantastic Friday

luv and hugs xxx

10/15/2020 23:28:21

مساء الخير -Good evening


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Thank you for all your birthday greets!


Happy friday

10/15/2020 22:38:09

“If you never thank God after every smile,

then you have no right to blame him for every tear”

~ Unknown ~

10/15/2020 18:41:11

Was  beautiful day today high 60's sun shining  but windy

went to lunch  at a nice resturant  for me and my girlfriend  cost  50.00 but it was yummy.

hope you had a wonderful day.. and a fantastic night.

10/15/2020 14:44:44

Hello. Thursday afternoon and a warm, beautiful day. So nice. Slowly making our way through another week and blissfully approaching the week-end. The endless paperwork and documents are nearing the final stages, I think, and the appointments are becoming fewer. A relief for all of us. I just wish everything didn't have to be so complicated. I appreciate you all showing patience with me and continuing to keep me included in the activities and goings on. Means so much. My life has to change in some ways now, but I have to acclimate slowly, and come up with a new normal. Many of you have already endured similar and are helping me in so many supportive, comforting ways. I appreciate every word, every smile, and every hug. ~ Marcia

10/15/2020 04:53:33

Good morning have a fabulous Thursday 

luv and hugs xxx

10/14/2020 22:37:01

“True friends say good things behind your back 

and bad things to your face.”

~ Unknown ~

10/14/2020 18:58:56

Evening was a beautiful day sun was  shining., went to the grocery store and out to lunch with the girls.  hope you had a good day., the sad thing  is  i get tired all the time.,  have a good night

10/14/2020 07:43:00

Good Morning Friends...Hope today will be filled with your smile and you have a fantastic day! Hugs & Love...Wanda

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