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12/08/2022 18:52:14

Evening was a beautiful day, 50's  but windy

went to lunch with a girlfriend  then  went for a pedicure., had a VFW meeting tonight but when i got there was a note on the door it was canceled until next week., 

could of went to dinner with my son he came by i wasn't home  to take me out for dinner.,  so he cleaned my bathroom tub/shower for me., plus he took a brand new fiber optic xmas tree  and light for his house and other decoraction., since i didn't do the outside ., getting to old for that. have a good night see you tomorrow,

hugs june

12/08/2022 16:24:24

Hello. The craziest thoughts do pop into my head ! Sometimes, I just can't resist the urge to share them, no matter how strange it makes me seem. LOL Hope you're having a fun Thursday ! ~ Marcia

12/08/2022 16:08:33

"When life is sweet, "SAY THANK YOU AND CELEBRATE."  When life is bitter, "SAY THANK YOU AND GROW."  Gratitude is an opener of locked-up blessings. Have a Good Thursday. Jesus Smiles, Peace & Prayers. Patty Ann

12/08/2022 15:21:57


12/08/2022 08:36:11

12/08/2022 06:38:29

12/08/2022 04:11:00

Have a nice Thursday my friend, Happy Immaculate Conception Day! Kisses

12/08/2022 04:06:52

12/08/2022 02:28:50

12/08/2022 01:51:19

Have a great day


12/08/2022 01:42:41

12/07/2022 19:45:46

evening.,  rained all day  but was in the 50's

have a good night

12/07/2022 19:23:52

Bell Seasons Greetings picture

Bear Ornament picture

12/07/2022 17:20:27

Took a break today from all the Christmas goings on to just enjoy some quiet time. All my cards have gone out and all my gifts are here. My home is decorated on the outside and the inside I hope to have done by week's end.My Mom has been home from hospital for almost 2 weeks and seems to be slowly improving and resuming activities. Her heart  switches rhythms from time to time, but doctors are working on it. She has help at her new apartment whenever she needs it. The last few months have been stressful and worrisome, but it feels good to be able to take a deep breath and slowly relax. I've been checking my page regularly, but I've not sent out comments in a while. So sorry. Maybe soon I can spend more time here. Life permitting, of course. Hope this finds you all well and enjoying preparations for Christmas. Thanks for not giving up on me and for all the wonderful comments. ~ Marcia

12/07/2022 16:43:22

Good evening, I hope you had an enchanting day. Was making cookies again. Get visitors for weekend, so I will have alot more to do - tomorrow we have a public holiday. Wishing you a nice day. Hugs Trudy

12/07/2022 14:26:11

Remember that
sometimes not getting
what you want
is a wonderful stroke of luck....

.♥ Nancy ♥

12/07/2022 13:55:17


12/07/2022 08:54:46

12/07/2022 06:47:10

Hello my dear friend, Happy wednesday!   Kisses

12/07/2022 05:42:32

Good Morning my dear Friend!






12/07/2022 01:26:20

12/06/2022 23:54:39

12/06/2022 23:16:29

Have  a wonderful day


12/06/2022 18:51:55

12/06/2022 17:58:09

Evening was a nice day  in the low 50's  .,  it;s  raining now

went to the local  hardware store for thermastat was more money 13.00 more  told the gentlemen  at ACE hardware they were only 32,99  not 45.99  he was nice and gave me that price,bought 2  finally a break. then bought a veal cutlet sanwich for dinner., ate 1/2..

Hope you had a great day  and a wonderful night

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