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03/21/2023 07:20:45

Tuesday love...

03/21/2023 06:43:31

Oh very cold this morning but they say it is the 

last day of cold weather for a bit! We have winter day's 

and summer day's all together LOL! So sorry if i missed 

you yesterday just got caught up in the day and never made 

it back to the computer! Have a Blessed day and share the 

Smiles! Take care! Smiles and Hugs Alway's

03/20/2023 18:23:30


03/20/2023 17:48:55

...it's time to turn the page to all things 'blooming'...thinking of Spring!

03/20/2023 17:17:38

Evening was a nice day 50 degrees but windy..

waiting for my son to come by   making meatloaf with potatoes, veggies and rolls

he won;t be here until after work 9 o'clock so i'll eat before that.. hope you had a great first day of spring.

i met  the ladies for coffee., and then went to ocean state job lot.

see you in the morning have a good night., Hugs  June



03/20/2023 15:34:16

Attention! It is now Spring!!!!

03/20/2023 13:15:50

Gardening is medicine that does not need a prescription 

... And with no limit on dosage.

~ Unknown ~

03/20/2023 09:09:53

My weekend was nice except the cool weather! I 

hate to be cold! Last time i went to the Dr. He gave me 

some blood pressure pills and now i am sleepy all the 

time! Anyway,I hope this finds you ready for the new 

week! Try and share some smiles it's good for both of 

you! Take care! Smiles and Hugs Alway's

03/20/2023 07:19:07

03/19/2023 17:44:11


03/19/2023 15:15:24

hope your having a great  sunday..

me cleaning   washed the kitchen floor on my hands and knees  my back is broken.. have a good night  hugs

03/19/2023 13:21:48

Wow it is a nice weekend! It's a little cool in the 50's

but the sunshine makes you forget the chill's! It is still green 

here all that tourist money coming in! Most of us local people 

know to stay home or a friends house to celebrate! Hope your 

weekend has been fun and safe! I hope you were Blessed with many 

Irish Blessings! Enjoy the rest of the day before the work week 

starts again! Smiles and Hugs Alway's

03/19/2023 10:09:47

03/19/2023 09:59:55

....hope you're able to relax and just be lazy today, darlin!

03/19/2023 09:51:23

03/19/2023 09:47:04

Sunday love...

03/18/2023 18:48:27

Evening., hope your having a great saturday

don't know what it is ., but it seems i just stay home on saturday and was a nice day.

changed my page,,, had one slice of pizza for dinner....  a hope you have a goodnight

see you in the morning

03/18/2023 14:44:37

03/18/2023 14:04:38

03/18/2023 13:39:11

03/18/2023 11:36:58

..going to a St. Patrick's Day celebration where they will be serving corn beef and cabbage...think I'll be bringing a 'PIZZA" lol...Hope your day is a happy one and you're doing it 'your' way...!

...Have a PURRRfect Saturday, darlin!

03/17/2023 20:01:57

Good Night

03/17/2023 17:36:24

Evening my friend.,  I hope you had a great St Patrick Day

mine was fine., met all the ladies for coffee., plus  got my hair cut..not cooking tonight to tired after the comments  going upstairs.

Have a good night


03/17/2023 13:57:00

“A best friend is like a four leaf clover: 

hard to find and lucky to have.” 

~ Unknown ~

03/17/2023 12:24:51

hello I hope your Friday is complete

of joys with many vibrations positive the weekend is 

 coming again enjoy it your way around here

It's a little troubled, that's life we each have something

I wish the best with my friendship Maria take care

kisses and big hugs for you

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