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06/24/2019 14:39:59



06/24/2019 12:08:18

Walking with a friend in the dark is better 

than walking alone in the light. 

~ Helen Keller ~

06/24/2019 09:16:48

Hi sweety, :)


Sorry for my absense,Ill be away more now due to summer:)I have had such a great weekend, Filled with love and surprises. I hope your days are filled with love and happiness, kisses & plenty of hugs,muahhhhh Maria xoxoxo

06/24/2019 07:53:08

I wish you a very

 nice summertime..

 and I hope your

 summer is just like

 the little box,

filled with surprises.

Enjoy and be happy my dear friend.

06/24/2019 04:18:59

06/23/2019 21:09:29


I only wish I could be with you....

Is it too much to ask?

You, are so nice!

Please write...


Love always, Annette, That's All!"

Acc. by Mannie Klein, t / Benny Goodman, cl / Irving Brodsky, p / Eddie
Lang, g / Artie Bernstein, sb. New York, September 22, 1931.

I Don't Know Why (I Just Do) - Annette Hanshaw (w Benny Goodman, Mannie Klein, Eddie Lang)


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06/23/2019 18:31:34

Evening., hope you had  a great Sunday

i ordered  pizza  for  dinner.,  my son home and i didn't feel  like cooking.

have  a good night.,  Hugs  June

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06/23/2019 16:28:58

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06/23/2019 10:51:55

06/23/2019 09:37:31



06/22/2019 21:44:37


06/22/2019 19:08:18


.,  being  out  today  was  nice  since  i been  stuck  in the  house  2 weeks was  nice

girlfriend  pick me  up  so  i  didn't  have  to  drive  with  the  foot., but  was  a  bit to much  walking  at the  store  then  lunch..,  so  am  tired now can't  wait  to  elevate  my foot  .

Hope  you  had  a  wonderful  Saturday

06/22/2019 13:52:27

We are getting one more storm here today...raining in buckets,thunder and lightening.

06/22/2019 11:31:56


06/22/2019 10:31:08

06/22/2019 09:53:40



06/22/2019 09:11:20

06/22/2019 08:57:06

wishing you a sun filled happy week-end...smiles..and hugs

06/21/2019 22:04:08


06/21/2019 20:45:44



If I could only be with you...it would be wonderful!

You know, it isn't possible.

Do you like love stories?

I do!

This sailor is so handsome, AND he is such a good kisser!

I'm not suppose to tell, am I?


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

Hanshaw was a popular singer and radio star of the 1920s and
early Thirties who had many Jazz overtones in her singing style. She
stepped out of her role of a torch singer and improvised and had a great
deal of swing that harkened to the Big Band singers of the 1930s. She
was viewed by the public as the epitome of a flapper. Many of her early
records feature many of the hot musicians of the day like Red
Nichols, Miff Mole, Phil Napoleon, Joe Venuti, Eddie Lang, Adrian
Rollini, Vic Berton, Benny Goodman, Jimmy Dorsey, Tommy Dorsey and Jack
Teagarden. Hanshaw was billed as "The Personality Girl," and her
trademark was girlishly saying "That's All!" at the end of a lot of her
records. Hanshaw recorded under a number of pseudonyms which included
Ethel Bingham, Dot Dare, Gay Ellis, Marion Lee, Janet Shaw, Lelia
Sandford and Patsy Young. Annette was voted the top female singer on
radio by a national poll in 1934, Bing Crosby was voted the most popular
male singer. Every teenage girl wanted to be just like her, and every
teenage boy wanted to marry her. Annette was secretly married to her
manager in 1929, and quit peforming except for guest appearances in

Annette Hanshaw - Am I Blue (1929)



06/21/2019 20:00:07

Still raining  tonight  but  they  say  good  day  tomorrow

my son  still away  maybe  be  home  tomorrow  or  sunday

it's  getting  so  i need  this  glass of wine.

06/21/2019 16:41:06

thank you everyone for all your comments slowly iam
catching up. enjoy your summer, today i see a yellow object is that the
sun ??/ boy we got so much rain my mble home is about to float away.
today i made a few phone calls to do some things i have to do. i hate
to  put on hold and hear music all the time. GOD  be with you all.
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06/21/2019 12:56:23

In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, 

and sharing of pleasures. 

For in the dew of little things the heart finds its 

morning and is refreshed. 

~ Khalil Gibran ~

06/21/2019 12:43:12




06/21/2019 11:35:48

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Image result for beach party gif

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