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07/16/2024 09:10:13

No photo description available.cofffee is on get your cup, i had mine already  i have a favorite coffee cup wolf picture on it it says just a girl who loves wolfs. i love all boomer place too. i be  starting  my zumba soon, have a great day. see you later.

07/15/2024 19:14:49

Evening  extremely  hot today  triple digits., for the next 3 days.. no air ., just went for ice tea  and kohl's

then home.,  yesterday dinner was nice with my son for my birthday. hope your staying cool ., have a good night., hugs  june

07/15/2024 16:40:00

Well been out a while but between being sick and keeping up

with my daughters health i stay tied up right now! Her Dr is going 

to do a few more test but she said that she needs to go on the list

right now so her liver is not even trying any signs of healing so it

is time! I am fighting depression with all this news ~ you just expect

to leave this world before your children! I am begging God right now!

Well hope this finds you sharing peace and happiness with your life!

Take Care and please share your prayers for my daughter! 

Joy is prayer; joy is strength: joy is love; joy is a net of 

love by which you can catch souls.

~ Mother Teresa ~

07/15/2024 14:16:26

No matter who you are or what problems 

you must face in your life, 

your life is worth living, 

not just surviving.

~ Wilson Kanadi ~

07/15/2024 14:04:15

Hello, my sweet friend, new week, may your Monday,

com, new, opportunities, and new, emotions,

I wish you all a blessed week,

May I grant all your wonderful WISHES,

TASTE IT, every day, smile, no one will do it,

For you, I wish you a great day, get going, with

a lot of energy, and positive vibes, and opportunities

that open before you. Take care, big hugs

Maria, be very, happy, pretty,

07/15/2024 05:58:48

07/14/2024 14:46:26

Afternoon very humid day.,

i went just for ice tea.,  now am waiting for my son ., he's taken me out for dinner with his girlfriend, for my birthday not until 5:30 she working.,    going to the Texas road house.  hope your having a good day.

and a wonderful night., hugs, june

07/14/2024 10:58:59

May be an image of 1 person and coffee cupGood morning is this you waiting for sunday morning coffee. this is me at times. have a great  day. blesss you all, love mary

07/14/2024 09:39:40

Sunday morning chillin'...

07/13/2024 20:54:23

Saturday love...

07/13/2024 17:30:47

stayed in today., so humid

tomorrow my son taken me out for dinner, for my birthday he has off. sunday

hope your having a good day. postage, stamps go up tomorrow,  so i bought 400. stamps

wont have to buy any for awhile

have a good night

07/13/2024 09:33:54

...what could be better then that 'Saturday feeling"...enjoy and keep smiling, my friend...hugs and kisses on the way to you!

07/12/2024 20:50:23

 Foot Fetish Friday...

07/12/2024 16:52:38

Another  hot muggy day.,  they say rain tomorrow in the morning

we need the rain.., just went for tea., and bought me a sandwich to take home. 90's to hot to cook.

hope your having a good day., have a great night

07/12/2024 13:04:33

It's amazing how 

one word from the right person,

can turn your whole day around 

and make you feel better in a second! 

~ Unknown ~

07/11/2024 23:20:06


07/11/2024 19:07:20

Thank you all again for the birthday wishes and it also my wedding anniversary

yes got married on my birthday.

have a good night my friend.. see you in the morning

07/11/2024 15:17:17

 thank you for the birhday wishes  you are so special to me

thank you for the wishes and wonderful gifts

am so grateful for your friendship.

Hugs  June

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07/11/2024 13:15:50

It's funny how in the end, you always go back, 

to the ones that have been there from the very beginning

~ Unknown ~

07/10/2024 21:03:48

Wicked Wednesday...

07/10/2024 18:09:01

Evening another hot day  high 90's  humdity over 100

went to the doctors., then lunch with a girlfrend., she took me for my birthday tomorrow.., the bought a ice tea  to bring home.

hope your staying cool this weather is crazy., have a good night.

see you in the morning

07/10/2024 12:41:18

I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up alone. 

It's not. 

The worst thing in life is to end up with people 

who make you feel all alone.

~ Robin Williams ~

07/09/2024 15:27:34

Afternoon., no idea when this heat will break, 90's

just went for ice tea., tomorrow i have a doctor appointment in the morning.

hope your having a good day., 

07/09/2024 11:48:07

Hello, friend, start, your Tuesday, with

good, foot, in, my, country, it is usually said that

you stand up, with your foot, straight, hehe, enjoy,

of this beautiful day, in peace, and harmony,

Every new day is a good time to

undertake, new challenges, or continue, with which

you have, renewed, with energy, and with a lot,

success, and prosperity, today, they give us a new,

day, full, of joys, and new, emotions,

Don't forget, your smiles rejuvenate me

farewell, with big hugs and kisses, Maria,

Take care, with all my friendship, 

07/09/2024 10:37:12

Stopping by to say Hello

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