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08/12/2022 12:36:18

Hope your weekend is bright and colorful. HUgssss, Maria xo

08/12/2022 12:12:14

08/12/2022 11:06:32

08/12/2022 10:17:46

“He who has felt the deepest grief 

is best able to experience supreme happiness.”

 ~ Alexandre Dumas  ~

08/12/2022 09:31:07

08/12/2022 09:04:35

heart touching stories

When James was a college student, he had admired a lovely sports car in one dealer‘s showroom for a long time. He knew that his parents could afford it and told them, that this car is all that he wanted as a gift in a day of his graduation.

Graduation day came and father had called James into his private office. He told him: „I am very proud to have such a good son like you.” He told him how much he loved him and handed him a lovely wrapped gift. James felt disappointment, but he was curious to know what it was, so he opened the box and saw a leather-bound Bible. „You are so wealthy and all you can give me is a Bible?” – James shouted at his father with anger and left the house.

Time passed and James became a successful businessman. He was happily married and had two children. Their family lived in a beautiful house. However, his soul still hurt due to broken relationships with his father. James did not see him since his graduation day.

One day he received a note, which told that his father passed away. According to the testament he had inherited all of the possessions of his father. When James arrived at his father‘s house and began to look for some important paper, and accidentally he found the Bible, still gift-wrapped, and sadness had filled his heart. With tears in his eyes, he opened the Bible and read a verse that was underlined by his father: “And if ye, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more shall your Heavenly Father give to those who ask Him?” Suddenly a car key had dropped from the back of the Bible. He knew that it was keys to the same car that he desired at that time. James also found a tag with the date of his graduation on it and the words „Paid in full“.

Happy Friday! Riding on out of here . Take Care Hugs

08/12/2022 08:56:10

Hi i am ready for today and Friday! I 

hope you have a great day which leads you into 

a Peaceful weekend! Sending Smiles for Happiness 

and Prayer for good Health! Take Care and share 

those Smiles!

08/12/2022 08:23:15

good morning..have a Happy Friday...with lots of hugs xoxo 







08/12/2022 07:54:03

08/12/2022 07:49:01







08/12/2022 07:09:47

08/12/2022 07:05:33

have a beautiful weekend.love and hugs

08/12/2022 07:04:35

My dear friends,

I've been away for a few days, but I haven't forgotten you.

I was away with my husband and a few friends

to relax, better said a little holiday:-)

It was wonderful, cheerful and we had a great time

all together...what a pity it passed so quickly...

I hope you also had a nice time with your loved ones...

Today is already Friday, let's enjoy the weekend :-)

it's sunny and warm outside so we just have to enjoy it of every moment.

Warm hugs and greetings from afar.


08/12/2022 06:41:59

To all who sent me birthday wishes, 

THANK YOU so much for thinking of me!

Wow! Thank you all so very much for thinking of me ,

I value and appreciate each and every one of you very dearly.

Lots of love n hugs to you


08/12/2022 06:27:21

Wishing You my Dear Friend a Happy & Fun Friday & Weekend.
Love, Hugs & Smiles:))).

08/12/2022 06:12:28

15 Beautiful Happy Friday Gif Animated Images | Friday Quotes

08/12/2022 04:57:52

Hello dear friend!!
I wish you have an excellent Friday!!
Enjoy and be happy forever!!
ƸӜƷ ¸✫.•°*”˜ ƸӜƷ ˜”*°•. ✫**ƸӜƷ
**✫.•°*”˜ ƸӜƷ ˜”*°•. ✫**

08/12/2022 04:44:06

Hello Sweetness!

Good Morning Weekend... Have a relaxing weekend my friend! SatySafe, Stay Well, Stay Cool...always sent with love janet.

08/12/2022 04:12:05

Good Morning ~ Make sweet memories this weekend. Happy Friday. X♥X♥X ~ Rosine 

08/12/2022 03:52:55

Hello my friend, I wish you a fantastic weekend ... enjoy it very much. Kisses for you.

08/12/2022 02:37:20

Szia, kedves Éva!

Érezni az ősz közeledtét a levegőben, ilyen az augusztus...

Legyen ez a napod is szép!

08/12/2022 02:29:08

08/12/2022 02:21:39
Mounting created BloggifMounting created Bloggif

08/12/2022 01:53:07

08/12/2022 01:46:42

Stopping by to wish you a happy friday.

I hope you and your Lovely Family are doing well.

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