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07/04/2022 16:45:30

Evening.,  hope your having a great 4th

my sons doing a BBQ  for him and the girlfriend, don't know if he invited any friends.

i just went for ice tea and read my book for awhile  then came home.

the weathers in the 80's ., have a good night.

07/04/2022 16:00:57

Over thinking ruins you.
Ruins the situation,
turns things around,
makes you worry,
and just makes things worse
than it actually is...

Take a Deep Breath
and Smile...
Have a Beautiful
and Gorgeous Day,
my sweet friend......
with love, Nancy

07/04/2022 15:44:11


hello, how is everyone?  we got rain right now and it might rain later in the evening...oh well, im not in the mood much for anything....have a good one xX


07/04/2022 14:32:22

“Life isn't about finding yourself. 

Life is about creating yourself.”

~ George Bernard Shaw ~

07/04/2022 10:15:11

¸.•*´¨Happy Independence Day. God bless America!¸.•*¨

07/04/2022 10:09:20

07/04/2022 09:51:18

07/04/2022 08:46:35

Have Happy 4th And Great New Week

07/04/2022 07:53:09


07/04/2022 07:50:09

~ God Bless ~

07/04/2022 07:16:20

Hello Sweetness!

Good Morning Sweet Friend.Please be careful out there today,Stay Safe, Stay Well, Stay Cool.Love always janet.

07/04/2022 07:03:45

07/04/2022 06:12:51

07/04/2022 05:46:10

have a great new week.much love...pandora

07/04/2022 03:04:31

🖤 Good morning 

have a Magical Monday ..love and hugs xxx 🖤

07/04/2022 01:21:19

07/04/2022 00:56:39

Hello my dear friend, happy monday!    kisses and hugs for you.

    Happy 4th of July!!!

07/03/2022 21:27:19

   enjoy the fireworks,and sleep well, gotta start all over again tomorrow lol xx

07/03/2022 20:40:19

07/03/2022 20:07:05

Have a safe and Happy 4th.

07/03/2022 18:12:09

...sometimes an unexpected get away turns out to be fun...I hope your weekend made you smile too!...making it an early night so I'll wish you  peaceful dreams for later..

07/03/2022 16:33:34

hope your having a wonderful sunday

am  doing  a jigsaw puzzle.. asked my son to pick me up ice tea  says out of his way..oh well., am not cooking dinner.

have a good night.,  see you in the morning

07/03/2022 15:37:52

Hope you had a wonderful and safe Sunday.

Tranquil sleep and Peaceful dreams...

May you awaken to a beautiful new day.

~ God Bless

07/03/2022 14:40:36

Good Sunday evening my Sweet Friend, Love Always......♥♥ 

And God Bless America !!

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07/03/2022 14:20:22

Hope you see some beautiful fireworks tonight :)

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