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09/26/2023 14:15:37

enjoy your Tuesday Wanda..lots of love xoxo 










09/26/2023 14:14:41

09/26/2023 13:50:41

.. AND Happy Taco Tuesday, yes?  

09/26/2023 13:40:12

09/26/2023 13:24:00

Enjoy a Lovely Tuesday Afternoon/Evening  XoX

09/26/2023 13:13:34

Smiles Across the Miles!


09/26/2023 13:05:06

Have a nice day, buddy:) It's a good day

for me to vote in the design


09/26/2023 12:15:55

09/26/2023 11:59:02

If there is light in the soul, 

there will be beauty in the person.

If there is beauty in the person, 

there will be harmony in the house.

If there is harmony in the house, 

there will be order in the nation.

If there is order in the nation, 

there will be peace in the world.

~ Chinese Proverb ~

09/26/2023 10:28:56

happy tattoo tuesday.love and hugs

09/26/2023 10:21:10


The Story of the Talking Stick

 The story of the talking stick originated from five Native American tribes: the Mohawk, Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, and the Onandaga.  These tribes all lived in what is now upper New York state, near the shores of Lake Ontario.  But, in those days, these tribes were all fighting each other, having terrible wars. People were dying and suffering from starvation.  A very great man named Deganawidah finally helped them learn to make a peace agreement among the five tribes.  He became known as the Great Peacemaker.

Deganawidah told the people that he would plant a Great Tree of Peace to help the five tribes find peace.  The branches would protect the people, and the “white roots of truth” would reach out to the four directions (north, south, east, west), carrying the news of peace.  First, he incited the warriors from all the tribes to bury their weapons of war in the ground.  Then he planted the tree over the weapons and the warriors sat down to make their peace agreement.

The peace agreement took a very long time, years!  But finally, after much talking and listening to each other, they formed the Iroquois Confederacy.  It was such an important agreement that it inspired other agreements such as the United States Constitution and the United Nations Charter.

Deganawidah believed that it was very important for each person wishing to speak to be carefully listened to because everyone’s ideas were valuable.  When they listened carefully from their hearts, and spoke truthfully from their hearts, the people were able to make peace.  Today we call that special listening active listening.

To help the people work together, Deganawidah brought powerful symbols of peace.  One tradition was to pass something important around the circle to show who was speaking from his or her heart.  Some Native Americans began to use a talking stick.  They passed the talking stick around the circle when they had a council.

A council was, and still is, a time, like a special meeting, to share thoughts and feelings about an important subject.  The council works as an important way to solve problems because it is a special time for listening to everyone.  When people have councils to listen and talk from their hearts, then there is no need to fight and to have wars.  The listening with respect and caring for everyone is the important part of using the talking stick to help solve problems.  Deganawidah knew the power of listening with respect and he brought us to this way to solve problems without fighting.

Why Use the Talking Stick?

  1. Everyone has an opportunity to speak.
  2. The process encourages everyone to listen more carefully.
  3. When everyone has a turn, it reduces competition for time and attention.
  4. It builds trust and safety in community.
  5. Respect for the ideas and contributions of others is the process.

09/26/2023 09:06:47










Good morning, my sweet friend Wanda, I hope you've had a great start to the week, but have an even nicer Tune-Filled Tuesday.    Love & Hugs  

09/26/2023 07:03:15

Let’s Make This
Good Morning Have A Wonderful Day
Have A Wonderful Day – Good Morning

09/26/2023 06:31:23

09/26/2023 05:16:40

Good morning Wanda, one day at a time. Have a terrific day.

490+ Tuesday Images, Pictures, Photos - Page 3
Blessed Be my dear friend. *Hugs*

09/26/2023 04:31:31

Good morning, Wanda :) You and Gary have been in my thoughts as you went about your crazy, busy day yesterday...I know you probably feel like you still have some odds and ends to tie up, but soon it will be all worth it! Enjoy a nice, quiet cup of coffee when you wake up :)) Talk soon my much loved friend! Miss you! xoxo   

09/26/2023 03:26:40

Happy Morning my Friend Wanda, Enjoy your Tuesday...;)

Aucune description disponible.

Raquel Welch


love-beautesintemporelles:“Brigitte Bardot”

09/26/2023 02:25:42

Good Morning Wanda

09/26/2023 01:52:01

09/26/2023 01:33:10


09/25/2023 23:56:55


Happy Fall Y'all!!  Hope you had a great weekend and will have an awesome rest of the week.

No photo description available.

09/25/2023 19:10:08


Dreams of today will become a reality tomorrow.

Have a restful sleep on this peaceful night!

~Good night Wanda~

09/25/2023 18:45:43

"A wind has blown the rain away and blown

the sky away and all the leaves away,

and the trees stand.

I think, I too, have known autumn too long."

09/25/2023 17:56:48

H♥ E♥ L♥ L♥ O

I know… I know…

For some of you 

this comment comes a bit early,

but also just right for some others…

~As always with Respect~

Send with Hugs'n'Kisses… Vicky ♥

09/25/2023 17:20:45

Evening., hope your having a good day

it's still raining here., weather is chilly

I went to Aldis and the coffee shop today..,  waiting for my son he's coming for dinner., making homemade raviolis

Have a good night see you in the morning

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