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10/27/2020 20:11:18

Good night beautiful friends


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10/27/2020 19:23:22

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10/27/2020 18:25:49

Hello. Wednesday afternoon. Both cold and rainy here today. Having to use the heat for the first time this season. I know I have been here less often since hubby passed, but seems I am always involved in an at home project or attending to business in and out of the home. Keeping the home fires burning takes a bit more effort when there are fewer to take on the tasks. We tend to take the shared tasks for granted until we can't anymore. Things ARE getting done and I find the "staying busy"  rather helpful just now. Gives me purpose and keeps me motivated. Halloween week...I've decorated some, but doubt there will be any house to house activity. Not sure how the parents will keep the kiddos entertained this year. Carving pumpkins, scary movies or something else? Trunk or treating...an indoor candy treasure hunt or a one person sleep over. Choices will sure be limited. Take care of pets and children...bored individuals tend to create mischief. The virus and the poor weather may be all the stimulus needed. Stay safe...stay warm...play together. ~ Marcia

10/27/2020 17:20:22

~ Blessings ~

10/27/2020 16:06:23


10/27/2020 15:47:32



10/27/2020 15:41:55

Even If You Don'T Butt Squeeze GIF by dani - Find & Share on GIPHY

Happy Touch Me Tuesday...





10/27/2020 14:32:28

Hello dear friend!!
I wish you have an excellent afternoon//Evening!!
Enjoy and be happy forever!!

10/27/2020 13:27:20

10/27/2020 12:42:02
No reason for humanity, the universe, or the laws of Nature.
Energy, mass, gravity and the rest of existence
are all so improbable.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

What keeps us from attempting—let alone accomplishing—great things? None other than fear! No wonder the phrase "fear not" is found more than 100 times throughout the Bible. The opposite of fear is courage. But how do you get courage if you're afraid? Unlike the Cowardly Lion, it's not like we can follow the Yellow Brick Road with Dorothy and Toto to see if a wizard will bestow courage on us.
Love is a powerful force. It can take us to great heights and leave us feeling light and airy. Yet it has been the most abused and misused force. Many degraded things pass for love. True love is based on understanding, mutual trust and respect and not simply on transient emotions.

Love is being in balance, that is, in harmony with the self, God and each other. Love dwells in the soul. We must allow this love to flow out and around us. Without love, all of life's treasures are locked away from our vision and experiences, for indeed 'Love is the key...Love will always be the answer.

FAITH IN YOURSELF~The keys to patience are acceptance and faith...Accept things as they are and look realistically at the world around you...Have faith in yourself and the direction you have chosen.
Always remember there are no limits to what ever you can accomplish where you're suppose to be doing something else and as long as you live you still have the chance to achieve all that you desire.
Blessings and Love...Carol Anne

10/27/2020 12:41:30


10/27/2020 12:36:23

10/27/2020 12:35:58

10/27/2020 12:35:34

10/27/2020 12:11:35

Have a wonderful Tuesday friend....big smiles 

10/27/2020 12:09:50

10/27/2020 12:00:39

looking like it's going to snow here, have a nice day..mk

10/27/2020 11:36:23



10/27/2020 11:10:23

on my way to Texas see my kids , be on as i can ty hugs Kat

10/27/2020 10:59:22

10/27/2020 10:56:04

10/27/2020 10:54:07

Happy Friendship Tuesday


10/27/2020 10:04:07

Good afternoon have a peachy Tuesday 

luv and hugs xxx

10/27/2020 09:10:16

EnJoy a Cosy & Delicious Tuesday my Beloved Friend...

By kjp

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By kjp

aepex:“margarita____v via instagram”

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autumn-dreamin:“ alraunahomestead:“ Guinevere (@lady_owd)”ߍautumn-dreaminpߍb

By jukkarisikko

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10/27/2020 08:15:59

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