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mem_normal2 OFFLINE
75 years old
Pendleton, Oregon
United States
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Far and Away, Sleepless In Seatle, Mr. Hollands Opus, Nardia, X-men, You Got EMail, IM3, Matrix,
Kindergarten Cop, Many more...

All types, except for Rap

Men are from Mars and Women Are From Venus, Future Shock, The Brave New World, Crime and Punishment, Tail of Two Cities, The Bible, Grieving When It Is All Over, Social Psychology, Asmov - Guide to The Bible, The Gospel of Mary, Benny Berigan, The Harry James Story, Computer Books, Pschology, Socilogy, heck I have too many books get rid of a lot every year.

music, computers, dancing, bowling, working,
my cat

I am a people oriented person. I love various cultures and diversities. I am really not looking for a mate, spouse or soul mate, but if it happens it does. I am very loving and understanding. I do know that men and women communicate differently. I have read many books but really do not have a favorite. I am involved within my community and participate in the local Jazz band here.
Any date is perfect in the traditional US sense, sunsets, soft music, dinning, theater or just sharing with one another.

Kind, loving, understanding willing to communicate and share. Not afraid of the unknown. A person that believes that all people have and share a common set of goals and needs such as: love, security, love of family and the pursuit of happiness. A person who looks beyond one's set of perspectives, but can view sequences in various ways and not just one that may be dictated by their community or culture. A belief that we can all play a part in making the earth better and that we are responsible to one another.

Some what intelligent if you say "Duh," when you open your mouth..you are not there yet.
Candle light, scent of vanila, sunsets, sun rises,
natural beauty, sense of humor, diverse in ideas,
a people person, kitty cats, non-codependents, diverse in knowledge, nice people, sensual expressions

Body piercing (ear rings excluded,) rap music,
druggies, alcholics, major tatoos

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Happy happy birthday wish for you

May Almighty God bless you.

I thank God that with his unparalleled love

At the end of another beautiful year he allowed you to arrive.

Happy, happy birthday, may God in his goodness

give you longer life, health, happiness.

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