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Love & Peace

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There is one thing we should do in
this life.
Choose to be happy,each day you get
up in the morning is the first day of
the rest of your life on this earth.
It doesn't matter what age you are at all.
There is no quarantee for tomorrow.
Being happy is absolutely free,only a
choice you make

As we walk down our own road in life.
Each of us have different paths we must
Sometimes our journey seems fruitless and
Just remember to walk with God,take his
Sure we will stumble many times but he
always picks us back up again.

When you love someone the feeling is
A kiss,hug are just holding hands
Slow dancing under the stars very
Even laughter you share very
Only true love will you ever have
these treasured moments.

I can't leave out all my favorite
Engelbert Humperdinck songs.
He is a very gifted and talented singer
and still is loved by his fans today.

OK this is my last song I will put on
with Engelbert Humperdinck.
Strange title for a song but entertaining
and fun to watch.

Really I haven't a bucket list.
Just being happy,laughing even at
Writing,singing and I really do wish
I had a talent in drawing.
People interest me and I would love
to capture different expressions on

I am not perfect but no one else is.
I just try and be the best I can in all situations.
I like having fun and enjoying life.
As I always say laughter is important.
Great for your body,heart and soul.
I listen to others sincerely when they need to talk.
Everyone at some time in their life has
something that happens to bring them down.
I have empathy for all feelings.
Opened minded enough to understand what
ever it may be, even if I don't feel the
same someone else does and it matters.
We are all different in a lot of ways.
Loving we are all the same if we truly.
love in our heart.

This man needs no introduction!!
If we don't know who he is,I would
say we are definitely having a
senior moment.
All joking aside there will never be
another Elvis.
He was one in a million and will never
be forgotten.

Peter Cetera use to sing with chicago.
His voice is amazing!

One of the most beautiful songs ever!
Only Bobby Hatfield had the voice to
make it what it was & still is even today.

Great voice and song!

Very talented man with a unique style
of his own.
No one can are will ever take his place.

Mel Carter is one of the best singers
I have ever heard.
Love this song!

Romantic and beautifully done.

Singer,songwriter,Jesse Belvin.
Is one of the least recognized names
among the greats R&B and soul music.
It was believed he would have been as big
as Nat King Cole.
He was the first to perform in front of a
integrated audience.
There had been at least six death threats
before the concert.
Him,his wife and driver were all killed in
a car wreak 2 hrs. after the show.
There was speculation that his car had been
tampered with,but nothing was ever proven.
He was only 27 and his wife 24.

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10/15/2018 07:54:32

Have a nice monday my dear friend.

10/15/2018 07:37:01

I hope you had a awesome weekend friend,  My son and I made a surprise stop at the senior entertainment center and as you can see we all had a great time,  I love playing for those good folks when I can and believe me I'm always the one that gets the blessing,  with there premission I posted a few pictures that they took during our show,  I love seeing them dance and singing alone with us and laughing and smiling,  But you know what? they love it more when they see you laugh and smile, they are special folks for sure, Have a good day friend and be happy in whatever you do .

10/15/2018 06:45:44


So here I am

10/15/2018 06:11:31

Have a Nice start to a New Week.
Love, Hugs & always Smiles:))).

10/15/2018 05:27:29

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10/15/2018 05:18:41




Manic Monday, hope you have a good one !

10/15/2018 04:51:34

10/15/2018 03:01:13

Hi Babes Smile!!!Home Again And Very Pleased To Be Back In The UK Even Though It's Pouring Catz And DogzMy Trip Was SoSo Would Rather Work From Home But I Have To Sometimes Work With Other People In The Biz Who Have Young Famiies To Take Care Of And Need To Be Home At Nights I'Ve Been On The Road For Years So I Cant Really Complain But We All Like To Have A Little Moan Sometimes INNIT SMILE!!! I Luv Your Comments THANX Great To Come Home To Hope All Is Well With You Resting Up Today So Will See You Later Sweetzzz Take Care Be Happy See You Soon



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