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02/21/2018 08:44:53

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic looks like the rains are gone for today,the suns trying to wake up..now the weather man is talking about another storm coming in on the weekend,we shall see,hope all is going well with everyonexxx

02/21/2018 04:38:34

I Truly Wish You're Fine today my Darling Friend ;)

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02/21/2018 04:23:21

02/20/2018 22:37:49

02/20/2018 21:02:45

SilverDreams wrote:

OHhhhhhhhhhhhhI Love the comment..........I am all the time telling my Granddaughter that..............

Sending Some Good Night Love

Have A Good One My Dear Friend...
Silver Dreams~

02/20/2018 20:55:34

Hope you have a good day tomorrow silver dreams

02/20/2018 20:45:06

Have you been watching the Olympics??? I like to watch the ice stuff more than the skiing. Many years ago I knew a lady who was an ice dancer. I could skate but not at her level although she wanted me to practice and skate with her. Never happened, I just wasn't good enough. I could never go for the Gold, at least NOT on the ice.

02/20/2018 18:55:28


You have been so good to me!

I just have to have you!


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

Possibly Red Nichols; Tommy Thunen or John Egan, t / Glenn Miller, tb /
Jimmy Dorsey, cl, as / Pee Wee Russell, Fud Livingston, cl, ts / ? Henry
Whiteman, Maurice Goffin, vn / Irving Brodsky, p / Tommy Felline, bj /
Jack Hansen, bb / George Beebe, d / Annette Hanshaw, v. New York,
November 27, 1929.

The Paramounteers (Irving Brodsky) w Annette Hanshaw - I Have To Have You - Publix 2008-P



Lovin', I have to have lovin'
But when I'm having my lovin'
I have to have you
Moments, I have to have moments
but when I'm having my moments
I have to have you

Sometimes I get so blue
Waiting for you to take me
I can't go on like this
Give me a kiss
And make me happy

New thrills, I have to have new thrills
But when I am having new thrills
I have to have you
Darling, I'm so wild about you
I'm just not sensible
I can't do a thing without you
You're indespensible

Good times, I love to have good times
But when I wanna good times
I have to have you
Married, gee it's hard to stay married
But if I want to stay married
I have to have you

You're just the bird that I could occupy a nest with
Our life would be ideal
Honey and we'll be blessed with twin beds
Family, I love a large family
But if I want a large family
I have to have you

Weekends, I have to have weekends
But when I'm taking my weekends
I gotta have you
Night boats, ooh, I hate night boats
But if I have to take night boats
I have to have you

Oh, honey, what's the sense of the suspense of livin'
Come on, for goodness sake give me a little break
And give in won't you?
Whoopie, I wanna make a whoopie
But if I'm gonna make a whoopie
Nobody will do, will do, I have to have you, That's All!

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