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05/23/2017 09:23:42

Was a rainy night here in Texas...and I'm hoping we get a little more. Temps are cooler and most pleasant. I am saddened that Manchester had a terrorist attack and folks in the area are having to cope with the aftermath. These attacks are becoming global and are always vicious. I am praying for the victims and the grieving citizens...and also for an ending to the religious and political intolerance. ~sigh~


05/23/2017 07:58:18

05/23/2017 07:52:10

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05/23/2017 07:34:20

Wishing you a happy day!

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05/23/2017 07:10:45
Good to meet you, Cat Woman. 

05/23/2017 06:59:48

  had a little rain fall earlier this morning, I hope you have sunshine out your way..

05/23/2017 06:53:54
Good morning.  It is going to rain today, and I am not in Spain.  I was not certain I was going to be able to get out and about for exercise this morning.  I knew the forecast.  I looked out the window about 3:00 AM and there were raindrops on my window.  I opened the door and it was not raining and so I decided to go for my jog.  I overdressed for the occasion.  It was 52°but I took no chances in case it would rain.  Everything went well and I completed my task without rain.

I entertained the serviceman from my provider of cable services yesterday.  He goofed around and thought everything is OK.  Last night, I had a brief interruption of services.  Nothing disastrous, maybe 5 minutes.  I did find out that these interruptions did not interrupt my recording on the DVR.  That is somewhat odd to me because I was receiving no signal.  Whatever!  I feel that this cannot be fixed until it breaks down completely.  I shall have to overcome my fear and anxiety.

Today, I wait on the edge of my chair, or in this case, lying in bed in my Ready Room waiting for the results of my car being repaired.  I believe today is the day it is supposed to be repaired.  When I reconnoitered the area this morning on my exercise protocol, my vehicle was parked in exactly the same position I had left it Saturday.  There was always hope that I could have moved up on the schedule yesterday.  Alas!  It was not to be.  And also on my schedule, when my vehicle returns to me, is a new microwave.  I looked online this morning and did not find anything I wanted.  If I had, I would have ordered it because it is free shipping.  So when my vehicle returns, I shall dress inappropriately and go to Walmart.  I noticed online a couple of units I would like to get.  I'm also contemplating buying a laptop at Best Buy.  They have a good deal but I would like to look around and see if there's something I would rather have.  Of course it is always nice to have free shipping.

I leave you now in the hopes that you have a good day.  My agenda is stricken due to a lack of no vehicle.  I do have my motorcycles but everything on my agenda would need a car.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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05/23/2017 06:13:03

05/23/2017 05:58:59

Have A Wonderful Day
Have a beautiful Tuesday, doing what makes you
happy and content.
Hugs and Laughter,

05/23/2017 05:32:31

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