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10/18/16 Should the Clinton clan be ran out of the Unitied States

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06/25/2022 11:50:28

Smile It's Saturday | Happy saturday images, Funny drinking quotes, Hump  day quotes

I'm Taking Today off  

Have a Good One Today!!

06/25/2022 11:13:13

06/25/2022 10:48:33

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Have a wonderful weekend .




06/25/2022 09:51:52

GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFUL SOULWhen thinking about life, remember this:

No amount of guilt can solve the past, and no amount of anxiety can change the future.

Best Moral Story ~ Compassion (Must Read).
Adhere to your own Rules.
Once a man  was walking by a park.
And he heard a voice from nearby 
bushes. When he looked there, he saw
a cat was stuck there that needed help.
Man tried to reach down to the cat to get
it, but the cat got scared and started scratching
the man's hand. Man screamed  in pain, but did 
not back out and tried and tried again, every time 
he tried to  reach the cat ,cat would scratch his hands.
Another man saw that and said "Leave it...cat will 
eventually find a way to come out later".
The man did not pay attention and continued to try
helping the cat to get out. At last he was able to get 
to get the cat out. Once he released the cat, he faced
toward the other man and said, "Cat is animal and it's 
instinct  is to scratch and attack but I am Human and
my instinct make me Compassionate and Kind".
MORAL. Treat everyone around you  like you want 
want to be treated .Adhere your own Rules Ethics
not theirs..
Over the years, we come to see life as we expect it to be. We make assumptions that support how we "KNOW" that things ARE. We make expectations of others and of ourselves based on those assumptions. For example, we "KNOW" what kinds of people are "good" people and which kinds or people are "bad" people.
Imagine what life would be like if you could forget all the past resentments and perceived offenses that color your thinking and your emotions. Buddhists call that state "beginner mind" - an opening to experience life without the jaundiced filter of past disappointments, to move past assumptions about the nature of life, and really SEE your surroundings - especially the people you interact with - with new eyes.
Today is your day to shed the scales from your eyes.
May the Angels Shower you with Blessings Daily!

06/25/2022 09:37:09

Good Morning, Just waking up and having My First cup of coffee. Have a Great Day

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