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mem_normal2 OFFLINE
66 years old
ft. myers, Florida
United States
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Beat The Cheese
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Beat The Cheese
Arcade Champion: trille2
My High Score: N/A


Favorites: The Painted Veil and Hachi

Favorites: oldies, r&b, gospel

The Thornbirds

art, floral design

travel the world

I love the beach and being out in a boat. I enjoy going to botanical gardens and art museums, and learning something new. I'd love to travel the world some day.


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11/24/2017 20:11:49

Evening  my  friend,  not  feeling  very  well  bad  sore  throat today fever etc

hate  the  cough ,  have  a  good  night hugs and  a  great  weekend.

11/23/2017 19:12:49

Evening  my friend  am  so glad  the  day  is  over.

hope  you  had  a  wonderful  day and  didn't  over  eat,  our  weather  was  nice  today, chilly  but the  sun  was  out. hope you  have  tomorrow  off  if  you  work,  and  be  careful  if  your  out  shopping  the  stores  are  crazy  already.  hugs

11/23/2017 12:23:17

Hugs  June

11/22/2017 18:34:23

Happy  Thanksgiving  eve,  been  a  rainy  and  cold  day  here,  i  never  went  out  just  baked  all  day.  hope  you  had  a  wonderful day,  am  going  to  go  up stairs  early., to  relax  and  watch  TV ... have  to  get  up  early  tomorrow  to get  the  bird  in  the  oven, and  i hate  getting  up early..  but  i  will go  back  to bed  once  it the  oven. 

11/21/2017 20:17:52

Evening,  been  a  long  day ,  happy  am  home  from  work, hope  your  day  was  good., going  to  watch  a  little  TV  and  off  i  go upstairs

have  a  wonderful night  my  friends  1  more  day  and  the    feast  begins,  Turkey  with  all  the  trimmings.. all  are  welcome  to  come  to  my  house.

11/21/2017 19:10:08



I'm dedicating this song to you!

It has a strong message. I'll leave the meaning up to you!

I hope you like it.


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

Acc. by Mannie Klein, t / Benny Goodman, cl / Irving Brodsky, p / Eddie
Lang, g / Artie Bernstein, sb. New York, September 22, 1931.

I Don't Know Why (I Just Do) - Annette Hanshaw (w Benny Goodman, Mannie Klein, Eddie Lang)



11/20/2017 20:43:16

Evening  my  friend, hope  your  day  went  well,

its  a short  week  hope  your  ready for  the  turkey day.

and you  weather  is  nice   were  having such  gusty  winds  making  it  colder .  have  a  wonderful  night .

11/20/2017 02:43:39

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