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66 years old
ft. myers, Florida
United States
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Favorites: The Painted Veil and Hachi

Favorites: oldies, r&b, gospel

The Thornbirds

art, floral design

travel the world

I love the beach and being out in a boat. I enjoy going to botanical gardens and art museums, and learning something new. I'd love to travel the world some day.


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01/17/2018 18:56:59

Evening,  its  still  snowing  here  lightly  now., so  glad  my  son  cleaned off the  rav and  shoveled  the  walkway etc,

haven't  had  dinner  yet, may  get  chinese food., 

the  weather  in  the  30's  so  a  lot  of  snow  will  melt., makes me  happy.,  didn't  do  much  today

was going  to  watch  the movie  the  POST  will  do it tomorrow  or  Friday., Hope your  day  was better , stay  warm and  enjoy  your  evening.,  

01/16/2018 20:56:21

Evening  so  glad  I  made  it  home from  work  before  the  snow

but it  sure  is  cold out.  my  son  home  form  work,  and  just  told  me  he's  off  tomorrow  so  i  won't  have  to  shovel. am  happy  about  that.

just  did a few errands  today ,  to lazy  to  cook.  had  frito's  and  a  few  fig  newtons  for  dinner.

have  a  great  night  my  friend,  see you  tomorrow

01/15/2018 19:04:37

Good  evening  my  friend.,  it's  been  very  cold  here  in  Medford, Ma.

am  freezing  been  sleet ice  &  snow so  far .,  

but  tomorrow night  i  work,  but  were  suppose to  have  a  storm  again 7  inch's  or  more.,  am  telling  you  now  if  it  starts  snowing  am  leaving  work early

i  live  on  a  hill and i  won't  be  able  to  get  home.

hugs  June

01/14/2018 19:43:15

Evening  weather  getting  cold  again,  were  expecting  snow

boy  i  can't  wait  for  the  warmer  weather.. hope you had a  great  day

see  you  in  the  morning,  Hugs

01/14/2018 10:55:41

My  Patriots  won  last  night

so coffee  .87 cents  today


01/13/2018 17:44:46

stayed  in  today  and  did  house  work,  kitchen  is shining.  never  met  my friend  for  lunch

now  am  to  tired  to cook., dinner,  but  getting  ready  to  watch  the  Patriots  game tonight

hope you  had a  great  saturday  and good night

01/12/2018 19:06:48

Really  tired  tonight

so  have a  great  weekend my  friend

see you  in  the  morning

hugs  June

01/11/2018 18:08:16

Evening  was  a  nice  day  hit  50  wow  tomorrow  the  same  in  the  morning  then  dropping  were  expecting  heavy  rains friday  and  saturday.,  of  course  am  getting  my  hair  done,. tomorrow  hope  you  had  a  good  day,  i  just  went  for  coffee  and  lunch.,  spoke  to  my  brother  today  he  lives  in  Montana., he's  expecting  a  snow  storm.

have a  wonderful  night  and  a  fantastic  friday

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