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This lil' lite of mine, I'm gonna let it shine....

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This is my "ALLY" cat :)

Next Design Contest will Be Halloween
Time To Get Your Boo On!

To Read Rules And "New" Details or VOTE,
Go Directly To Design Contest Page By Clicking On Paint Palette....

God fights my battles for me, I pray....
He fights and never, does He lose!

I like to know the meaning behind songs. Kristian Bush explained the song Stand Up, very well. Bush said that even though the song has a strong message, it wasn't inspired by any particular event. He explained: "There are a lot of messages we put in our songs, and we try to make them honest but subtle. We don't want to beat you over the head with it, because real life isn't like that. Real life has meaning in the smallest thing. Like when I dropped off my daughter at her first day at kindergarten, I heard Kenny Chesney's 'Don't Blink' in the car on the way back. You're finding that really powerful moment, no matter how small, and making it important in your life. 'Stand Up' comes from a long history of activism of the heart. I've been really humbled watching people's reaction to it, because they can write their own script for what they believe in but have not used their voice to say. It's the first song of our encore, and I'll never forget when we played it in Iowa, we got to the first chorus, and everybody in that small town was maybe a little self-conscious about letting go... because maybe they were all gonna see each other in church that Sunday! [laughs] But we played that song and the whole place stood up as if on command." *end*

As for me this song is how I feel about the evil one, the devil who many are serving today. I once did, no more. However, he will not leave me alone. Shooting those fiery darts at me daily. If he ever leaves me alone to go on my merry way, that's the time to worry. AS for me I will serve My Lord God!

Welcome to my main profile page, my name is Karen. I joined My Boomers Place in December 2013. I had deleted this account for a short period of time do to illness. I'm finding those friends whom I lost track of slowly but surely. Found one had died from the results of a motorcycle wreak, hated to hear that. I was active in the design contest. However, quit after being ask to join the Boomer Design Contest Team. Shortly afterward I was ask to be a My Boomers Place, Greeter. I'm a Christian, loving God/Jesus dearly. Yet still human, far from perfect finding myself sitting on my hands often to keep from typing what's on my mind. My passions are art, design and music, I play acoustic guitar, not good but do play. I'm here for "friendship" only. Please, NO nudity or sexually images in my guestbook. I'm anti Drama, can't stress that one enough. I can also be a good friend though extremely out spoken. If you ask my opinion there will be no sugar coating it. I can also be a total air head.

I love the vintage look, always have.
However, I've not always been blonde ;)

My biggest turn off would have to be one who claims to be a child of God, goes to church, says" I'll pray for you" etc. However behaves like the devil with hate, porn, jealousy, lies and the big one "Judges"others, There's only one judge. He knows your heart and every thought. This is what God's word says about those who say they're a child of God yet behaves differently. He is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways. James 1:8. I'm not perfect, never will be in this life.I sin daily, it may be an ungodly thought. We are all born with a sinful nature until death. I strive to be Honest, kind, and loving. There's only one person who can send ya to Hell and that's you. It's a personal choice.Eternity is forever, this world and all in it is temporary.

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Evening  my  friends, was a  nice  cool Sunday

went  for  coffee and the  store .,  made  cutlets  and  pasta  for  dinner.,  my  son  helped cook and  i  also  set  the table  and  when  we  were  done  my  son  says  to  the  girlfriend  you can  clean  up ( i have a  dishwasher)  she  says  i  hate doing  dishes.,  so  i  said  no  thank  you  i'll do .,  i  asked  her  does  your  mother  cook., sometimes  she says  My son  even  brought  her  plate  out  to the kitchen.,  she  went  down stairs. grrrrrrrrrr

dam  i  cook  all the  time,  boy  can  she  eat., I  also made a brownie

they  will have  brownie &  ice  sundae's., boy  they  eat  well at my  house.

have  a  great  night.,  am  switching to  both  games  Red Sox  &  Patriots

have  a  good  night  and  a  wonderful new  week. 

Hugs  June

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Do you know of him?

I'd like to meet  him...


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

ANNETTE HANSHAW: acc. by Phil Napoleon, t / Charlie Butterfield, tb /
Jimmy Dorsey, cl, as / Irving Brodsky, p / Dick McDonough, g / Joe
Tarto, sb / Stan King, d. New York. October 18, 1929. (From Motion Picture "Frozen Justice")
(Gilbert / Baer)

Annette Hanshaw - The Right Kind Of Man -  On Parlophone & Okeh Records -



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It's Sunday evening.Hope you & yours are well.Been in the low 70's hear in Southern,IL today.Still can't believe its the first full day of Fall.Take care.Kenny aka Geterdone.Where were you in the 50's?.

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09/23/2018 19:14:21

The path I have chosen is that of love, no matter the pains, the anguish, or the disappointments I have to face, I have chosen to be true. On my way, the hug is tight, the handshake is sincere, do not be surprised at my way of smiling, of wishing You well. So do not be surprised if I hold You tight, even if it's just in thought, if I get emotional about Your story, if I cry with You. After all, we are people and people who made the choice for the good. That's how I see life, and that's just how I think it's worth living. Live with emotion. With truth!


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