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10/21/2019 09:50:03

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Imagen relacionada

Bendecido inicio de semana que la fuerza de voluntad para este bello lunes pueda bendecir a todo lo que te rodea. Feliz lunes!

10/21/2019 08:50:16

10/21/2019 08:47:53

10/21/2019 08:45:13

10/21/2019 08:21:27

Hello and a very fine morning to you. Just 10 more days until Halloween. I guess I really should begin my preparations today. LOL I haven't even gotten the treats, yet. I don't want to get treats too soon. Would be too much of a temptation  for my nearest and dearest and, of course, myself. Our children are grown, we have no grands, but we do have some new children surrounding us on the block. I like to do a little something for them. I'd not want to be known as that "mean old couple" who live in the middle of the neighborhood. ~smile~   Not much else happening here today. We had some unsettled weather in parts of Texas last night and we had some gusty winds and rain ourselves. Not overly severe for us, though. Dallas area got the worst of it so far. From the damage I saw on television, it looks like some tornadic activity may have been involved there. Hope there were no major injuries or such. Stay well where you are and have a great week. ~ Marcia

10/21/2019 08:04:20

10/21/2019 08:03:48

Good Morning my Dear Friend.
a Great start to a New Week.
Enjoy Your
Love, Hugs &

10/21/2019 07:44:01


10/21/2019 07:30:54


10/21/2019 07:08:19

I wish you a nice monday my dear friend

10/21/2019 06:36:13

FallenLog-322bt photo Fallen Log 500x322.png
SleepyAutumn-543bt photo Sleepy 543bt.jpg
Outdoor/Croissants 354bt photo IMG_9450.jpg
BreakfastCroissants-500bbxn photo Breakfast coffee croissants 500bbxn.jpg
ApplePancake-341bt photo German Pancake 341bt.jpg
ButtermilkPancakes-384bbt photo Buttermilk Pancakes 384bbt.jpg
Pancakes-Eggs/Bacon photo pancakes eggs 313bt.jpg
4Breakfasts-287bt photo 4-Breakfasts 287bt.jpg
Broccoli-CheeseOmelet-305bt photo broccoli cheddar omelet 305bt.jpg
BananaWaffles-348bbt photo Banana Waffles 348bbt.jpg
Brekkie 341bbn photo Brekkie 341bbn.jpg
BiscuitsGravy-344bt photo Biscuits Sausage Gravy 344bt.jpg
BaconEggsCheese-364bbtx photo Bacon Egg Muffin 364bbtx.jpg
BreakfastBake-500bbt photo breakfast-bake 500bbt.jpg
4-1_500x334bt photo 4-1 500x334bt.jpg
StrawberryCobbler-338bt photo Strawberry Cobbler 338bt.jpg
Shortcake-332bte photo Angel Food Shortcake 332bte.jpg
DanishPastries-375 photo Danish Pastries 375.jpg
Danish-341bt photo Lemon Berry Cheese Danish 341bt.jpg
BlackberryCobbler-349bbt photo blackberry cobbler49 349bbt.jpg
Cobbler-387bbt photo blackberry cobbler 387bbt.jpg
ButtermilkDonuts-347bbtx photo Buttermilk Donuts  347bbtx.jpg
Dbl.Chocolate-341bbt photo Dbl.Chocolate 347bbt.jpg
Danish-350bbt photo Danish 350bbt.jpg
Coffee/Tea 266bbt photo image_55.jpeg

10/21/2019 06:09:51



10/21/2019 05:47:11

Good Morning Friend, Be safe out there and have a good day :)

Got a wagon loaded down with coffee for you and I'm on the way :)

10/21/2019 05:45:28

I wish you a beautiful fall week..Hug and kiss ! smiley-wink.gif

10/21/2019 05:23:19

Hello dear friend!!
I wish you have an excellent Monday!!
I wish you a great day in your life!!
Enjoy and be happy forever!!

10/21/2019 05:01:24

Something To Think About :)

Have A Good Day Friend and Your welcome :)

10/21/2019 04:58:12

10/21/2019 04:31:15

Happy Monday


10/21/2019 03:44:12

10/21/2019 02:46:51



10/21/2019 02:28:38

10/21/2019 01:49:09

10/20/2019 22:51:36

10/20/2019 22:19:47

10/20/2019 21:09:02

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