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Close encounters, 2001, Year of living dangerously, Day of the triffids, Mous last dancer, Isadors, Kiss me Kate...


BBC Being Human, Fringe, Supernatural, House, BBC Outcast, Ancient Aliens, BBC The spice trail, Ghost Hunters...

New age, Progressive Rock, Native & East Indian, Trance, folk, Classical, Opera, Appalachian Blue Grass, SKA, Crystal bowl, Chants...



Zohar, The Zohar Shimon bar Yochai Tehelim The seceret by Michael Berg The Way micheal Berg The Essential Kabbalah Daniel Matt Honey from the rock Lawrence Kushner The Witching Hour Anne Rice Memnoch the Devil Anne Rice Taltos Ann Rice Pandoras Box Ann Rice The Mummy Ann Rice Cry to Heaven Ann Rice Aztec Gary Jennings Spangle Gary Jennings Raptor Gary Jennings The Journeyer Gary Jennings Midnight Sun Ramsey Campbell Joy Luck club Amy Tan The kitchen gods wife Amy Tan Bonesetters daughter Amy Tan Of human Bondage Summerset Maughmaum The scarlet Letter Nathaniel Hawthorne Crime and Punshment Dostevesky The woman in White Wilke Collins My Family and Other Animals Gerald Durell Balthazer Lawrence Durell The Rocking Winner DH Lawrerence Women In Love DH Lawrence Uleyses James Joyce Finigains Wake James Joyce The Oddesey Homer The Illiad Homer Jane Eyre C Bronte Nana Emile Zola Alarms and deversions James Thurber Butterball, Guy deMaupassant

Paranormal investigation, Music, Computer surfing, Poetry,Web and graphic art,





Mystical, hippy chic, A searcher, who is very dedicated to uncovering the hidden mysteries that have enchanted folks for eons.I love music and have very eclectic listening tastes.The ability to create and expand your mind on a personal journey of sound is very exciting.I am also very spiritual and am into all things esoteric and paranormal. I seek to enable other dimensions to be opened & experienced. Every where I go there is always something new to learn and the discovery is what it is all about. My friends and I enjoy the all the mystery of this world, and exploring it


Italianio! Bellismo!
Spring Rolls, Lo Mein with cashews, Fortune cookies
Extra, exrta, extra, extra CHEEZE!
Carolina's (coney Island NY) Jerusalam !! Pizza (also NY) Cafe Lola ( yep NY too)
Clothes, shoes:
Jeans, tee shirt, sandals...
Clubs, activities:
Chabad of the Palm Beachs, Paranormal research, computer surfing
Getting out of bed in the morning!
Music, Paranormal research, Kabballah, Art, Drama, Anthropology, Learning new things
"" Gom zulu Tova" It is all for the good !"



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New Beginning

Dunn, a thirty-five-year-old teacher, sat on the examining table as the
doctor explained her situation. “Sarah, I know why you’ve been feeling
so awful lately. The tests show that you have a degenerative muscle
disease. I have to be blunt. The weakness is going to increase.
Eventually, probably in a year, the weakness will make it difficult for
you to do ordinary tasks. There are medications to slow the process, and
exercise will help. Here is the name of a specialist who treats people
with your problem,” he said and gave her a business card. “Call him. I
wish you well, Sarah,” he said and left.”

A year went by, and Sarah’s condition became worse. She had to quit her
job because she couldn’t drive any longer, and she became a semi invalid
confined to her wheel chair and bed. Her sister moved in with her to
help her, and a visiting nurse checked on her four times a week. At
night, she lay in bed thinking about her dilemma. “I can’t go on like
this. I’m getting worse. I’m close to being unable to take care of my
basic needs. How long will it be before I’ll have to go to a nursing
home,” she sobbed. “I’d rather die,” she mumbled and tears ran down her
cheeks. “Why is this happening to me?” she sobbed. “Please, God, let me

“You don’t have to die,” a voice said, and she looked toward her
full-length mirror at a handsome man who was about 35 years-old.

“Am I dreaming? Of course, I’m dreaming. This disease is affecting my

As she stared at the man, who wore all white, he stepped out, smiled,
went to her, and sat on the bed. “Sarah, if I frightened you, I

“Well, it isn’t every day that a man comes out of my mirror. You can’t
blame me for being shocked. Christ, who are you? What are you?”

“I am a friend. I’m here to help you get through your ordeal. My name is

“I don’t understand, Kar. How did you know about my problem?”

“In my world, I have the gift of insight and awareness. In other words,
my mind captured your image. I know it’s confusing and difficult to
believe, but just accept me. I will help you.”

“How can you help me?”

“Are you in pain?”

“Yes. My arms and legs hurt.”

He waved his hand over her arms and legs. “How’s that?”

“My God, the pain is gone. How did you do that?”

“I have certain powers, a gift, that allow me to perform certain acts.
Relieving your pain was one. Unfortunately in your case, the relief is
temporary. But when the pain returns, I will give you some relief,

She looked into his eyes and smiled. “It’s difficult not to trust him.
He’s so gentle and caring,” she thought. “For some reason, I’m very
comfortable with you,” she said smiling.

“I feel the same about you.”

“Tell me about your world. Tell me how my mirror became a door from your
world to mine.”

“We are an advanced civilization. We do not have the diseases that
plague you, like the disease that is making you so sick. My dear, I
cannot give you an accurate picture of my world. You would have to see
it and become a part of it to know it. How did your mirror become a door
that allowed me to go from my world to yours? We have the ability to
move from ours to yours through portals that we create. Your mirror was a
portal, and I…”

“Help me. Can’t breathe,” Sarah gasped holding her chest, and Kar waved
his hand over her and she relaxed and breathed normally. “Thank you. I
thought I was going to die.”

“I know, Sarah. If I hadn’t been here, you would have died. Sarah, you
are getting worse. Soon, I will not be able to help you, and you will

“Well, we all have to die sometime. It’s just the pain that comes before
death that I fear.”

“Sarah, you can avoid pain and death.”


“By coming with me to my world. Once you enter my world, you will be
free of disease.”

“What a choice. Stay here and die, or go to your world, an unknown, and
live. How do I know that I won’t regret choosing death over your world?”

“Trust me. In my world, you will have a new beginning.”

“A new beginning. I would love a new beginning? Alright, suppose I go
with you, and I don’t like your world. Can I just walk back through the
mirror into my bedroom?”

“No. Once we go through the portal, there will be no turning back.”

“Okay, what could be worse than staying here and becoming a vegetable?
Help me out of bed. Take my hand.”

He took her hand and walked her to the mirror. “You’re sure, Sarah?

“I’m sure.”

“Okay,” he said and they went through.

Immediately upon entering Kar’s world, he waved his hand and each was
covered in a fur tunic, pants, boots, and hat, and two primitive spears
and a knife appeared on the ground in front of each. “What is this
place? Where are we? Except for mountains in the distance, I don’t see
anything but an endless expanse of barren, flat land. And it’s
freezing. Is this your world?” she asked angrily.

“I hope you will forgive me for misleading you. You see, I felt I had to
because I need you. Yes, this is my world, as yours was hundreds of
thousands of years ago. As far as I know, we are the only people here. I
was alone, and I decided to try to find someone to share my life with
me. Via portals, I visited many places and saw many women. You were the
only one I connected with. If I had told you the truth, would you have

She looked into his eyes. “Yes.”

“I’m so happy,” he said smiling. Now, our journey begins. We might need
weapons, so pick up a spear and knife, and let’s be on our way,” he
said, and they walked side by side into the icy wilderness.

The End




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