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Close encounters, 2001, Year of living dangerously, Day of the triffids, Mous last dancer, Isadors, Kiss me Kate...


BBC Being Human, Fringe, Supernatural, House, BBC Outcast, Ancient Aliens, BBC The spice trail, Ghost Hunters...

New age, Progressive Rock, Native & East Indian, Trance, folk, Classical, Opera, Appalachian Blue Grass, SKA, Crystal bowl, Chants...



Zohar, The Zohar Shimon bar Yochai Tehelim The seceret by Michael Berg The Way micheal Berg The Essential Kabbalah Daniel Matt Honey from the rock Lawrence Kushner The Witching Hour Anne Rice Memnoch the Devil Anne Rice Taltos Ann Rice Pandoras Box Ann Rice The Mummy Ann Rice Cry to Heaven Ann Rice Aztec Gary Jennings Spangle Gary Jennings Raptor Gary Jennings The Journeyer Gary Jennings Midnight Sun Ramsey Campbell Joy Luck club Amy Tan The kitchen gods wife Amy Tan Bonesetters daughter Amy Tan Of human Bondage Summerset Maughmaum The scarlet Letter Nathaniel Hawthorne Crime and Punshment Dostevesky The woman in White Wilke Collins My Family and Other Animals Gerald Durell Balthazer Lawrence Durell The Rocking Winner DH Lawrerence Women In Love DH Lawrence Uleyses James Joyce Finigains Wake James Joyce The Oddesey Homer The Illiad Homer Jane Eyre C Bronte Nana Emile Zola Alarms and deversions James Thurber Butterball, Guy deMaupassant

Paranormal investigation, Music, Computer surfing, Poetry,Web and graphic art,





Mystical, hippy chic, A searcher, who is very dedicated to uncovering the hidden mysteries that have enchanted folks for eons.I love music and have very eclectic listening tastes.The ability to create and expand your mind on a personal journey of sound is very exciting.I am also very spiritual and am into all things esoteric and paranormal. I seek to enable other dimensions to be opened & experienced. Every where I go there is always something new to learn and the discovery is what it is all about. My friends and I enjoy the all the mystery of this world, and exploring it


Italianio! Bellismo!
Spring Rolls, Lo Mein with cashews, Fortune cookies
Extra, exrta, extra, extra CHEEZE!
Carolina's (coney Island NY) Jerusalam !! Pizza (also NY) Cafe Lola ( yep NY too)
Clothes, shoes:
Jeans, tee shirt, sandals...
Clubs, activities:
Chabad of the Palm Beachs, Paranormal research, computer surfing
Getting out of bed in the morning!
Music, Paranormal research, Kabballah, Art, Drama, Anthropology, Learning new things
"" Gom zulu Tova" It is all for the good !"



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10/22/2016 10:18:29

Another short film by my son-in-law Ben...ENJOY!




Just stoppin' by to say have a great weekend out there on your end friend!

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Disappearing Music On Night Shift


worked as a CNA at an assisted living facility with a memory care unit.
The facility was only a couple of years old when I started, but many
co-workers claimed that it was haunted. I've seen black shadows, the
elevator came down in the middle of the night with no one there, the
door alarms would sometimes go off on doors that we never used, but my
strangest personal experience was the time that I heard music that
disappeared when I left a certain location.

I was working the night shift. There are only 3 people on duty during
night shift; a CNA on the assisted living side (me), a CNA in the memory
care unit, and a nurse. The CNA that is assigned to the memory care
unit isn't allowed to leave the unit unattended.

The nurse and I were sitting in a tv area on the assisted living side.
All of a sudden I heard loud old fashioned music in the distance. I
asked the nurse if he heard it too, and he had this weird look on his
face but he nodded his head yes. I thought that either he thought I was
crazy and didn't hear the music or he was playing a prank on me.

I thought that a resident had their tv on too loud, so I went into the
direction of where I thought the music was coming from, but the closer I
got, the more it faded until I couldn't hear it anymore. I went in
every possible direction looking for the cause of this music, and
everywhere I went, it disappeared. After I realized that I would never
find out where it was coming from, I had to sit in the sitting area
(where it was loudest) and ignore it until it stopped. It lasted a few

I could tell that the nurse I was with couldn't hear the music because
he kept asking if it was coming from here or there, he didn't seem
interested in the situation but tried to help me find the cause and he
was acting weird. After a while it was apparent that he wasn't playing a
joke on me because he was with me the whole time. There's no way he
could have made the music disappear like that. Besides, I'm sure he
would have told me by now if he had something to do with it, isn't that
part of the fun of pranking someone?




stoppin' by to say hello friend & have a great Friday out there on
your end!


10/19/2016 12:50:37

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Screaming Jenny


old storage sheds along the tracks were abandoned shortly after the
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad was built, and it wasn't long before the
poor folk of the area moved in. The sheds provided shelter - of a sort -
although the winter wind still pierced through every crevice, and the
small fireplaces that the poor constructed did little to keep the cold
at bay.

A gentle, kindly woman named Jenny lived alone in one of the smaller
sheds. She had fallen on hard times, and with no family to protect her,
she was forced to find work where she could and take whatever shelter
was available to someone with little money. Jenny never had enough to
eat and in winter her tiny fire barely kept her alive during the cold
months. Still, she kept her spirits up and tried to help other folks
when they took sick or needed food, sometimes going without herself so
that another could eat.

One cold evening in late autumn, Jenny sat shivering over her fire,
drinking broth out of a wooden bowl, when a spark flew from the fire and
lit her skirts on fire. Intent on filling her aching stomach, Jenny did
not notice her flaming clothes until the fire had burnt through the
heavy wool of her skirt and began to scorch her skin. Leaping up in
terror, Jenny threw her broth over the licking flames but the fluid did
nothing to douse the fire. In terror, Jenny fled from the shack and ran
along the tracks, screaming for help as the flames engulfed her body.

The station was not far away, and instinctively Jenny made for it,
hoping to find someone to aid her. Within moments, her body was a
glowing inferno and Jenny was overwhelmed by pain. Her screams grew more
horrible as her steps slowed. She staggered blindly onto the tracks
just west of the station, a ball of fire that barely looked human. In
her agony, she did not see the glowing headlight of the train rounding
the curve, or hear the screech of the breaks as the engineer spotted her
fire-eaten figure and tried to stop. A moment later, her terrible
screams broke off as the train mowed her down.

Alerted by the whistle, the crew from the station came running as the
engineer halted the train and ran back down the tracks toward poor dead
Jenny, who was still burning. The men doused the fire and carried her
body back to the station. She was given a pauper's funeral and buried in
an unmarked grave in the local churchyard. Within a few days, another
poverty-stricken family had moved into her shack, and Jenny was

Forgotten that is, until a month later when a train rounding the bend
west of the station was confronted by a screaming ball of fire. Too late
to stop, the engineer plowed over the glowing figure before he could
bring the train to a screeching halt. Leaping from the engine, he ran
back down the tracks to search for a mangled, burning body, but there
was nothing there. Shaken, he brought his train into the station and
reported the incident to the stationmaster. After hearing his tale, the
stationmaster remembered poor, dead Jenny and realized that her ghost
had returned to haunt the tracks where she had died.

To this day, the phantom of Screaming Jenny still appears on the tracks
on the anniversary of the day she died. Many an engineer has rounded the
curve just west of the station and found himself face to face with the
burning ghost of Screaming Jenny, as once more she makes her deadly run
towards the Harpers Ferry station, seeking in vain for someone to save




stoppin' by to say hello friend & have a wonderful evening out
there on your end!


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