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Our next contest will be an Autumn Open Jam. Focus on Autumn, yet any design will be accepted. Nominations will begin on August 29th and end Sept 5th. Voting starts Sept 8th thru 16th. Winners announced on Sept 20th.
To Read Rules And "New" Details Go Directly To Design Contest Page By Clicking On Paint Palette....

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Welcome to my main profile page, my name is Karen. I joined My Boomers Place in December 2013. I had deleted this account for a short period of time do to illness. I'm finding those friends whom I lost track of slowly but surely. Found one had died from the results of a motorcycle wreak, hated to hear that. I was active in the design contest. However, quit after being ask to join the Boomer Design Contest Team. Shortly afterward I was ask to be a My Boomers Place, Greeter. I'm a Christian, loving God/Jesus dearly. Yet still human, far from perfect finding myself sitting on my hands often to keep from typing what's on my mind. My passions are art, design and music, I play acoustic guitar, not good but do play. I'm here for "friendship" only. Please, NO nudity or sexually images in my guestbook. I'm anti Drama, can't stress that one enough. I can also be a good friend though extremely out spoken. If you ask my opinion there will be no sugar coating it. I can also be a total air head.

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Always pass on what you have learned. Yoda

08/19/2018 22:05:46

Hello and good evening !  Hope your weekend was as good as mine.  We had a date nite Sat. - Chinese at the mall in Virginia Beach and then to see Jurassick Park - the new one.  It was pretty good and suppossed to be the last one.  We'll see.  LOL

Today we just went uptown to check out the local movie theater - never have been there and they are closing next week for renovations till Sept.  Then stopped in a store that reopened  - Roses - it's like a Big Lots - an picked up a few things, then treated ourselves to a strawberry Sundae at DQ.  Wasn't even hungry at 7pm for dinner, but we ate some leftovers anyway.  Of course Friday nite we met our friends at the VFW for drinks.  There is usually music on Fri. nites, but  not this week.  And I don't know if there will be next week, as the gal that usually does the music, is bartending again.  :(

Good news is that my granddaughter and her boyfriend are on their way to Bush Gardens and should be there by now.  Then at the end of the week they are coming here for a few days  - that will be nice.  We'll take them out Friday nite with us and meet our friends, and might take them to the local movie where Meg is playing if they haven't seen it yet, and one nite take them out to dinner.  Not sure what to do with them after that.  Have to play it by ear.

Have a great start to the new week - hope you are well - be happy and stay safe.


08/19/2018 21:30:13


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The American Indian is of the soil, whether it be the region of forests, plains, pueblos, or mesas. He fits into the landscape, for the hand that fashioned the continent also fashioned the man for his surroundings. He once grew as naturally as the wild sunflowers, he belongs just as the buffalo belonged....


Out of the Indian approach to life there came a great freedom, an intense and absorbing respect for life, enriching faith in a Supreme Power, and principles of truth, honesty, generosity, equity, and brotherhood as a guide to mundane relations.


You have noticed that everything an Indian does is in a circle, and that is because the Power of the World always works in circles, and everything tries to be round..... The Sky is round, and I have heard that the earth is round like a ball, and so are all the stars. The wind, in its greatest power, whirls.

08/19/2018 21:13:42

Sending best wishes for a happy and peaceful week for you.  Hugs, Steven

08/19/2018 20:29:50



Won't you tuck me in?


Love always, Annette, "That'All!"

Annette Hanshaw sings "Kiss Your Little Baby Goodnight" recorded on November 26, 1926 one month after her first audition.

The song is by Walter Donaldson and Charley Straight.

Issued on Pathé Actuelle 32230 and on related labels.

Annette Hanshaw "Kiss Your Little Baby Goodnight" 1926



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