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06/30/2022 01:01:51

Hello my dear friend, I hope you have a nice Thursday. I send you kisses

06/29/2022 04:05:35

Good morning my friend, I hope you have a Wednesday  full of health, and hope for a better future. Many kisses

06/28/2022 04:44:30

Hello  my dear  friend, I wish you have a happy Tuesday. Take care of yourself, kisses

06/27/2022 07:42:06

Hello  my dear friend, I hope you have a great week. Happy Monday! Kisses for you. 

06/25/2022 15:44:15

Hi Babes Smile!!! Had A Lovely Sleep Feeling Good Again These Late Nights Working Are Just Not Where I Need To Be Right Now...Dont Get Me Wrong I Love Music And Everything Connected To It And I've Had A Very Good Living From Doing My Thing And Will Probably Go On Working In A Ghost Capacity I Really Don't Get On With The Way Music Has Been Used As A Tool Rather Than A Means To Sooth The Soul And Delight The Imagination Ok Advertising Earns Big Bucks And Delights The Thoughts Of The Young Wannabees Who Think As They Do That There Is A Whole Lot Of Reality They Have To Take Into Consideration That There Is Soooo Much More To Life Than  Just Dreaming About Big Bucks It Wont Come To You Do Your Own Thing And Make It Work You Will Be Sooo Surprised How Easy It Is Once You Realize That You Are You And The World Is Out There And It's Yours For The The Taking...Blimey Is That Really Me Lol Ok Sweeetttzz ...I've Got A First Flight Slot For The Morning And Will Be Heading For The Cave At First Light Should Be In Cornwall For Brekkies Jackie And Sadie Will Drive Down Later In The Week To Bring Some Things For The Studio So I Can Fit In Some Contracts After My Diving Attempt ..Ok SWeeetttsss Got To Get Ready Now  Sooo Take Care Be Happy See You In A Week At The Latest...Big Loves ...



06/24/2022 09:06:13

Hi Babes Smile!!!It's Beem A A Long Night Editing And Recording Just A Few More Hours To Finish And Put The Whole Series Together Then Let The Girls Check It Through And Get A Courier To Deliver It For Approval Before The W/End I've Worked Very Hard On It Considering The Time Claus I Had To Do It In Anyway It's Finished And I'm Happy With It Lets Hope They Will Be...I've Heard From Jane In Cornwall And The Cave And Studio Are Ok Soooo I'll Be Flying Down There Over The W/End To Finish My Wreck Diving Course Really Looking Forward To Diving An Old World War Two Submarine With Two Professional Divers For Guidence As This Will Be Only My Second Dive Once I Get Proficient I Can Do Solo Dives So Much More To Learn About Davy Jones Locker And Being A Picean I'm Very Keen To Know More For When I Say Hello To Neptune Lol...OK Sweeetttzzz I'm Going For A Swim At My Gym And Have A Little Lunch Then Relax Before My Friends Come Around To Take Me Out To Dinner Tonite...Have A Lovely W/End Be Happy See You Soon INNIT SMILE!!!



06/23/2022 06:40:03

Hi Babes Smile!!!Heavy Night Again But Working Towards The Finishing Episodes Another Night Tonite Should Wrap It All Up And I Can Get On With My Regular Contracts Or Better Still Take Some Meeee Time At the Cave I've Been In Touch With The Wreck Diving Team And I'm Good To Go Anytime After The W/End So I'll Probably Fly Down To Cornwall Sometime Over The W/End To Finish My Diving Course Really Looking Forward  Diving A Real Wreck With The Professionals...Well The Weather Held Out For Yesterdays BBQ And We All Had A Good Laugh I Guess The Wine Played A Big Part In That I Just Had A Beer As I Had To Carry On Working Last Night And Needed A Clear Head...I've Heard From The Joey And The Boys And They Are Raving It Up In Mexico Glad Their Enjoying The Trip They Worked Very Hard On Their First Road Tour And Did Very Well Jenny Has Booked Them Some More Gigs For When They Get Back Home To London Soooo It's All Good At The Moment...OK Sweeettzzz Have A Lovely Day Be Happy And Take Care ...INNIT SMILE!!!



06/22/2022 08:14:47

Hi Babes Smile!!!Worked All Night Again Got A Whole Lot Finished Still Quite A Bit More To Go A Couple Of More Nights Should Wrap It All Up And Not Before Time Much As I Like Working At Night It Does Take It Out Of You A Little Bit...Soooo Off I Went To The West End And Had A Turkish Bath And Massage Then On To My Barber For A Trim And Shave Got Fed Up With The Beard To Hot And Now I Feel Fantastic And According To Jenny I  Look Almost Human Again She Hates Beards But Sadie Likes Them So Maybe I'll Just Grow It Back Again But Just On One Side Of My Face Lol...Heading To My Gym Now A Little Workout Then On To The Jolly Sailor For Lunch And Catch Up On All The Local News...Got A Few Friends Coming Over For The BBQ We Never Had Nothing To Heavy And Relax In The Sun...It's A Beautiful Day Full Sunshine And Blue Skys Perfect For Flying But I'm To Busy Until I Get Finished With The Night Work I Like To Be Fully Alert When I'm Flying...I Can Feel The Cave Calling To Me But That To Will Have To Wait Untill Later The W/End With A Bit Of Luck And Nothing Else Comes Up OK Sweeetttzzz Have A Lovely Day Be Happy See You Soon...INNIT SMILE!!!...



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