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01/20/2022 03:49:56

Good morning my dear friend, I hope you have a nice Thursday! Kisses for you. 

01/19/2022 06:55:37

Good morning my friend, I hope you have a nice day ... happy Wednesday. Kisses for you.

01/18/2022 06:47:23

Turning a new sunrise into a beautiful day depends on you ... live every moment with enthusiasm, even if the circumstances are adverse. Happy Tuesday!  kisses.

01/17/2022 04:09:45

Hello, here I am to wish you a wonderful Monday ... Happy day !!! Many kisses 





01/16/2022 05:58:50

Hi Babes Smile!!!Not Such A Wonderful Day Sooo No Flying For Me Today  Instead I Had A Layin Until About Eight I'm Just About To Have Breakfast Soon Then Up To Fortune Green For A Kick About With Friends I Don't Play Football Much Since I Left Uni Or Tennis Come To Think Of It...Just As Well I Think I'd Starve If I Had To Earn My Living Doing Either One Or The Other...It's Cool ,I Do Ok With What i Like Doing Already And I Do It My Own Way I Couldn't Ask For More Than That For Myself INNIT SMILE!!!...Sooo After The kick About I Thought That We Could All Go To The Jolly Sailor For Lunch And Play Some Pool...Tomorrow Morning Very Early I'm Back On The Road Dublin And The Dam If All Goes Well Just For A Few Days I've Got Some Loose Ends To Tie Back Together No Big Deal But Irritating I Liket Things To Be The Way I Set Them Up And Not Interfered With In Anyway Which The Continentals Studios Are Notorious For Underhand Practices And Copywrite Claims Soooo They Need Straightning Out Which I'm Very Good At...OK Sweeeetzzz It's Been A Lovely Week With You And I Look Forward To When We Meet Again Have A lovely Week See You Soon...



01/15/2022 06:02:15

Hi Babes Smile!!!Had A Little Indoor Swim To Loosen Up A Little And Do A Solo Workout It Helps When I Have A Lot Of Studio Work To Do Attaching Music To Some Of My Own Arrangements Is All Sitting Down For Hours Is Not My Thing I'm Trying To Teach Sadie How To Work From A Studio She's Very Bright And Will Soon Be Able To Do Some Digtal Recordings Which Will Be Great It's Not A Five Minute Wonder But It Does Speed Things Up Quite A Bit And Give Me A Bit More Time For Ventures New ,There's Sooo Much Out There That I Need To See And Do Now I Have My Pilots Licence I Can Fly Through My Club Under Their Rada Good Protection Against Any Landing Problems ...It Will Mean My Own Wings I Dare Say !!!I'll Have To Dwell On That One For The Time Being But It Will Happen Sooner Or Later Because It's Here In My Heart I Just Feeeeeeel It Sooo Intensley Sometimes Especially When I'm Flying Out Of London I Feel I Just Want To Head Out With Nowhere Special In Mind Which Is Definitely Not The Thing To Do INNIT SMILE!!!OK Babes Luv Seeing And Talking To You Got To Crack On...Oh I Forgot To Tell You The Girls Did Come Laden Down With Food To Cook They Did Really Well But Wouldn't Let Me Help Sooooo Oh Well It Was Nice Of Them To Try Must Have Been Crazy To Let Jackie Loose After The Last Time She Cooked For Me....But Thats Another Story......



01/15/2022 05:25:36

Hello my sweet friend: I wish you a fantastic weekend! Many kisses 

01/14/2022 08:44:29

Hi Babes Smile!!! I've Got A Little Job To Do For My Club Like Dropping Off And Picking Up Hired Aircraft That Have Been Landed In The Wrong Place Such As Low On Fuel Or Mechanical Problems All Sorts Of Reasons As Members All The Pilots Take A Turn In Gathering Them Back To Wherever They Came From...I Love It The Experience And The Chance To Fly Different Aircraft And Get Paid For It Heaven On Earth I Would Do It For Nothing Lol...I Had A Feeling The Night Was Going To Well Only To Hear That One Of The Guyzz Spent The Night At A Naughty Girls Hotel Room And Got More Than He Bargained For Next Morning No Wallet And No Naughty Lady To Comfort Him Poor Thing ...The Girl I Mean Lol There's One Born Every Second Live And Learn A Babe...Ok Sweeettzz Sadie And Jackie Are Coming Over To Cook...God Help Me Hahaha...Just Kidding Don't Know What Yet But  It Will Probably Come From My Freezer... I'm Pleased To Say The Cave Is Calling But I've Sooo Much Work And Stuff To Do Here I'll Have To Put It On Maybe For Now ...Sooo Have A Lovely W/end Your Posts Still Inspire Me I'm Happy to Say Thank You ...See You soon 



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