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02/28/2021 06:17:52

Hi Babes Smile!!!Dinner Went Well Cooked To Perfection I'm Told The Wine Was Good Also If You Have A Glass Or Two While Your Cooking It All Works Out Fine Or Maybe After A Couple You Don't Much Care Lol...Laid In Late This Morning No Jog Or Exercise Had A Good Night Though...I'm Going To Go Clay Pigeon Shooting This Afternoon Just For A Change I Like To Go Every Now And Then Just To Keep My Hand In...For Those That Don't Know The Pigeons Are Clay Discs That Are Catapulted In To The Air  And You Have To Shoot Them Down With A 12 Bore Shotgun We Usually Have A Bet On The Outcome And A Few Beers Afterwards Nice And Relaxing And We Do Observe Social Distancing Rules...By The Time We Get Back Home Dinner Should Be Ready My Friend Is Cooking Tonite So All In All A Lovely Day Hope Your W/End Is Going Well And You Having A Lovely Day I'll See You Tomorrow ProbablyINNIT SMILE!!!



02/28/2021 05:06:40

Hello friend, I hope you have a fantastic Sunday. I send you kisses

02/27/2021 16:03:43

02/27/2021 09:28:00

Hi Babes Smile!!!It's Such A Beautiful Day Outside So I Was Drawn Out To My Garden Sooo Much Still To Do Most Of My Greenhouse Seeds Are Now Propagated And Need A Bit More Growing On Inside Lettuce Can Now Go Out Under Cover And Lots Of Various Veggies To Follow On In March I Really Love This Time Of The Year Being A Piscean March Is My Birth Month So Don't Forget INNIT SMILE!!!...Had A Little Jog To The Heath And Did A Couple Of Hours Exercise Then Back To The Farmers Market For My Apples And Comice Pears Home Again Now Need To Get Things Organised For Dinner Tonight It's My Turn Again Cooking Rack Of Lamb Roast Potatoes And Roast Parsnips And Green Peas And A Couple Of Bottles Of Wine That Should Go Down Well...OK Sweeetttzz Have A Lovely W/End Be Happy See You Soon...



02/27/2021 04:22:22

Good morning my dear friend, have a nice weekend. Many kisses 

02/26/2021 10:47:06

02/26/2021 08:48:32

Hi Babes Smile!!!Just Finished With The NHS Until Next Week Doing Very Well Eighteen And A Half Million Jabs Done Up Til Now Well Ahead Of The Rest Of The World Now We Can Send More Vaccine From Our Supplies To The Countrys That Can't Produce Their Own I Guess I'm Very Happy About That The Sooner We Get A Grip On This Covid Nineteen The better I Like It...

Just Got The Good News My Contracts Have Been Accepted And That Will Keep Jenny My Agent Off My Back For The Time Being And Give Me A Chance To Do Some More Flying ...My Gym Have Informed Me i Can Start Working Out Again In A One To One Capacity In A Private Studio So I'm Looking Forward To That...OK Sweetttzz Things To Do And People To See Lovely Posts Babes Thank You I Will Get Back To Messages And E/mails Later On OK ... So Take Care Be Happy See You Soon INNIT SMILE!!!



02/26/2021 03:12:04

I hope you have a special weekend! Have fun and enjoy a lot ... A thousand kisses for you.





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