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09/17/2021 08:50:49

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09/16/2021 09:29:38

Hi Babes Smile!!!...Lovely Day Today Need To Get Out In My Garden Before I Head Off To Cornwall I Will Be Leaving At First Light On Friday Morning Flying To Devon First Then On To Cornwall Should Be At My Cottage Before Lunch...Which Reminds Me That I've Got To Choose A New Name To Put On The Title Deeds At The Moment It's Just Listed As A Dwelling Abode But It Means A Lot More Than That To Me It's Somewhere I've Been Looking For Such A Long Time As Soon As I Had Spent One Night There I Knew I Had To Go For It ... I've Got A Lot To Do For The Cork Jazz Festival It's Quite A Difficult Arrangment With Music Backing For A New Sextette And Then It Does The Rounds After Cork Probably Dublin Will Go For Part Of It See How It Goes ...

 I Worked Through Most Of Last Night And Got Most Things I Need To Take With Me Sorted So I'm Nearly Ready For Off...Shouldn't Be Gone For More Than A Few Day So I'll Look Forward Seeing You Then Have A Lovely W/End Take Care Most Of All Be HappyINNIT SMILE!!!...



09/15/2021 09:07:13

09/15/2021 04:38:01

Hi Babes Smile!!!...I Thought I Would At Least Get A Week Home But The Girls Have Been Very Busy Soooo Biz Is Booming With More In The Pipe Line It's All Good It Just Means I Will Have To Fly Back To Cornwall For A Couple More Days To Keep Ahead Of The Seasons Workload Everytime We Change Seasons The Taste For Music Changes And If You Don't Pick Up On It Early You Lose Contracts You Have To Keep Your Eye On The Ball Thats Where The Girls Do Such A Good Job Lucky To Have Them On Side...

The Weather Is A Bit Better Dry And Cloudy So I Will Be Still Working From Home For The Time Being And Will Fly Back To Cornwall As Soon As I Finish The Music For A Travel Video I'm Doing For The Beeb I'll Let You Know Before I Go ...Sooo Thats It For Today Have A Lovely Day Sweeetttzzz Take Care Be Happy See You Later INNIT SMILE!!!...xxx...



09/14/2021 09:16:09

Hi Babes Smile!!!Busy At Home Today I'm Working On The Material I Composed While In Cornwall Jenny Is Over The Moon As Soon As I Get It All Arranged And Recorded She Can Show Sadie How To Contract It Out I'm Not Sure Why But As Soon As I Get A Run On Shall We Say Inspiration I Go With It For As Long As It's There Sometimes It Lasts For Days Thats Why Cornwall Is Soooo Important To Me I've Never Worked So Hard As I Do When I'm There And I Feel Completely Happy And At Ease With The World Inspite Of The State It's In I Guess I'm A Bit Selfish In That Respect...

The Weather Here In London Is Diabolical...It's Still Raining Fairly Hard The Garden Is Loving It And My Cat Tom Is In and Out Of His Catflap Expecting Me To Dry Him And When I Do He Goes Out In The Pouring Rain Again This Goes On Until I Have a Game With Him And Get Torn To Shreds In The Process...The Fish And Chips Went Down Very The Girls Bought Some Chablis Wine But I Stayed With A Couple Of Beers I Managed To Get Them In A Cab Before Midnight As I Wanted To Carry On Working On My Own Music And I Like To Work By Night...Ok Sweeetttzzz Take Care Be Happy See You Soon...



09/13/2021 09:47:22

09/13/2021 09:26:42

Hi Babes Smile!!!It Seems Very Strange That The Minute I Get Home From A Trip My Cat Tom Is Sitting Outside My Front Door Waiting For Me To Feed Him How He Knows When I'll Be Home How ? No Idea Whatsoever...Anyway Up With The Lark And Jogged To The Heath And Put A Heart2heart Exercise Group Through A Gentle Workout Most Of Them Are All Recovering From Heart Operations And Have Lost Their Confidence In Life But That Will Soon Change After A Few Session Working Out We Had Amazing Results In Their Cardio Checkups So Now All Referrals From The Hospital Come To Us ...Just Another Hat To Wear Lol...

I'm Taking Daisy Thats The Disabled Lady I Take Shopping Sometimes She Loves Brent Cross And It's Easy To Push Her Around In Her Wheelchair To Get Her Out Of Her House And Do A Bit Of Shopping Then I Treat Her To Afternoon Tea In One Of The Tea Shops It's Just A Couple Of Hours And It Makes Her Sooo Happy Her Daughter Tells Me Sooo It's All Good INNIT SMILE!!!...OK Sweeetttzzz Better Crack On I'm Cooking For Friends Tonite No Big Deal Just Real Fish And Chips And A Few Beers The Girls Bring The Wine ...That Makes A Change Just Kidding  Ok Be Happy Take Care See You Later...



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