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That smell from the kitchen is no surprise,
It is just the aroma of Mama’s apple pies,
Other foods are good, but this is a treat,
There is nothing better I’d rather eat;
Even the birds in the sky can barely fly,
With such a sweet smell from one little pie.
Now my belly is just bigger then my eyes,
When it comes to eating Mama’s apple pies;
Some like berries, peaches, and other fruit,
But to my mind they are not worth a hoot;
You see that other stuff gives me a cough,
And late at night I kick all the covers off.
Mama strung apples on a string, but why?
Because she hangs them outside to dry,
And sometimes we have to shoo the flies,
Cause them apples are for Mama’s pies.
You can take my boyfriend, or tell me lies,
But don’t you touch Mama’s apple pies!

Slightly bruised and winter burned

Woodstove heating up a country kitchen

As the pies already baking are gently turned

Lots of cinnamon and sugar

Golden pie crusts made from scratch

The smells of pies fresh from the oven

As she again puts in another batch

She smiles down at her little helper

And says she needs the twinkle in his eye

Oh sweet child that's my secret ingredient

In your old Gram's bestest apple pie

When done Gram takes the left-over pastry

Gives a smile and wink to her favorite boy

Makes for him some special apple tarts

Just to see his little eyes light up with joy…

close your eyes

and remember the smell of

cinamon and apples baked in a cast Iron stove.

Made By My Special Friend ELVIS..Thanks

Life is an apple…
I nibble to the core,
And when it’s over
I wish I had more.
A perfect bottle of wine
Little sips I take
With love in mind,
Passion I can’t forsake.
Life is like an apple…
Sweet to the taste,
And rotten to the core,
So never make haste -
There is no more.
Tilt the glass…
Sip the wine,
For moments will pass,
But keep this in mind:
Life is an apple…
Worms please ignore,
And when it’s over –
There is no more!

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