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This is the hard part for alot of people. I worked in a well know hospital for 15+ years. I decided to take care of the homebound. I had 3 elders. I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I was working with a Trach pt all night and was starting to feel really weird.
Got her up at 6:30am, bathed, dressed, feed. Cleaned out her Trach and gave her breathing treatment and hooked her back up to all her machines. I was feeling really funny. I drove to my sisters. Thought maybe I was having a anxiety attack. So I laid on her couch till the Drs. office opened. I was told to come right in. My visit did not last very long and was sent to the local ER. After a cat scan a Dr came in and said "you have had a stroke". I calmly said "Dr, you must have the wrong room". Then the realaity set in. Me, miss run around, going to the gym and taking care of homebound had been stopped. After many test the stroke was caused by a blood clot in my heart. Oh my God, Thank you for letting me live. After 11 months of theropy 3x a week and almost 2 years later, I am doing good. Not as well as I would like but I drive now and do my own shopping. Things I thought I would never do again. I pick my Granddaughter up at school almost everyday and play with her in the house. I can not do alot of things I did befor with her. I just told her Grandmama's left leg and arm are sleeping. Sometimes she will lightly hit my leg and arm and yell "wake up wake up" My husband divorced me. Tried to serve me papers in the hospital. Always so affraid of telling people in site like this. I know, no man will ever want me. So I am still adjusting to being alone, and knowing I will grow old alone sometimes get me down. I count my blessing everyday. Our Lord will always be here for me. I have a very hard time typing. Sometimes I cry alot. This happened when I was 51, July 12, 2004. I pray everyday I will live long enough to watch my 6 Grandchildren grow up to be fine adults. I know I am still young. I will never give up. It is very hard somedays. I can tell you Strokes do not hurt, no pain involved. Any questions fell free to ask. Thank you for reading about me.


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