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Its Me Ginny from My space....a place I use to love

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72 years old
United States
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Forest Gump
A lot of Clint Eastwood movies,,not the dirty Harry ones..
John Wayne movies,,
Not to many movies,,,
I really like the old ones...but not many would remember them,,,,

my space musicans...
Bob D
Jefferson Airplane
The outlaws
to many to keep going


walking my lydia,,, Being on my space and my boomer place and sometimes facebook... Reading,,right now Im reading Bill O'Reilly Pinheads and Patriots..pretty good reading,,

No videos,,,,love Tv,, soaps.. ABC...... Fox news.
2 and a half men.... House,, all the comendies on ABC on Wed night..The Big Bang Therory these guys are a hoot..any show that make me laugh,,, and feel good after its over,,Dont like shoot outs or murder shows...Use to like CSI but it got to boring,,,.

to live....

Im me... Someone who loves her family and love,s God and my country,,USA,,,,There is a lot to tell but I will wait awhile before I get into all that

good music....my beautful daughter Lisa,, and my best friend in the world my awesome, beautiful dog Lydia, my black lab.... trees... beautiful sun sets,and sun rises, the big beautiful moon, birds,,,
The smell of the earth after a good sumer rain,,,

hateful people,,,,I guess I will leave the goverment out of this...
Squirrles,,,I have a family living in my attic,, and they are not very quite neighbors..But I feed them so they dont chew the house down,, Its not my house, landlord dosnt seem to care.he is xxxxxx
xxxx thats all I have to say about that...
SNOW lots of deep snow is a turn off around the DC area,, drivers can't drive and so many crashes..

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10/16/2021 04:59:26
Sorry a ams not Home Greetings Dayenne Soraya Greetings From the Netherlands.

10/15/2021 10:09:41

10/15/2021 08:30:55

Hope you have a happy birthday

10/14/2021 17:32:22

Happy birthday!!

I hope this is the begining 

of your greatest, most wonderful year ever!

Life is a journey. 

Enjoy every mile.

I wish you an outstanding 

and fabulous birthday.

10/13/2021 12:37:54
Greetings From Dayenne Soraya XOXO Always with Respect the Netherlands See you have Respect . DS

10/10/2021 14:44:44
Good Nicht and Sweet dreams from the Netherlands Dayenne Soraya XOXO. Rain in the Netherlands Nice Week Happy Monday Not at home this week hairdressing competitions. Dayenne Soraya.

10/10/2021 11:43:58
Greetings From the Netherlands Dayenne Soraya XOXO Always with Respect Dayenne Soraya. DS u

10/08/2021 15:16:59
Good evening love and Respect Greetings from the Netherlands Dayenne Soraya XOXO Always DS Sweet dreams

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