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Take Time, Listen to the Birds Sing - BREATHE!!! LIVE like you never will live again, Dance, Sing, be Happy with what you GOT!

mem_normal2 OFFLINE
73 years old
Orangeburg, South Carolina
United States
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STAR SIGN: Aquarius
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Comedy, Suspense, ScFi, Drama,

Old Rock n Roll 60's& 70's, country, gospel, contemporary, christian.

Bible,and all others really were entertaining but dont matter. I read lot of self help and cookbooks I collect. Collect books copywritten early 1900's and 1800's which I have several inherited from my grandparents as my great-grandfather was local liberian as well as many things in his community.

my pets, dogs, birds, gardening, flowers, yard work, cooking, fishing, traveling when able.
the Bird/dog rescue takes most of my time.

Sewing, embroderiery, computer, crotcheting. Nascar, Tv watching

Dog & God,

be happy and have family near and active in each others lives.
go to see pacific ocean, and sites in California, Las Vegas, NV, visit bil there,
own my dream home (juccuzi tub, lg bedroom with fireplace, fireplace in livingroom) open l/r to kitchen/din and bird room access
own a new car and without fear of losing it
have a boat and camper/rv and travel

God, Country, prescious little defenseless children,and animals first then the dirty old men aww we will leave behind to fend for them selves - yep that is my viewpoint - you got it. .
Raised my kids, that wasnt enough so now rescue dogs, and companion birds. Have crazy lifestyle, and love it. when I die they will say this about me: She was not quite what you would call refined.
She was not quite what you would call unrefined.
She was the kind of person that keeps a parrot.

Lake, Pond, Beach, Warm weather, juccuzzi tubs, massages, good food and great company. Glorious Weather with someone wonderfull to spend it with.

crummy weather - winter/cold

over sexed, LOUD MOUTH & mouthy know it alls, jerks that must run their mouth 24 - 7.
men who think they can change you, but dont want to change themselves, drunks or people who drink and think they are not.

ugly (inside that is) people (selfish, ignorant)

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