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Remember the Good
By Paulette Motzko

Remember the good, whatever reason in our lives, we come to a point where things don’t work out. Where we try and we fail. Where we are humiliated and forced to bear it with a silent dignity. Where people around will constantly try to enter your mind with negative comments that pierce your heart like a million little needles. Nevertheless, I say. Remember the good and forget the bad..Of course this can be hard, excruciatingly hard but not impossible. Write the memories down, take pictures, keep the people in your life who have supported you and have loved you regardless. This is the only way to turn any event into a positive light. Never forget to have passion, do what you love and you will find happiness. If you do not have a passion, find it and you will find so much love. This love will overflow your heart like the free floating, beautiful balloons in the sky (enclosed picture) Short post, but sorry attending a 4 day seminar and its been majorly hectic. Will post this weekend, Much Love x Be Strong x Be Different.

The Indecisive Frog

English: The Red-eyed Tree Frog (Litoria chlor...English: The Red-eyed Tree Frog (Litoria chloris) found in eastern Australia. Français : Litoria chloris, une grenouille arboricole de l’est australien. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once the frog fell in a vessel of the hot water. The water was still on a gas stove. The frog still did not try to jump out of the vessel, instead just stayed in it. As the temperature of the water started to rise, the frog managed to adjust its body temperature accordingly. As the water started to reach the boiling point, the frog was no longer able to keep up and manage its body temperature according to the water temperature.

The frog tried to jump out of the vessel but with water temperature reaching its boiling point, the frog was not able to bear it and couldn’t make it. What was the reason that a frog couldn’t make it? Will you blame the hot water for it?

Moral of the Story: Sometimes in life, things do not happen the way we want them to be. But no matter how unhappy we are with the situation, it’s important to spring to action so we can face the problem head-on. The frog in the story was indecisive and stubborn. Instead of jumping out of the water right away, he waited until he could no longer bear the heat, dying in the process. Known when to adjust to certain situations and take appropriate action before it’s too late!

Angels Blessings and Love.. Carol Anne..

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good morning, i had a yard sale this week-end. sold almost everything. i always wonder where i got half of the stuff..wishing you a most wonderful sunday..mk

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