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60 years old
United States
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Depends on the movie. I have not watched regular television for many years now but do watch movies. I have done a little side business buying and selling movies and have a personal collection of around 600 movies.

Mainly what is now called "classic" rock.

The Bible, and a few of my favorite authors are Kerouac, Steinbeck, Hemingway, Leonard Block,

I have always enjoyed writing. That is what got me caught up on myspace. I started the account to help keep in touch with my kids. Then I started blogging, made a few friends, and that became a regular part of my life. I really need to get things in gear and work on my creative writing. Maybe I can make a couple of bucks to help pay bills.


I am married to a wonderful lady for a little over 4 years now. I have two daughters from my first marriage that have grown into very intelligent young ladies, who I expect the world will hear a good deal from in the years to come. It has been my blessing to have these very talented women in my life.

I blog primarily about politics, but on myspace had a series called Dodger Diaries, about my dog, which were rather popular.

I am disabled and unable to work, have degenerative disc in my lower back that keeps me from being able to stay on my feet. Very frustrating. Also had a mild heart attack in August I am coping with. What really stinks about that is having to change my eating habits. I have always been a bit finicky about my food, and have reached a point where I am an old dog that does not like learning new tricks.

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