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In God I trust, all others please pay cash :-)

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I am not a great movie goer. I like old movies from the time when acting counted for more than special effects, I have quite a collection of those. Some of my favourites include "Laurence Of Arabia", "Casablanca", "The African Queen", anything that has "Jimmy Stewart" on it or is a true sea story. I am not fan of historical movies and sci-fi are a no no for me.

I love nearly all music except metal, rap and hip-hop. I have a large collection of 50's to 80's pop, both vocal and instrumental. My favourite vocal groups are Abba, The Carpenters, The Mamma & The Pappas, The Platters, and Peter Paul and Mary. On the solo side my favourites are Connie Francis, Diana Ross, Elvis and Cliff Richard.

I love book, I have never came out of a book store empty handed even if I had gone in just for browsing. I prefer non-fiction on modern history, politics and biography of people who actually achieved more in their lives than just being an Hollywood celebrity.

On the fiction side, I like George Orwell, Ayn Rand, Tom Clancy, Alistair MacLean Leon Uris and a small dose of John Grisham Robert Ludlum.
You may car to take a look at the Recommended Reading section of my website.

Firstly I am a conservative.

To me conservatism is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Although I am tolerant to those with opposing views, my tolerance vanishes when I encounter Social Engineering, Political Correctness, weasel words and newspeak.

To me "a challenge" is to climb Mount Everest barefooted wearing a tee-shirt, anything less is just life. "Moving forward" is what happens when I put my car in "Drive", "focus" is what I do to my binoculars when the ship on the horizon look fuzzy and "coming together" is something that (should) happen in the bedroom, if my memory serves me right.

I was born in Israel (actually it was still called "Palestine" when I was born) an I now live on my own in Sydney, Australia.

I am now retired after many years in shipping. I spent a few years at sea, sailing as an officer in the merchant navy but I spent most of my working life ashore operating ships, driving them from my desk if you wish.

I am here as a MySpace "refugee" and hope to reconnect with my old friends there as well as acquire new ones

Social engineering, political correctness, weasel words but most of all dishonest people.

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04/16/2024 21:05:36

Have a wonderful Wednesday, Jacob. (miss your blogs, brother!)

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