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So when do I get the CHANCE to feel retired?

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81 years old
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African Queen, Elephant Walk, Kim, the first Fantasia, sci-fi, fantasy, Shakespeare, Everafter, Princess Bride, the Meaning of Life and Search for the Holy Grail, adventure movies, Animé, mysteries. The old horror shows but I DO NOT like blood, guts, and gore; i.e., Friday the 13th and that ilk.

Just about everything, with a leaning toward eastern music. You know, the stuff in minor chords. It all depends on the time of day or the occasion, really. There's Man 'o' War for road trips--with a side of Tom Leherer and Phantom of the Opera mixed with Dr. Demento. Riverdance and the Secret of Roan Inish soundtrack for going to sleep and good old vintage rock and roll for doing the housework. Celtic is good anytime. Eastern European, Klezmer...you name it and I probably like it--although for songs, I like a lot of the Canadians--Lightfoot, Tom Jackson, Stan Rogers (and now Nathan and Garnet Rogers). I like classical music and folk songs, too.

Oh, gosh! Just about everything. Sci-fi, fantasy, Shakespeare, adventure, history, Stephen Hawking and Loren Eisley. Westerns, mysteries.

Collecting dolls, dollhouses, books. Handcrafts: Knitting, crocheting, sewing, embroidery. Woodcarving, gardening, building things--the kitchen is the current project.

I've been a dental assistant, waited my share of tables and washed dishes in restaurants, worked on an East Coast trawler, been an activity director in a nursing home, bound books and made paste-ups for sales flyers. My first real paying job was in an aluminum extruding plant. Now I'm a retired electronics technician . With all the remodeling we have to do to this house, I need that time to accomplish it. Number one passion-- after the family--is reading.

Nature in all its forms. The sound of a meadowlark as you pass it on a dusty country road. My kids-- blood and surrogate. Homemade music. A rousing discussion. Food. Books. Music. Adults who can let themselves be silly. Gadgets and gizmos. Information.

Cacophony. People who can't carry on a discussion or debate without getting emotional. Most corporate leaders. The power of money and big business. Living scared--I'm not.

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