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10/10/2021 12:52:12

Have nice day !

10/09/2021 21:13:40

~ Have a great Sunday :) Hugs Lorribelle54

10/08/2021 17:50:47

~ Have A great Weekend~We just got Much needed Rain! Helping put out Fires And Cleaning our Air~ So Thankful! Hugs Lorribelle54

10/08/2021 16:16:37

hope you had a  good week,,have a great  week-end..Friendship Image
Friendship Image

10/08/2021 13:02:13

Thankful For Your Friendship 

I'll see you on Tuesday :) it is Thanksgiving weekend

in Canada:)

Happy Flashback Friday from me and my parents:)

Early 1980's - Thanksgiving


10/07/2021 19:33:25

~ Have a Great Evening~ Hugs~Lorribelle54

10/07/2021 19:09:02
Just rested all day still not feeling well

10/07/2021 13:13:53


Good afternoon

have nice Thursday 

Hugzs from me

10/06/2021 19:35:41


Isn't this some nice news :) 

friends forever and a


10/06/2021 19:35:40

~Wishing you a Happy Fall Day~ Hugs~ Lorribelle54

10/06/2021 11:49:07

Happy mid-week

Smile and hug ..

10/05/2021 20:18:16

Evening my friend

still feel awful., hope your having a better day

see you in the morning

10/05/2021 17:12:13

10/04/2021 17:56:03

Evening my friend.,  hope your having a great monday.  here in boston area  still having  heavy  rains.,  am still not feeling well,  so i will go to bed early., my sons away again for the week.,  plus he text me he won  a large 55  inch tv  or large  i forget with stand in a raffle  fundraiser.,  have a good night see you in the morning.

10/04/2021 12:59:31

I hope that you don't have lunch plans...

beacause today is Perogie Day:)


BOO! And they are ready:)

Have yourself a lovely day :)

my great granny made the best perogies


10/03/2021 19:55:52


Have lovely evening a nice new week ahead ..

10/03/2021 18:22:48

Going to bed my friend., hope i feel better  towmorrow

10/03/2021 13:36:27

10/03/2021 13:19:49

R U Ready For Some Football?

Once apon a time I was a pretty decent athlete:)

Once apon a time

The weekend ain't over yet, :) pizza, wings, and

football at Bobby's place!


10/02/2021 18:48:42

Evening  a real cool day.,

got the Booster shot  today.,  but  now  my  arms  so  sore... 

have to call the heart doctor  am  whizzing  so loud  my son  hears  me  driving me nuts.   hope you had a good day.  see you in the morning.

10/01/2021 17:21:04

had a great day, friend came by

bought me flowers.,  we  went to castle island.  and walked., plus we went to lunch

expensive  lunch  were he picked  cost over 110.00/.  then  coffee shop he met the girls before...   weather in the 60's

hope  you had a great  day, going to take a nap

10/01/2021 12:59:13

Say Cheers :) 

October 1 is annually celebrated as International

Coffee Day.

Say Cheese :) 

The first Friday of October every year

is celebrated around the globe

as World Smile Day. Don't we look happy


10/01/2021 11:59:58

09/30/2021 19:31:25

09/30/2021 13:18:54

Your Turn :)

If you carry your childhood with you,

you never become older:)

Chalk PNG Transparent Images | PNG All

I ❤ Throwback Thursday :)

"Tag, You're It"


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