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07/15/2022 13:59:11

Happy Flashback Friday:)))

It's pretty easy to imagine the scenario 

that preceded this photo!

Keep on smooching


07/14/2022 20:59:41

Was a very busy day.,  weather was nice  first  i had to take a neighbor to the hosptial for test  and pick her up 3 hours later.,  met my friend for lunch  pizza she paid for my birthday.,  then tonight had a VFW meeting was 2 hours.,  glad to be home .,  hope you had a good day  and a wonderful night  see you in the morning

07/13/2022 16:30:04

Here I Come to Save 

the Day!!!



07/12/2022 19:50:58

There is always something to be thankful 

for at the end of each day:))) 

Have a great evening everyone:)

I sure did enjoy  the new Elvis Presley


07/12/2022 19:42:07

beautiful day.,  hope you had a good one.

have a goodnight

hugs  june

07/11/2022 21:09:09

Anyone feeling brave enough to challenge me

at the ā€ˇWater Gun Balloon Pop? 

I hope you had a very nice day )

I'm STILL undefeated )))

07/11/2022 20:16:29

Evening my friend ., wants to thank all that wished me happy birthday today.

it was another nice day., meet the girls for coffee., bank and the got my haircut,  plus my financial advisor took me out for dinner  Texas road house ,  this time i got ribs  were i had steak with my son yesterday.  hope you had a great monday

see you in the morning

07/10/2022 21:14:32

My son took me out to dinner tonight with the girlfriend     we went to the 110  Grill

very  nice  but expensive.,  plus he bought me a new phone samsung  A13

mine was old.,   plus italian rum  cake ., for my Birthday  tomorrow., plus the girlfriend gave me gifts..... we went  tonight because he works late tomorrow .,   hope you had a great sunday.  see you in the  morning.

07/10/2022 13:30:58

Gonna head over to the movie theatre later

to check out the new Elvis movie:)

Have a nice Sunday friends:)))

I hope you get to do something that

you enjoy!

07/09/2022 20:47:30

I just wanna say Goodnight facebook | Good night sweet dreams, Good night  greetings, Cute good night

07/09/2022 14:54:10

have a great relaxng weekends my friends.  good news i dont have to squeeze threw the trees and shed anymore lol but they still working, digging down the street  , they wont be finish , take all summer. funny i had macines  in my yard lol  still have to meet my ride at the mailboxes in the week. today i  got. my hair cut and trimmed. waitting for the cable man to come to fix or replace  , a new box, my daughter and i take turns waiting lol i dont have tv, since yesterday morning. oh well i keep busy  playing games on my phone. and lission to music. later ill walk around the tr. park and count how many  holes they still have to fix,  just kidning. one thing good they saved my rose bushes , new roses now poping out. keep cool. take care love you all bless you  were is my cable man . ????????

07/09/2022 13:12:02



This limbo party definitely needs music:) good thing it's


07/08/2022 20:16:57

Was a nice day  80's.,  went to the bank  and coffee

hope you had a great day.,  see you in the morning.  hugs  June

Good Night my Dear Friend -- Snoopy

07/08/2022 19:37:15


07/07/2022 20:41:32

d eveing my dear friiend s sorry i havent been on here ,  alot of things been happen around here. the trailor park is having all new water pipes put in the ground ,  what a nosy mess. its  street  by street, they did the third street  already day after july 4th they got to me second street  , yesterday they finish mine, but the street  is still block off   they not finish the street yet. after the street i live on , well go to the frist street boy that be a mess people wont get in and out to easyer. its so funny i had to go back yard behind my trailor to get out to cross the road to my mailbox to meet my ride to my friendship club  bend my head  to  underneath my tree lol. go between the sheld and water will ha ha., now the cable  man has to come tomrrow  to fix my cable box. its been 2 crazy weeks, funny things been happened around here.

ii hi had to go to the rent office got my rent check back and wirite a new one, i goved up . yep it was  a crazy  few days. so my dear you make me smile with your cute comments and pictures, have a good night,  i know round 7.30 am the trucks and everything be here to wake us up. xx oo love mary


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07/07/2022 16:57:02

Evening  was a nice day., but now  looks like  rain  tonight.

went to lunch  with my friend  from school  was very nice.. i got ribs  and ate 2

took the rest home.,  she wanted BBQ  but ended up  with  fish  LOL...

hope you had a great day  and yeah tomorrow  friday.

have a good night see you in the morning.

07/06/2022 18:58:14

Evening  my friend   was  a beautiful day

hope your having a good one and a great  night

see you in the morning/

07/06/2022 13:35:27

Pucker up and lock lips with your sweetie 

because it is World Kissing Day!!!

Hoping your day is off to a nice start :)

The coffee is good & so are the songs playing

in my jukebox:)

07/05/2022 20:57:23

Hope you had a great 4th

warm but cloudy day.  

07/05/2022 14:10:18

It's great to see everyone! ESPECIALLY YOU:)))

I hope it's all good with you! I had a nice time enjoying

 the beauty of British Columbia.



07/04/2022 16:47:14

Evening.,  hope your having a great 4th

my sons doing a BBQ  for him and the girlfriend, don't know if he invited any friends.

i just went for ice tea and read my book for awhile  then came home.

the weathers in the 80's ., have a good night.

07/03/2022 16:35:20

hope your having a wonderful sunday

am  doing  a jigsaw puzzle.. asked my son to pick me up ice tea  says out of his way..oh well., am not cooking dinner.

have a good night.,  see you in the morning

07/02/2022 17:05:36

stayed in all day.,  made homemade macaroni and cheese for my son  i don't eat that.. made enough  to freeze  for another times

hope you had a wonderful day  and enjoying your weekend. 

07/01/2022 16:44:36

Beautiful Day,  high   90's.,  tomorrow  heavy rains all day  lots of fireworks  cancelled until tonight  or  Sunday.,  hope your having a great day.

 4th of July Graphics
Mor 4th of July Graphics

Good night Graphics
Mor Good night Graphics

hugs  june

07/01/2022 11:42:17

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