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12/21/2019 10:40:48

12/21/2019 10:35:55



Wishing you a great weekend my boomers friend.

12/21/2019 10:24:29

12/21/2019 10:13:02

A young girl and boy were in love. As deep as the twisted, mind-shattering thing they called love could go. They were only kids. She was sixteen. He was seventeen.

After a while, they started drifting away slowly, he decided it was time to let her go. When he told her, she broke down.

They were letting everything they had together, the memories, fantasies, nights, and all thins they held sacred together.

After they fought the worst fight they had known, he slammed the door. Never to enter her life again.
Every tear they had shed stopped as soon as he left. She never cried over him. He never cried over her again.

She was on her own to finish school. She was alone to herself for those years. The sun was cruel to her, never there to cheer her. Every tear she had shed for him dried, to be long forgotten after the first year they were apart. She banished every memory she had of him.

He left the state to move on. He went to med school to save others from the
pain he experienced from her. Every night when he was up in his room, the wind would howl, bringing the sense of coldness ringing through him. He banished every thought of her.

Seventeen years later, she was thirty-three. He was thirty-four. She was sitting in a coffee shop by herself at an airport to fly out of the state. She never loved again. He was walking out from his plane entering the state.

By some twist of fate, their eyes met for a brief moment. In that instant, they realized they couldn't live without the other.

Their embrace brought back everything they thought they had let go. Their kiss brought golden sparks back to them. Everything they had sworn they would never remember; came back to them.

That night, they became one again, and swore never to separate again. He decided to take the job offered to him, and she decided to stay with him forever more..Love & Hugs~Richard





12/21/2019 09:56:01

12/21/2019 09:45:45
Sweet Day my Boomer Friend..Big Hugs.
⌒☆ ☆╮MARY SHEREYA⌒☆ ☆╮

12/21/2019 08:41:00

12/21/2019 08:38:31

I wish you a Merry Christmas...!

12/21/2019 08:11:29

May this Christmas fill your heart with warmth, peace and joy dear friend.

Have a Holy and a Blessed Christmas.

Much love, hugs kisses, Grace Lily

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12/21/2019 08:05:31

Good Morning   Happy Saturday


12/21/2019 07:58:19

i hope you have a very nice enjoyable weekend  xoxoxo   






12/21/2019 06:48:15

Happy & Festive Solstice to You my Cherished Friend...♥




12/21/2019 06:28:43

°_██_*˚° Merry Christmas,
˛.(´• ̮•)*~* I Love you all
.°( . • . ) ˛* And may you have
*(...'•'.. ).. * a day filled with Love & Laughter.Happy Winter.

12/21/2019 06:28:42

°_██_*˚° Merry Christmas,
˛.(´• ̮•)*~* I Love you all
.°( . • . ) ˛* And may you have
*(...'•'.. ).. * a day filled with Love & Laughter.Happy Winter.

12/21/2019 06:11:11


12/21/2019 05:43:59

Made with GlitterPhoto.net

Made with GlitterPhoto.net


12/21/2019 05:35:53

Have a great weekend friend, 

Merry Christmas!

12/21/2019 04:59:43

Hello dear friend!!
I wish you have an excellent Saturday!!
I wish you a great day in your life!!
Enjoy and be happy forever!!

12/21/2019 04:15:15

Have a great weekend friend!

12/21/2019 03:39:53

12/21/2019 03:31:49


12/21/2019 03:16:25




12/21/2019 01:56:13

Снимка на Hosoi Kenichi.

12/21/2019 00:21:26


Always look for the magic :) Goodnight Karen...Wishing you peaceful sleep and sweet dreams xox

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