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05/24/2023 20:15:29

05/24/2023 14:47:15

Life is short, and if we enjoy
every moment of every day,
then we will be happy
no matter what happens
or what changes along the way....

05/24/2023 10:25:08

Wonderful Wednesday GIFs | Tenor

05/24/2023 06:59:14

Have a nice day..! 

05/23/2023 23:15:39

05/23/2023 22:07:14

Wonderful Wednesday GIFs | GIFDB.com

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05/23/2023 19:35:07


05/23/2023 13:56:36

05/23/2023 06:58:15

I wish you a nice tuesday 

05/22/2023 22:02:52

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Good night gif 🌜 GIFs • ombika🐣 (@609740149) on ShareChat

Sunset Love stock image. Image of lover, ocean, adults - 9453265 | Sunset  love, Romantic sunset, Sunset photography

05/22/2023 17:54:51

a href="https://imgur.com/Mj1Aibk">


05/22/2023 14:04:52

Collect Call From Canada

"Whatcha doin?', where is ya going?"

"What's the day's activity?" what happens

 when you say " hi " to your friend on an airplane

whose name is Jack? 

05/22/2023 13:05:16

Happy Monday!

05/22/2023 08:59:14
*❤⋆───★•❥I Wish You Love... ❥*
☀Dear Boomer Friend (♥ˆ◡ˆ)..*
☀And All Good Things May Come To You.*
☀With Happiness And Joy¸¸.•*¨*•(ツ)*
☀Happy New Week Dear Friend ♥*
☀Sending you Smiles, Hugs and*
▐▄ots of▐▄◯╲╱Є இڿڰۣڿ♥*

05/22/2023 08:49:50

WORDS OF WISDOM"You make a life out of what you have, not what you're missing."KATE MORTON
As I reach out  for help, 
Lord, assure me,  for nothing
has ever stopped you from
upholding me in the past.
Never left too long in any 
season of sorrow , God sends
us  spring times of the heart,
where bluebirds dance,
mountain snowdrops melt,
and pain is mere remembrance.
The irony of spiritual peace is that often cannot be
attained without spiritual warfare. Despite  this reality, we
can have great courage in battle, for God has provided us
with the best of spiritual armor;  salvation, righteousness,
truth, the good news of peace, faith, and his Word. With 
these, we may conquer doubt, fear, and despair, and all
the great enemies of our soul.

The “Happiness is Within You” story is a fable about a man who travels to a far-off land in search of happiness. He meets a wise old man who tells him that happiness is not found in distant places, but rather within oneself.

The wise man tells the traveler to seek out a certain tree in a nearby forest, which is said to hold the secret to true happiness.

The traveler searches for the tree, but when he finds it, he is disappointed to see that it looks like any other tree.

The wise man appears again and tells the traveler to cut the tree down and open it up. Inside, the traveler finds nothing but plain, unremarkable wood. Confused and frustrated, he asks the wise man what this means.

The wise man tells him that the true secret to happiness is not in external objects or circumstances, but rather in our own perception and attitude.

Happiness is not found in material things or in achieving external goals, but rather in cultivating an inner sense of peace, contentment, and gratitude.

The story is often used as a metaphor for the idea that true happiness comes from within, and that external factors can only provide temporary pleasure or satisfaction.

The lesson of the story is to focus on cultivating inner peace and contentment, rather than seeking happiness in external objects or circumstances.

Bloom where you were planted.. LOVE AND BLESSINGS

05/22/2023 06:37:55

I wish you a nice monday 

05/21/2023 23:25:51

05/21/2023 21:57:44

Happy Monday GIFs - Begin Your Day With A Smile | SuperbWishes.com

Пионы - Gif-анимация - Цветы

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05/21/2023 15:58:16


Happy Sunday, 

My kind of church^_~

05/21/2023 12:40:06

05/20/2023 22:36:41

Happy Sunday! - Download on Funimada.com

Beautiful Flowers GIFs | GIFDB.com

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05/20/2023 13:41:48

After my fourth whiskey, I heard it 

whisper "Now is the time to tell people 

what you really think."

I think I'm gonna stick with my 

coffee & pink grapefruit juice:)


05/20/2023 12:58:08

Have swesome day 

stay coOL..


05/20/2023 10:52:41
¸.•°*"˜˜"*°•pєαcє☮ .✫
.☆✦☼ ツ☆❦ℒøʋɛ❦★
Beautiful Boomer Friend ✦
Today is a beginning
of a wonderful trip,
called a weekend!
Spend it awesome!
Happy Saturday.
❤**•❉(◕‿◕✿ Mary ღ Shereya ☆•**❤

05/20/2023 10:30:36

“As you go out this beautiful morning, may the angels of God go before and after you to protect, guide, and bless you abundantly. Good morning.”

I am one with Spirit. Spirit is within me.
Spirit permeates me and surrounds me.
Spirit is my comfort and my strength.
I am one with Spirit.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

How Many Friends?

  by: Author Unknown, Source Unknown

The old man turned to me and asked
“How many friends have you?”
Why 10 or 20 friends have I,
And named off just a few…

He rose quite slow with effort
And sadly shook his head
“A lucky child you are
To have so many friends,” he said

But think of what you’re saying
There is so much you do not know
A friend is just not someone
To whom you say “Hello”

A friends a tender shoulder
On which to softly cry
A well to pour your troubles down
And raise your spirits high

A friend is a hand to pull you up
From darkness and despair…
When all your other “so called” friends

Have helped to put you there

A true friend is an ally
Who can’t be moved or bought
A voice to keep your name alive
When others have forgot

But most of all a friend is a heart
A strong and sturdy wall
For from the hearts of friends
There comes the greatest love of all!!!

So think of what I’ve spoken
For every word is true
And answer once again my child
How many friends have you???

And then he stood and faced me
Awaiting my reply
Softly I answered
“If lucky…… one have “I”


“Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold” is a song written and recorded by American country music artist Dan Seals. It was released in 1986 as the second single from his album “Won’t Be Blue Anymore.” The song became one of Seals’ biggest hits and remains one of his signature songs.

The lyrics of “Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold” tell a poignant story of a young boy growing up without a father figure. The boy idolizes his absentee father, who is a rodeo rider, and dreams of following in his footsteps. However, as he grows older, he begins to realize that the glamorous life he envisioned is not as perfect as it seems. The chorus of the song emphasizes the central theme, cautioning that appearances can be deceiving and that things that seem attractive on the surface may not bring true happiness.

The song’s emotional depth and Seals’ heartfelt delivery struck a chord with audiences, making it a hit on both the country and pop charts. “Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold” reached number one on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart, becoming Seals’ fourth consecutive chart-topper. It also crossed over to the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 65.

Dan Seals, born in 1948, had a successful career in both country music and pop music. Before pursuing a solo career, he was a member of the soft rock duo England Dan & John Ford Coley, known for hits like “I’d Really Love to See You Tonight” and “Nights Are Forever Without You.” Seals’ solo career in country music flourished in the 1980s, and he achieved a string of chart-topping singles and albums. His smooth vocal style and heartfelt storytelling made him a beloved figure in the genre.

Sadly, Dan Seals passed away on March 25, 2009, after battling cancer. However, his music continues to resonate with fans and is remembered as an integral part of his legacy. “Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold” remains a timeless reminder of the importance of looking beyond appearances and valuing the things that truly matter in life

To me you are "GOLD"

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