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04/14/2024 17:35:26


04/13/2024 22:24:52

Pin by Annydjati Ponirah on sunday | Friday morning quotes, Good morning  msg, Happy sunday

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04/13/2024 21:50:52

…..just kickin back, relaxin and snuggling….it’s a dog’s life

04/13/2024 19:43:13

04/13/2024 13:29:31


Two pretty ladies for me & two pretty 

songs for you on this sunny jukebox


04/13/2024 11:56:34
☀Dear Boomer Friend (♥ˆ◡ˆ)
☀Takes Time To Do This Weekend.
☀What Makes Your Soul Happy.
☀Enjoy Your Weekend .•*¨*•(ツ)
☀Love ♥ From My He♥rt

04/13/2024 11:42:21


Have a nice weekend ....

04/13/2024 09:03:55



Photo of the Week

Photo of the week

by Ann Albers in Phoenix AZ

Enjoy the temporary exquisite nature of life!
(My camera caught the eclipse in the reflection somehow!)

Message from the Angels

Messages from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

A few weeks ago, we talked about your eternal nature. You live forever, dear ones. So do all beings. Humanity, the animals, the spirit of the plants, trees, and Earth herself are part of the beautiful energy field that cannot and never will cease to exist. One with your creator, you immerse yourself in this 3D world for a while, then expand back into love—your true nature—when you make your exit.

When you transition to spirit once again, you have a body that is a projection of your consciousness, but it is not the dense body you live in while in your physical world. It is a body made of light. Although you can hug and eat and do whatever you like in the heavens, there's an awareness of yourself as energy and an awareness of the One love that lives within all.

On Earth, you immerse yourself in amazing biological bodies. They are magnificent miracles. Every cell is a conscious being, very much like a little animal, always wanting to love, always wanting to surrender to the steady stream of guidance, information, and healing from the Source. That is why we implore you to love your bodies, love your cells, and reaffirm to them that you believe in their ability to recalibrate to their original design. When you live in fear, you pinch off the stream of light. When you live in anger you do the same. When you find something to love, appreciate, or just enjoy a moment of relaxed contentment, you open once again to that flow and allow your little cells to once again receive their instructions straight from the Source.

That said, when it is time to expand back into the heavens, your cells, having done their job, retire their 3D forms as as well and merge once again with the greater consciousness that you are.

There is nothing in the world of form that will last forever, dear ones, while everything in the world of spirit will endure for eternity.

This is not meant to frighten you but rather to inspire you to enjoy this beautiful and temporal reality in which you are journeying for the time being. Enjoy the exquisite feeling of being able to touch your own hands in the physical world, to give yourself or another a hug. Enjoy the miracle of your own skin. Enjoy the cool feeling of a splash of water on your face or a sip of tea. Enjoy your senses. They are unique on your planet Earth, and certainly an experience not to be missed.

We also encourage you to take time regularly to go beyond the sensory world and tap into your eternal being. Connecting with the Source can help you truly enjoy your physical reality, as you feel and know the love behind it more often. After your meditations or prayers, enjoy your 3D reality! Bring your spirit into it fully by living in the present moment with as much love and appreciation as you can. Don't do this to "holy." Don't do it to achieve anything. Do it because human life is an exquisite experience, not to be rushed through, but rather to be savored.

You will absolutely have senses in the heavens beyond your wildest dreams, but there's something exquisite about being immersed in your physical, sensory reality that is not to be taken for granted. We even find it difficult to put into words. In the heavens, there is love beyond your wildest dreams. There is music in in the air, and colors beyond your physical specturm. Everything, colored with love, is more beautiful than words can express. And yet, there is something so precious about your 3D, physical, sensory reality that you will treasure once you come to the other side because it is an experience that is unique, precious, and beautiful and oh so tangible in ways that are hard to describe until you expand back into light.

Right now, upon your Earth, you can put on a pair of goggles and visit any location on Earth in a way that seems very real. You can see, hear, and almost touch the spaces that you witness from your own home. Your computer could make these locations seem perfect and fill them with every conceivable beauty. Yet how much more interesting and enjoyable it is to take off the goggles and use your own eyes and senses to experience the imperfect "real" 3D reality that you must drive or fly or walk to see, that you anticipate, and that you embrace with a sense of adventure. How beautiful it is to experience the world through your physical senses. This analogy has its limits, but we are simply encouraging you to enjoy your physical world while you are in it, knowing, of course, that there is so much more behind it that you cannot see.

Your dear ones who have transitioned are with you, often walking right beside you. Your animals in spirit are running around joyfully, visiting both relatives in heaven and those they love on Earth. If you break a glass, the spirit of love that held it together simply releases into the ethers once again, ready to take form as you direct it.

So when you find yourself fearing loss of anything or anyone, breathe. When you fear losing money, or a job, or finances, breathe. Remind yourself that all 3D things are temporary, but the spirit of love that lives within them lives forever. If you lose a loved one, they live on. If you lose a job, the good parts of that job live on as well as even better and you will find the "spirit" of the better job in a new one. If you lose a little money, the bank account might temporarily be a little lower, but the spirit of abundance lives within you, just waiting to be focused back into form so you can enjoy it with even more appreciation.

Dear ones, treasure your earthly lives. They are a precious experience, even if they are often a challenge. There's not a moment of your life that will seem wasted when you see it from the heavens someday. In the meanwhile, enjoy the grass under your feet, the warmth of sunshine on your face, the smell of your dinner, and the touch of a dear one, because your time on Earth, however long it may be, is an experience to be treasured. Don't rush to the finish line. Enjoy what you have right here and now, and in that bliss of the moment, you and your cells remain open to the well-being, joy, abundance, and Love that is part of your eternal flow.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

This week the angels remind us to enjoy this 3D world while we're in it to elevate our experience and feel the love that we seek. I'll share my experience of the eclipse, and the angel bird who showed up in the middle of it. Tips are included, as always, to help you enjoy life's many simple magic moments.

Do not waste time thinking

about what you could have

done differently. Keep your

n the road ahead.


Moving faster doesn't always make

things happen faster. Rushing can

lead to mistakes, and then things

and then things take even longer.

SLOW DOWN . Take your time.

The fastest possible route is one

 you take with patience and presence.

Lesson learned for me.

Love and Blessings.

04/13/2024 06:50:29

I wish you a nice weekend 

04/12/2024 22:45:46

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04/12/2024 14:51:23

Sometimes our lives
have to be
completely shaken up,
changed and rearranged
to relocate us to the place
we’re meant to be....

04/12/2024 14:45:58

04/12/2024 14:41:52

A little to the left, darling ... 

it's been a LONG


04/12/2024 14:11:51

04/12/2024 06:58:58

I wish you a nice friday 

04/11/2024 21:58:04

Pin by so mui li on Greeting | Rainy good morning, Good morning happy  friday, Good morning friday

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04/11/2024 14:33:12

jUST A FUN COMMENT,love and respect :)

04/11/2024 06:40:19

I wish you a nice thursday 

04/10/2024 22:14:56

Happy Thursday | Happy thursday morning, Good morning thursday, Happy  thursday quotes

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Pin by kiersten cahoon on amour | Couples, Photo, Relationship goals  pictures

04/10/2024 17:48:32

04/10/2024 17:08:26

Have a nice Evening..

04/10/2024 06:57:53

Have a nice day...!

04/10/2024 02:20:20

….guess I might need Will’s help after all…… woof woooof……OR

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