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10/29/2019 19:21:22

10/29/2019 19:10:35

Have a good evening


10/29/2019 18:58:37

10/29/2019 18:51:08

10/29/2019 18:22:17

Goodnight,thank you always...wishing you a warm and wonderful night my dear...stay safe and take care...thoughts and prayers are always with you and the family

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10/29/2019 18:17:55

All she breathes is you.

She fell oh so deep in love with you,

You stole her heart and left her,

Broke the only thing she thought was true,

And now, all she wants is you,

All she wants is you.

She could sing about what she's feeling,

Pray for what she is missing,

If only you were still around to understand the meaning,

If only you were listening,  

And now, all she wants, all she sees, all she breathes and all she needs,

Is you..Love & Hugs~Richard





10/29/2019 17:59:49

Good Night Friend :)

10/29/2019 17:44:36

I don't think we win on the time changes at all :)

Sweet Dreams

10/29/2019 17:34:13

Mon image

Mon image

10/29/2019 17:16:42

“Es como si todos contaran una historia sobre sí mismos dentro de su propia cabeza. Siempre. Todo el tiempo. Esa historia te hace lo que eres. Nos construimos a partir de esa historia ".

10/29/2019 16:46:31

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Image result for dreamies.de halloween

Related image

Image result for dreamies.de halloween

Related image

10/29/2019 16:38:52

Image result for lovely tuesday

10/29/2019 16:16:23

Donald Duck Happy Halloween Handmade 8x10 Craft Fabric Block - Great for Quilting, Pillows & Wall Ar

Happy evening  

much Love Lila


10/29/2019 15:25:08

10/29/2019 15:19:00

 photo golddiv_zpsfwzrw5aq.gif

 photo TUESDAYLOVE2_zps2ag4pvpl.gif

In Life, Always Remember; By Faith, We Live. By Love, We Serve. By Patience; We Understand. By Trials, We Gain Wisdom, And By Sharing, We Give Joy. Have A Nice Tuesday and A Safe Week. Love, Peace & Prayers. Patty Ann

 photo golddiv_zpsfwzrw5aq.gif

10/29/2019 14:40:32

Снимка на Pavel Danov.


10/29/2019 14:32:06

te deseo buen martes mi querido amigo,un buen

amigo es como un trébol de cuatro hojas,

dificil de encontrar y es afortunado

de tener feliz noche besos, maria cuidate

10/29/2019 14:05:41

10/29/2019 13:55:02

Having a Witch Brew tasting contest today:)

Cheers to your Tuesday 

10/29/2019 13:52:47

Good afternoon//Evening for you dear friend!!
I wish you the best with love and peace!!
Affectionate greetings and blessings!!

10/29/2019 13:52:18

the countdown has begun

Halloween is almost here

My Friend



10/29/2019 13:50:07

10/29/2019 13:47:30

Silhouette Design Store: witches gotta stick together

Witches by Mike Hoffman

Yigit Koroglu

Have A Wicked Day My Lovelies!

10/29/2019 13:13:34

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin...Good afternoon, have a lovely Tuesday! Love and Peace, Trisha xox

10/29/2019 12:45:51

“Full stop is not the end, 

its just the beginning of a new journey”

~ Unknown ~

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