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08/10/2022 20:38:06

I hope the day was worry-free for you:)

Moon pie's are on the house:)))

08/10/2022 19:24:05

Was a beautiful day

was in the 80's  ., hope you had a nice day

just went to Target to buy juice., cost 24.00

but there the only one's that carry it.  meet he ladies for tea

had 1 corn on the cob for dinner and a piece of watermelon.,  son not home again., would of like pizza.  hope you had a good day.,  see you in th morning

hugs  June

08/10/2022 15:17:04

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Big HUgzzz Maria xo

08/10/2022 15:01:48

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08/10/2022 14:41:11

Hello friend!

So lovely your guestbook entry .

thank you so much my sweet friend

Much love and Big hugs


08/10/2022 13:18:08

Paint your Day Perfect!


08/10/2022 13:08:19

“The easiest thing to be in the world is you. 

The most difficult thing to be is what other people want you to be. 

Don't let them put you in that position.”

 ~ Leo Buscaglia ~

08/10/2022 12:21:08

Planting a garden makes happiness!
Enjoy your day my friend!

08/10/2022 11:49:23

Don't you just love Weird Wednesdays?

08/10/2022 11:33:58

08/10/2022 09:47:49
Good Morning carol  Hope your day is filled with smiles

08/10/2022 08:20:25


UNITY - the eighth Point of Simply An Inspired Life

I Am One With Spirit and All Creation

- I give thanks for the unity of all creation and for everything that has brought me to this moment. I release my entire being to the gentle nurture of Spirit. Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field. I will meet you there. - Rumi

As we light a path for others, we naturally light our own way. - mary anne radmacher

When the vast cathedral of our being becomes a sanctuary for all creation, we become the face of God. - jonathan lockwood huie

Feel Unity with Spirit and All Creation All things share the same breath the beast, the tree, the man... the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports. - Chief Seattle

When I see Spirit in Everything, Peace is at hand. UNITY ‐ we are all one ‐ the web of life.

You are never alone. Your Higher Power, whatever that means to you, is a constant support ‐ never hesitate to ask for guidance and blessing. Remember that Spirit knows better than you what is best for you, so ask for comfort and affluence rather than the affections of a particular person or a higher paying job. Whatever your circumstances, and however often you may have felt rejected, there are many people in this world who live in the tradition of the "Good Samaritan." When troubles weigh upon you, do not hesitate to find and rely upon these people ‐ they are far more numerous than you think.

Know Unity With Spirit: There are as many ways to connect with Spirit as there are people ‐ each of us has our own way to receive strength and serenity from the Infinite.

Your life will be happier if you acknowledge that you are not alone, become open to that presence, and create ritual to celebrate your connection. You may feel your bond with Spirit at the Lord's Supper, in Songs of Praise, in Calls to Prayer, in Meditation, while doing Yoga or Qigong, or while walking in the woods.

However you connect with Spirit, do it today.

My wish, today, for each of you is Joy, Honor, acceptance of diversity, and Unity with Spirit and All Creation. May your spirit soar throughout the vast cathedral of your being. May your mind whirl joyful cartwheels of creativity. May your heart sing sweet lullabies of timelessness.

Happy Trails .x

08/10/2022 08:14:52

Stil have a little raking to do,

my yard is to big! It is going to be 

another hot one here! Took care of my plants

so i can be in the AC! Hope you have a great

hump day Carol! Take Care! Enjoy your day/evening!

08/10/2022 07:56:48

Here is a story I came upon and decided to share with you. "One evening my mother made dinner after a hard day's work. She put a plate of eggs, salad and burnt toast in front of my father... I immediately noticed, the burnt toast.... And, I was waiting to see if he was going to complain about it, but my father started to eat them, smiling and asked me how I spent my day at school... My mom apologized to my dad for the burnt toast. I will never forget his response to her: "Honey, I love burnt toast!" Later when I went to bed and my dad came over to kiss me goodnight, I asked him if he really liked the burnt toast? He hugged me and said, "Your mother has had a difficult day and she is really tired. She went out of her way to prepare this meal for us, why blame her and hurt her. Burnt toast never hurt anyone; but words can be very painful!" We have to know how to appreciate what others do for us, even if it's not perfect, because it's the intention to do well that counts, and no one is perfect.."


08/10/2022 07:43:48

morning..may you have a spectacular day..hugs xo 








08/10/2022 06:11:23

08/10/2022 05:37:18

Have a Refreshing Wednesday my Precious Friend.
Love, Hugs & always Smiles:))) for You from Me.

08/10/2022 05:30:30

08/10/2022 04:34:29


08/10/2022 03:45:04

Wednesday comments

08/10/2022 02:15:55

08/10/2022 01:12:54




Good morning.I wish you a so wonderful Wednesday .

a big hug and kisses .Dina

08/09/2022 22:37:37

Pin page

08/09/2022 22:04:52

Good morning Happy Wednesday Beautiful Images and Gifs of Blessings

Pin page

sunset kisses

08/09/2022 21:16:46


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