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[color="purple"][size="3"][center]In 1967 when I was 16, I decided to hitch the 35 miles up to San Francisco to see what was going on. It was the Summer Solstice, and I walked into the first day of the Summer of Love. That is when I began studying Eastern Mysticism and Western Metaphysics

In 1968 I began working with the I Ching, and now have my own translation online. In 1970 I began working with Massage and Healing with Karmu, the Holy One, in Cambridge Ma. He was a Healer, and a Rootman, and he taught me Massage, and how to love people, which is perhaps the most important thing anybody can know.

In 1973 I been doing Hwa Yu Tai Chi Kung Fu with GrandMaster John Chung Li. In 1976 I learned the Yang Style Tai Chi

I am a writer, and artist, musician, Stand Up Comic, and a UFO Contactee.
I do not discriminate on the basis of Planetary Origin or Species.

I am a Vegetarian, have my own organic Garden, and support Animal Rights and Progressive causes.

Please visit my personal website :

The Gaian Dragon

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06/02/2018 18:38:13

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   ☆ Remembering #MarilynMonroe ☆ Born on June 1, 1926

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Marilyn Monroe photo 88010906.jpg

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05/19/2018 20:34:13

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 ☆ Happy Birthday #AudreyHepburn

 ☆ Today we celebrate what would have been Audrey's 88th birthday. 

 No matter who you are, you know who Audrey is. She is someone that no one can hate. 

   Her elegance and Beauty- her Kindness- is something we will never forget.

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   ☆ Remembering #AudreyHepburn





  60 years ago today Alfred Hitchcock's VERTIGO, one of the Greatest Films ever made, premiered in San Francisco

   ☼ Happy Weekend...

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    ☆ Remembering #Misch - A Great Friend

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