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My name is Nancy,and I have been married now for 10 years to the most WONDERFUL Australian man! We met online in 2000, and he sent me tickets to come to Australia. I was going "no matter what", and of course EVERYONE thought I was totally crazy to be going OVERSEAS (for the first time too!) to meet someone who I had never met before! We had been talking for 6 months, and we "fell in love" over the Internet..so I was not really afraid to see him, just really EXCITED, and I couldn't hardly WAIT! (When that plane landed in Sydney, Australia though, I DID feel like I was going to "throw up", and I had "big hair" then, and I KNOW I must have gone through a half of can of hairspray before we landed) LOL I had nothing to go on except pictures that he had sent me. But when our eyes first met..with him at the end of that air runway..it was a "sealed deal" for us..it was "LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT". And when he first kissed me, and held me, we were "over the moon", and both of us actually felt like crying. Ours, was a "fairy tale" courtship, and we are still madly in love! Of course, there was a LOT for us to go through, and a lot of "red tape", before we could finally get married. Now he is a "resident" of the U.S.,(took 4 years!) and we live in Culver, Oregon. For the first time in my life, I am a happy, contented woman. I have 5 beautiful grown children. Four boys, and a girl. John, 37, Joey, 34, Jamie, 33, Christina, 27, and Josh, 26. and 5 grandchildren, and 3 step-grandchildren. I have moved, and traveled a LOT, and I have been ALL over the United States, many, many, MANY times! I LOVE TRAVELING..it is in my blood! I have lived in Oregon, Texas, Florida, and Tennessee. I was raised in Springfield, Oregon. I am so lucky that Allan shares my adventurous spirit, and LOVES traveling, and discovering new things as much as I do!! He is so FUN! After being away for 7 years, we went back to Australia in 2008 for CHristmas, & it was wonderful! Allan's mother & family were so happy to see us. We have packed a LOT of LIVING into our 11 years of being together, and we STILL act like newlyweds. We love nature, and our favorite hobby is GEOCACHING (if you want to know what this is,go to Geocaching.com)which we try and get out and do every weekend that the weather allows us to!

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