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07/13/2020 13:57:05

The difficult we do immediately; 

the impossible takes a little longer.

~ Unknown ~

07/13/2020 13:54:14

Have a lovely new week love ya Kat~~

07/13/2020 12:25:46

Monday????  I think you mean MONEY-Day!  For us, anyway.  Kid got her money from Uncle Justin, with more to come.  


Actually, the kid is more conservative than I am.  I'M the 'eccentric' one in the family.  lol  She's kinda like a blend of her parents thataway.  









07/13/2020 12:15:02
*☆* My Boomer Friend *☆*
Sweet New Day..Hugs

07/13/2020 10:03:10

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07/13/2020 09:36:45



A New Week, A New Day. May God Bring You Blessings Every Step Of The Way. "Blessings Of Love & Light" Peace, Hope & Prayers. Patty Ann


07/13/2020 08:18:09

 Babes Smile!!!HiSooo Glad To Be Home Again The Continent Is A Real Mess Transport Wise They Don' Seem To Be Taking Much Notice Of Long Term Covid 19 And How Serious It Can Be Social Distancing Doesn't Seem To Be Happening In A Lot Of Places Really Glad To Be Back In The UK ...

Not Doing Much Today But Have Been Booked Up For A Couple Of Hours Flying Time This Week Sometime Looking Forward To That Hope The Weather Holds Out Also Get Another Day Out Wreck Fishing Would Be Nice...The Good News Is My Gym Has Opened To Members Only For Now Dying For A Massage Will Have To See How It Goes...OK Sweeetzzz Gonna Get Some Lunch Now So Take Care Be Happy Luv Your Comments And Messages Smile!!!Keep Them Coming I Luv Them ...See You Soon ...



07/13/2020 07:40:40

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