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Trudging the road of happy destiny

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79 years old
United States
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I love all kinds of music from all over the world and from many different times or types. I guess my all time favorite is those old Delta Blues but truly I am open to listening to anything from anywhere.

I learned to read when I was 4. It was my first addiction because it allowed me to escape my own life and go to some place else and I preferred being there, pretty much no matter what or where that place was.
I read many kinds of books: fiction, non fiction, history, memoirs, biographies, self-help,etc etc etc. My favorite fiction is mysteries, I inhale them.

I'm living in Florida currently, been here a couple of years. The love of my life, a male umbrella cockatoo names Kea died a year ago.

A few weeks after Kea died I rescued an Orange Wing Amazon named Emerald from the crack house next door. We have come a long way in our bonding and him learning to trust me but we've still got a ways to go.As he just turned 2 on Christmas day, we've not in a rush.
A couple of months I met a little Fisher Lovebird who had been dumped
Also my Darlin'Dotter's English Mastiff lives with me. His name is Hercules Jones and he is 10 years old which in mastiffs is about the equivilent of a 90 year old man.

I've mostly lived all over the west side of the country including Hawaii (but not Alaska yet)This is the first time I have ever lived on the east side of the country or in the south. I find it offers me "many challenges and opportunities for spiritual growth"

I just celebrated my 25th b-day in addiction recovery. I can tell you that years ago I thought by the time I got here, I'd probably be walking on water. Well, it ain't gonna happen anytime soon.

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