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Old enough to know better, young enough not to give a damn

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67 years old
bluegrass, Kentucky
United States
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Forbidden Planet, anthing with Kenneth Brannah especially his Hamlet and Henry V. Operation Petticot, almost all versions of Pride and Prejudice jane Eyre, Schindlers list. Judgement at Nuremburg.

classic rock, espcially the acid rock, Five for Fighting, Julia Fordham, Enya, Train, 3 doors down Matchbox Twenty, so many more..

most CLive Cussler, but mostly reading reference books for my writing, the Gor series, Tolkien. Robert Parker.

oil painting, writing, more writing, still writing, reading and collecting books, cooking.

Single female with a few extra pounds, change my hair colour to various shades of red these days, I am passionate about most everything i do, i have a good sense of humor, and yet a strong sense or responsibility. I respect and expect honesty. self educated, always trying to learn and improve myself.
have two tattoos and i am getting more and just got my right eyebrow pierced. I am wild and wacky, i can be a slut or lady depending on my mood and the situation.

Strong men, not in body but that is nice to, but strong men of spirit and honor and intelience. Passion, honor, respect, smart humor, the basic things in life, the less affected the better! The right cologne, Tattoos, some piercings.

skinny reed thin men, racism, ignorance, arrogance, no honor or respect for others and themselves. extremely obese, someone who won't take care of themselves and then acts surprised that they have medical problems. People who spend more time trying to figure out ways to get out of work then it takes to do the work.

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