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02/28/2021 02:52:54




02/27/2021 23:25:22

Blessings, Love Smiles & Hugs


02/27/2021 19:57:00

 wiccan pussys  greatweekendglitter had another beautiful day here,grilled up some bison burgers, so good

02/27/2021 16:42:03

02/27/2021 15:03:33

~Have a fantastic day~

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02/27/2021 14:46:32

Hello dear friend!!
I wish you have an excellent Weekend!!
Enjoy and be happy forever!!

02/27/2021 13:22:42

Hello. Saturday. Early afternoon. We have a gloomy, rainy looking day here, but the temps are mild, so I say...let the moisture rain down. I find myself alone in the house except for the kitty. Rather quiet, but I'm relaxed and mostly at peace. I watched a playoff HS basketball game. (very sad to say my team lost. Darn ! ) I also paid my upcoming bills, and straightened the house. Now I'm enjoying my computer time, as I always do. After this I have a letter I need to write, a few pictures to frame and hang, a movie I plan to watch, and a take out meal being delivered. My shower issues have been resolved and hopefully water issues are behind me. So it truly is a lazy day and a great beginning to the week-end. Another thing of note...I put in another adoption application for a dog I am enamored with at a local shelter. All previous attempts have not worked out. Either too may applicants, or they were claimed by a rescue organization, or owner reclaimed. I'm still hopeful that the dog that is meant for me will come my way soon. However, I am patient . Adoption is not the easy process it once was. So that is what's up with me and the unexciting life I tend to live. Now what's up with you? Live peacefully. ~ Marcia 

02/27/2021 12:50:15

Enjoy this last weekend in February
Dear Friend 
Spring is not far behind 


02/27/2021 12:20:50


Make the world go away!!

Get it off, get it off my shoulder

Don't try to stop me :)


Do not take life too seriously. 

You will never get out of it alive. 

-Elbert Hubbard 

02/27/2021 12:18:26

Mimi Gif: Sweet Day | Sweetest day, Cute good morning quotes, Good morning  gif

02/27/2021 12:02:49

The tongue has no bones
but is strong enough
to break a heart.
so be careful with your words.

A gentle answer
turns away rage,
but a harsh word stirs up anger.....

02/27/2021 11:48:23

02/27/2021 11:39:18

02/27/2021 10:36:53

02/27/2021 09:52:05

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Enjoy your Caturday!!

02/27/2021 09:51:09

Have beautiful day !

hugzs Kristy

02/27/2021 09:46:42

02/27/2021 09:41:58

~"A Bouquet of Wishes per te"~


02/27/2021 08:45:32
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02/27/2021 08:38:33

'Things Are Such' by Rumi

Things are such, that someone lifting a cup,
or watching the rain, petting a dog,

or singing, just singing – could be doing as
much for this universe as anyone.


Happy Saturday!

Love & Hugs....Christy

02/27/2021 07:31:11

02/27/2021 06:21:43

happy caturday.much love...pandora

02/27/2021 06:20:55

Enjoy a Weekend Perfumed with Joy & Love my Friend...;)






02/27/2021 05:14:37

02/27/2021 05:07:40

Kellemes hétvégét kívánok február utólsó hétvégélyén !! Ölelés Vanna

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