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YES, Van Morrison is okay,

Hobby Lobby. Not a hobby but man can you imagine a start on a hobby (I know, this is more about home decor).. Simple man here. How about GardenRidge? You get ideas in these places, that and nurseries, all the healthy plants and pottery.. Love waterfronts, cantinas. Comic takes on things, even with a little harmless sarcastic tone, fine by me, as long as clever and not hurtful.


Dont feel that far along yet. The sense of time is not frantic. Not yet..I will say this....and it sounds 'lame' I know....have never been to a comedy stand up show..I mean...performers just starting out...or not...lol...in a small, intimate comedy club (you're lucky if in NY or LA)....I'm decidedly not....hehe...and see them make it for not. Heard you see stars that way before they 'made it'. Peace for those that made it....Robin Williams...sad that. Ask me about that sometime. On a 'fluke' 'late june' blind date each of us 'seasoned'....lo and behold.....ask....(psst...it was not Robin....but a blood relative....on that weird but promising blind internet date....

06/27/21 What spiritual book do you live by?
06/27/21 What iis it with men’s socks today?

Hopeful Holistic leanings (Not Christian Science). Health. Nature, plants, Home Depot, pottery, animals. Also, fireplaces, water gardens. Running fountains.

Open minds. Trying new things. Not heights. Definitely not. A mortal fear of heights since childhood. Love festivals, all the people around. Love the tranquility, the rhythm of beaches. Love ‘makeover shows’ of home renovations. Invigorating. Music. Hopefully the lyrics and the melody are ONE. Enjoy acerbic talk show hosts, comedies (but not too silly and uninspired comic writers). More for later. Thanks.

Poor listeners, interrupters, all about themselves. Have no interest in the novelties life has to offer. Rutted. Stiffened by routine. I know, I know, cost truly can be a factor in that. Bored people. What Do they like?? lol

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Have a nice Thursday,dear friend!


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nite nite

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