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Into The Mystic

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70 years old
DFW, Texas
United States
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And if you want to reminisce about another man to someone you want to meet? Strike One.

06/09/19 When last time checked email b4 text messages?
06/02/19 Most exposure, most outreach which to choose first?
04/12/19 So some still have landlines. Which you trust more? Landline or smartphone?
01/15/19 Almost too many smartphone apps to handle?
05/05/18 Jumping the gun? I'll wait but my post, let's be lenient time of posting

When I get where I'm going, if we cross paths, give me a shout out, cause I'm not sure where 'there' is. lol Preacher's son. Prodigal Son. My own path. Love music. Church was all about music and singing. I branched off from that. Sense of humor. Every preacher's son has to have that to survive. It's not hard til you reach the age of dating. You guess what that is for me. Got around it. Aside of that, married 'late', never to 'chancey' before that, despite parents had no faith in me in that. Let's call a spade a spade. Music is my 2nd love. A woman goes first.

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02/28/2021 12:05:05



Have A ''FANTASTIC WEEK'' Enjoy!

Thank you for your friendship!



02/28/2021 11:58:16

02/28/2021 11:30:24

Here's hoping for your day or evening whichever it is for you will be a good one. Thanks so much for being my friend. I am thrilled to come to bommer every day and see your comments and what's been going on with you. Your all amazing!

02/28/2021 11:08:07

Sorry  no comments  last night.,

but i went to the store yesterday in the snow and rain.,  and were i don't wear a coat i got soaked to the bone.,  when i came home and put all the meat away i went upstairs to change and lyed down to get warm  i never came back down stairs  .. so skipped all meals yesterday. so far today I had 1//2 cup of coffee.

another cloudy day  and suppose to rain again  so i'll stay in.

hope  you have a great Sunday.,  and don't forgot tomorrow March  1st  yeah  springs  aroung the corner.

02/28/2021 11:07:07

what ever your plans for the day, i hope you have a happy day...smiles & sunshine..mk

02/28/2021 10:56:33

☆,。・:*:・゜   vvv10 e499_zps418b86d1  c4345c68-d125-4099-bcb0-98787fe494b8_zps02xgpdeq good morning/afternoon,enjoy your dayツ

02/28/2021 10:38:25

As we leave February
and await the season of Spring
I hope you find peace and solace
in your life 

~ Valerie 

02/28/2021 10:20:08

With every dark cloud, a ray of sunshine breaks through.
With every heart~wrenching tear, a contagious smile
warms our hearts.
With every performance of despair, and encore of hope
follows.Have a sunfilled day.Blessings Carol Anne..
At the end of the tunnel is the light. So just keep moving forward till you get there and never give up. Happy Sunday.
Be open to unexpected blessings. What belongs to you will effortlessly flow into your life in a way that might currently seem unimaginable. This is why you must stay open to possibilities instead of perceived ideas of what’s in the way. Nothing or nobody can stop your blessings or what’s meant to be for you. You are the one that decides and declares your experiences. Deep within you, you know what you truly want. Let that be your focus. Let that be your inspiration to keep going. Instead of worrying about how, just relax and be in a deserving state to receive. Believe that it is already yours. Start owning and being the energy of what you want to receive.
Never worry, stress, or overthink how everything you're going to manifest or receive will happen for you. Just believe that it will. Believe in it. There's great power in believing what you can envision in your mind, not really in what's happening in front of you. Everything that can happen for you, starts with a single thought. You have to believe in it till it shows up. The more you believe in that thought, the more you will feel it. The more you feel it, the quicker it will manifest it into your reality. You should trust in the greater power that's constantly aligning everything for you through your visions and inner state of being.
Choose to connect with your inner self for guidance through this process of change and receiving. You will grow stronger everyday, because you trust the energy that sustains you. How can you not trust the source that powers all of life so precisely without a single error? Don't let fear, negativity, and lower your energy and steal your shine. Noticing blessings is just a matter of perspective. See the light in every situation. See what's moving everything and what's giving it so much life. Connect with it. Be ready for sudden breakthroughs. What you feel and think is already coming towards you. Just start counting your blessing and celebrating who you are right now. Self-acceptance and self-love is the shift that will make everything align for you.
- Idil Ahmed 
Silver Linings: When life seems to be taking you for a ride, know that divine love will always ultimately be the final destination. Trust in the lessons of the journey; believe in the truth discovered in the purpose."—Robert Clancy
God has given us eyes not to insult but to look beyond situations. Lips not to criticize but to speak for truth. Hands not to punish sinners but to give a helping hand. Ears not to be insensitive but to hear voice in pain. Everything has it’s own purpose. We should use it well.

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