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Into The Mystic

mem_normal2 OFFLINE
74 years old
DFW, Texas
United States
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One of my favorites is The Big Lebowski with Jeff Bridges.

I’m eclectic. It’s whatever grabs me spur of the moment. At times I like a good catchy beat with a fair share of good bass as the backbone of it. You could mention the Rolling Stones as one example.

learning apps….this ‘AI’ thang is really leading into Alice’s Rabbit Holes I’m thinking.

I want you all to know I know not all want video sharing. Ok. I get that. I just have to learn whom wishes to be text and pictures/art only. I try to be considerate.

The older I get the simpler the list is. No amazing wishes or anything like that. Just normal everyday things at just the right time making the day really rock.

12/11/22 How many of you already know what your getting/giving for Christmas?
12/11/22 Would you be disappointed receiving a cash gift card for Christmas?
05/17/22 What do you compensate more easily, heat or cold?
06/27/21 What spiritual book do you live by?
06/27/21 What iis it with men’s socks today?

The profile pic is obviously not me, lol. I’m 74 as of this month.
I wish this happened more often, but I’m happiest when I’m ‘drowing in ideas’.

Open minds.
People-loving people
Shoot from the hip
Positive, Optimistic, forward thinking
Great at handling ‘damage control’ should that happen
Everyone that doesn’t run away from a problem
Problem solvers
Loves Music to the hilt

Self absorbed people
bored to death
Sharing gloom, conspiracies
Don’t notice Nature’s beauty
Living in the past
Feel ‘victiimized’ all the time
Smothering and Authoritative
Alcoholic losers trying to run a failing bar

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04/17/2024 01:16:46

04/16/2024 17:33:10

Evening my friend

was another nice day in the 60's

tomorrow  the same.  i just went to the Mall to Macy's . then  to Joann's fabric

hope you had a good day.,  don't know what i'll make for dinner., maybe just some potato chips... have a good night my friend.

04/16/2024 17:12:06

04/16/2024 16:40:14

Been a hot one here! We are seeing mid 80's 

already! Hope this finds you having a great day! Talked 

with my daughter yesterday and you could tell she was in 

pain but trying to hide it! Sure wish i could help her 

ease the pain! Still in need of prayers! Thank you for 

joining the prayers! Enjoy this Day/Evening! Smiles and 

Hug's alway's 

It always seems impossible until it's done.

~ Nelson Mandela ~

04/16/2024 12:02:27

Hello dear friend!!
I wish you have an excellent Tuesday!!
Enjoy and be happy forever!!
*˜”*°•()Blessings and Greetings ()•°*”˜.•°*
.•*˜ .•°*”˜.•°*”˜”*°•.˜”* °•. ˜

04/16/2024 11:46:59

Someday everything will make perfect sense. 

So for now laugh at the confusion, 

smile through the tears, 

and keep reminding yourself, 

everything happens for a reason.

~ Unknown ~

04/16/2024 10:21:32

Have a beautiful sunny day..:)

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HUgzzz, Maria xo

04/16/2024 08:37:39

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