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09/26/2021 11:19:18

09/26/2021 11:14:35

09/26/2021 08:29:40

wishing you a nice awesome Sunday..hugs   







09/26/2021 03:32:37

Happy Sunday dear friend hugs Vanna 

09/26/2021 01:42:40

Have a nice weekend,dear Friend!


09/25/2021 22:14:52

09/25/2021 20:07:21



I miss you...

I'll always be here, for you!


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

To listen to my song to you, go to BULLETINS! More of my songs are on my PROFILE PAGE

Annette Hanshaw - Lover, Come Back to Me (1929)

Sung later by Nelson Eddy and Jeannette MacDonald in the 1940 film version of "New Moon"

09/25/2021 18:34:48


09/25/2021 18:08:58

I hope  you had a  wonderful saturday

mine  was ok  weather  was nice.,  I did laundry  went to the store  and  coffee

see you tomorrow.

09/25/2021 16:34:44

09/25/2021 14:33:46

09/25/2021 14:16:04

I hope that you had a nice Friday evening, :)

mine must have been very wild!!!

I don't recall getting this



09/25/2021 14:06:47

09/25/2021 11:15:24

09/25/2021 11:02:30
Do you believ in angels
By Lesli White

Purple Lit Angel

Are angels real? Are they truly around us? We often don’t hear about angels and when we do, the stories are often secularized or commercialized. The truth is, angels still walk among us and each story of a true encounter with one is quite unique and amazing. Angels are spiritual beings with a much different frequency compared to humans. Increasing your present awareness of angels is one of the best ways to start noticing their presence. On mountain slopes, on desolate rural highways and airplane cockpits are just a few of the places where ordinary people have felt the real presence of God’s angels at work in their lives. Angel signs are all around us and can come in a variety of ways depending on your current challenges, next steps or the questions you’ve asked. Here are six true stories of heavenly visitors.

Angels at Crash Site 


Lillie Leonardi’s story may seem unbelievable to some, but the former FBI officer, who retired after suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder linked to her role in the aftermath of the September 11 terror attacks is adamant about what she witnessed. Leonardi said she saw legions of angels guarding the Pennsylvania site where United Airlines Flight 93 crashed. When she arrived at the site just three hours after the crash, she was struck by numerous elements. She was so startled, she kept it to herself out of fear that her co-workers would think she lost her mind.

“I started seeing shimmery lights…and it was kind of misty and that’s when I first saw angels there,” Leonardi said. “And I didn’t say anything to the guys because you can imagine if I would have said, ‘I just saw angels on the crash site,’ they’d have called the office and they’d have said, ‘She lost her mind and tell her to go home.’”

They were dressed as if they were in warrior garb like a Roman centurion, she said. There were so many of them, you couldn’t see their faces. She continued to see flickers of light, each angel guarding the crash site. Her hope in sharing her story is that people would know that God was present on 9/11.

09/25/2021 10:32:09




09/25/2021 10:15:33



09/25/2021 09:08:08

have a
wonderful Saturday xoxo 







09/25/2021 05:59:46

Harmony & Wellness on Your Weekend my Treasured Friend...;)


naturcs:“ by jakergb”

autumncozy:“By novembersunray”

ohsowanderful:“ More Pretty Posts Here”

delta-breezes:“Couple of Prague”


09/25/2021 04:52:54

Happy weekend dear friend hugs Vanna 

09/25/2021 04:36:17

09/25/2021 02:47:38

Have a nice weekend,dear Friend!


09/24/2021 20:23:57

It was a beautiful fall day here - 73 sunny with a nice breeze.  Was outside for only a few minutes as I still didn't feel well from yesterday.  Hope you had a good day and will have a wonderful weekend.

It's The Weekend Get Out And Enjoy It

09/24/2021 20:14:11

09/24/2021 18:46:36

Flashback Friday

2000 zero zero party over oops out of time

So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 


Hi :) Happy Weekend!! On this date -

1982 - Prince's "1999" single was released.

I would love to go back to


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