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10/16/2021 10:02:17


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10/16/2021 08:58:41
The White Pumpkin

This is the story
Of a pumpkin of white
What is its place on this autumn night?
Amidst all the orange and colors of fall
It seems out of place; not belonging at all
But oh what a place, and oh what a story
You see, in its face lies the image of glory

Of babies so small, so incredibly tiny
Perfect in purpose, their souls shining brightly
No less a baby, a child just the same
As one who was held and called by their name
Was my baby a he?
Or was she a she?
What would my child have grown up to be?
Yet bigger than questions and what ifs and whys
Is the comfort they feel when they look to the skies
For their hope is the truth that they so tightly cling
“I’ll know all the answers, understand everything
on the day that God hands my child back to me”

This pumpkin is sweet baby boys and girls
Who never opened their eyes to this world
Never cried, never feared
Protected from pain
Touched by their innocence
We’re never the same
Lives perfect and pure
All things lovely and sweet
And we honor them here
‘Till heaven we meet

This pumpkin is all of the sweet little ones
Whose lives although short were covered in love
In kisses and snuggles, rocking and playing
Their parents not knowing they wouldn’t be staying
But the time that they had they would never trade
Even if they could be saved from the pain
Their cribs may be empty, but the promise remains
One day they’ll hold their babies again

This pumpkin is for all these sweet angel friends
Whose parents all know this isn’t the end
And how they are doing
Tonight up in heaven
Is better than anything we could imagine
Though we’re missing our children
And we’re still on this side
Our hearts will continue to swell with pride
At the special, the wondrous, the out of place things
Like this white pumpkin, and the joy that it brings
A reminder that our children are more than alive
They are perfectly whole, all things are made right

Angel parents, I know there’s still tears to be shed
But I hope that this pumpkin brings peace instead
Our babies are promised forever in heaven
And that’s the best gift we could ever be given
You worry that your loved one will not be there to greet you when you pass. They have gone before you, and what if they enter into another body for another life experience before you arrive? Set such fears aside, dear ones. You will see them again. They have never left your side at the level of Consciousness. You may call it what you want, this force that animates all that is. One need not have a body to exist. Your loved ones exist as the beautiful souls you came to know and love. Spirit can be changed, but never destroyed. Yes, it is the Law. Spirit is not limited to one body at a time. One story at a time. Life is eternal as Spirit arises in limitless forms, in limitless ways. Do not limit your perception of how your loved ones exist after the body returns to dust. What love has brought together, let no human thoughts limit. You are so very loved.
Suzanne Geismann
You came naked,
You will go naked.
You arrived weak,
You will leave weak.
You came without money and things,
You will leave even without money and things.
Your first bath? Someone washed you,
Your last bath? Someone will wash you.

This is life!!!

So why so much malice, so much envy, so much hate, so much resentment and so much selfishness?

BE KIND to everyone and do good deeds.

We have limited time on Earth don’t waste it in uselessness. 

It’s a new morning and a brand new day to rise and shine. Good morning and happy weekend. Make your free days relaxing and joyful..

10/16/2021 05:51:21

10/16/2021 04:47:21

Happy weekend dear friend hugs Vanna 

10/16/2021 04:38:43
Sorry a ams not Home Greetings Dayenne Soraya Greetings From the Netherlands.

10/16/2021 02:06:00

Have a nice weekend,dear Friend!

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10/15/2021 18:25:11

EVENING., another beautiful day  70's  ., getting ready to watch the red sox game..

just went to the grocery store needed oatmeal  to make cookies...stilll feeling  awful...

hope  you had a great day

see you in the morning.

Hugs  June 

10/15/2021 17:41:33

10/15/2021 13:53:37

Just representing my neighborhood..

Hi :)

Have a great weekend everyone! 

I ❤ My Boomer Place because my friends live

in it:)

10/15/2021 13:03:49

10/15/2021 13:03:46

10/15/2021 12:32:24

Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

10/15/2021 10:50:49

“Happiness is when what you think, 

what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” 

~ Mahatma Gandhi ~

10/15/2021 10:50:44

A bowl of noodles from a stranger

That night, Sue quarreled with her mother, then stormed out of the house. While enroute, she remembered that she did not have any money in her pocket, she did not even have enough coins to make a phone call home.

At the same time, she went through a noodle shop, picking up sweet fragrance, she suddenly felt very hungry. She wished for a bowl of noodles, but she had no money!

The seller saw her standing wheat faltered before the counter and asked:

– Hey little girl, you want to eat a bowl?

– But … but I do not carry money … she shyly replied.

– Okay, I’ll treat you – the seller said – come in, I will cook you a bowl.

A few minutes later the owner brought her a steaming bowl of noodles. Ate some pieces, Sue cried.

– What is it? – He asked.

– Nothing. I am just touched by your kindness! – Sue said as she wiped her tears.

– Even a stranger on the street gives me a bowl of noodles, and my mother, after a quarrel, chased me out of the house. She is cruel!!

The seller sighed:

– Girl, why did you think so? Think again. I only gave you a bowl of noodles and you felt that way. Your mother had raised you since you were little, why were you not grateful and disobeyed your mom?

Sue was really surprised after hearing that.

“Why did I not think of that? A bowl of noodles from a stranger made me feel indebted, and my mother has raised me since I was little and I have never felt so, even a little.”

On the way home, Sue thought in her head what she would say to her mother when she arrives home: “Mom, I’m sorry. I know it is my fault, please forgive me … ”

Once up the steps, Sue saw her mother worried and tired of looking for her everywhere. Upon seeing Sue, her mother gently said: “Sue, come inside honey. You are probably very hungry? I cooked rice and prepared the meal already, come eat while it is still hot …”

Can not control any longer, Sue cried in her mom’s hands.

In life, we sometimes easy to appreciate the small actions of some people around us, but for the relatives, especially parents, we see their sacrifices as a matter of natural …

Parental love and concern are the most precious gifts we have been given since birth.

Parents do not expect us to pay back for nurturing us …… but have we ever appreciated or treasure the unconditional sacrifice of our parents?       Vietnamese story 

Have  a Amazing Day! Angels Blessings and Love.....

10/15/2021 10:13:56

10/15/2021 09:39:36

good morning..have a fantastic day..hugs 






10/15/2021 09:29:19

10/15/2021 06:42:44

10/15/2021 01:29:22

Have a relaxing Friday,dear Friend!


10/15/2021 01:19:56

Have a great Friday dear friend hugs Vanna 

10/14/2021 19:58:45

Hello there. Thought i stop by and share

some yummy Popcorn Candy.

These are my favorite. Enjoy.:-) 

10/14/2021 19:26:18

Evening.,  another beautiful day.,  70's

just went to the dollar  store  for a few items

wanted to do  more errands.,  but to tired came home and took a nap. 

hope  you had a great day see you in the morning.

Hugs  June

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