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Bubble Shooter
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Bubble Shooter
Arcade Champion: Venke
My High Score: 1057660


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Next 3 piks are promotional ones from shall we Dance which is Norway's Version of Dancing with the Stars. It will be on fall 2013 on tv 2 Norway which I know is hard for anyone ouside Norway to get.

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Venke Knutson (born 20.October 1978) She grew up in the small village Birkeland in Norway. She didn’t sing that often, but she proclaimed a lot of poetry. She had a high and clear voice.

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Venke’s favourite hobby as a little girl was to lie in the grass in the evening and look at the stars. She liked to listen to her father telling her about the names of the stars, and the history. Venke still likes to dream away with the sky as a ceiling. The star on the top to the left in Orion’s Belt is Venke’s favourite star. It lights the strongest in October around Venke’s birthday.

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Her father was a director at the local band, that her grandfather founded. In addition to playing drums in the band, Venke sang in several choirs and played the piano. After Venke graduated from Junior High School, her family moved to Houston, Texas, in USA. she had lived there before, but then she was too young to see and do so much. Inspired by her two older sisters, Venke applied to the music line at Vågsbygd School when the family returned to Norway. She was accepted without a song audition since she still was in Texas. “Luck” says Venke. Venke dreamed of being an artist. But she insists still to that she is a person first, then an artist.

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In the fall 1998 Venke started at the teachers academy in Oslo, and started to work with Dan Sundhordvik. Venke sang for several bands, and when the group S.P.O.O.N, with lead singer Erik Faber won the Norwegian Championship in Rock in 1999, she was on the stage as a backup singer.
In 2001 she married Svenn Kåre Liodden, and she tells the sweet story about how she met her boyfriend: “When I was 17 and was attending the musicline at Vågsbygd School, I went with some boys who where going on the danish boat and play jazz in regarding “Operasjon Dagsverk”. I couldn’t sing jazz, and had never song in a microphone before, but I tagged along since I thought the drummer was so cute. So I sang for the first time on the danish boat, and the drummer later became my husband.”

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On spring 2003 Venke got a record deal with the record company Universal working with her manager, Jan Fredrik Karlsen, also known as the Judge in the tv-show “Idol”. Venke tells about her relationship with Idol: “I got totally addicted to it. Especially last year, then I really paid attention. But this year unfortunately it haven’t been too much watching at tv, but I have tried to pay attention as much as I can. But I really don’t understand how people dare to be in something like that. I wouldn’t dare it. if I’m going to criticize the concept a bit, the lower age should be raised to 18 instead of 16. I thought it was horrible to see all the critic that came towards a young and innocent girl like Sandra Lyng Haugen who only was 16. People were really mean and awful to her.”

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“So I called Sandra and told her to never mind them and to keep working. Besides, I had to thank her too for singing “Panic”. That was so funny!.”
In June her single “Panic” came and it was the summer hit all until February 2004. Panic was on several collection albums, and made it’s best place on the “VG-lista” with place nr.10. In march came the follow up, “Scared”, and in June her album “Scared” was released to the stores.

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Venke has now completed her education as a teacher, and is the teacher of class 3A at Bryn School in Oslo. Her students were scared when they saw her on television. Scared of her changing job. “They didn’t really understand what their teacher was doing on TV, but at least I got invalidated that I was starting on the children’s channel… The artist has no plans about leaving her job as a teacher: “24 beautiful kids meet me here every day”. No matter how things will go with my record. “They have agreed that they are very good in singing all together in the mornings” , Venke smiles.

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09/23/2017 16:34:55

Hello My Precious Friend
Sending Some Caturday Love...
Enjoy Your Evening,
**~Silver Rain~**

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09/23/2017 15:52:16

This is a rock formation at a lake in Burma. It can only be photographed on a specific day, once a year and when the Sun's rays touch the rocks at a certain angle.

Tilt your head to the left and look at it again... Isn't Mother Nature awesome !!

09/23/2017 15:40:53

Have a nice weekend.

09/23/2017 15:36:13

Beautiful weekend for you dear friend!!
I wish you the best with love and peace!!
Affectionate greetings and blessings!!

09/23/2017 15:27:52

 photo GMPRECIOUS_zpsywbczwzq.jpg

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not exactly morning anymore but HAY ~takes me a while sometimes! so "bon damanche" jaja >;D)))>>>-

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week feeding one of my Box turtles grapes and (out of view)
cantaloupe.  if weather stays temperate for the Ozark Mountains, they
will be around until sometime in October before they finally hybernate.

Related image

"The Turtle and the Hair" ;D

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09/23/2017 15:04:21

Enjoy your Day & Weekend, Have fun Hugs Arleen!Have a beautiful Saturday

09/23/2017 14:34:52

annette hanshaw


Do you like jazz?

I do!


Love always, Annette, "That's All!"

This song dated
1934, Joseph Meyer's music and Eddie DeLange's and Frank Loesser's
lyrics is a re-adaptation from a version of 1935 (18 January) sung by
Valaida Snow as a great trumpeter as well as singer.
"Imaginary Woman" project was born to celebrate the woman, seeing in
all its aspects her feelings and moods, though they are, as we all know,
So try to bring all of these states
together into a single person in the light of a "Immaginative Woman," a
brave woman, a woman in love, a desirable woman, but also, alas,
With a repertoire predominantly Horse
between the years 20 and 30, (and a few tips from the 40 onwards), the
Quartet, which also includes an additional drummer, offers unusual
pieces and linked by incredible stories of women who lived at that time.
A small tribute to Annette Hanshaw.

Tahnee Rodriguez - vocalist - The Imaginary Woman Quartet -

- I Wish I Were Twins - 1934 - Tribute to Annette Hanshaw



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