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65 years old
United States
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The Movie Called " The Notebook " Is Just One Of My Favorite Movies.

I love music it comforts my soul & relaxes me. My favorites are: Country , R&B , Christian Rock , Oldies But Goodies , & some of the Old Rock & Roll.

I Enjoy Reading All Kinds Of Different Books But, My Favorite Is reading a good love story .

Here are just a few things that I enjoy doing: cooking and baking , computor programming , PSP Graphic Designing , dancing & singing (kareoke), movies , fine dining , exercising , music , reading , travel , going to sporting activities such as: Baseball , Football , Basketball , Ice Hockey. I also,enjoy going to Pet Expos , going to car & motorcycle shows .. restored and new. I enjoy fishing and camping , going to the mountains and the beach. I enjoy working out in the yard taking care of my beautiful rose bushes. Most of all I enjoy being with my family , friends , grandchildren.I live life everyday , to the fulliest , like if it was my last day so, Laugh , Love , and Be Happy.

I'm A Woman Of 65 Yrs. Old Of Age. I'm Affectionate , Romantic , Beautiful , Compassionate , Warm And Kind Hearted , Caring & Trustworthy. I'm A Woman Whom Has A Kind And Giving Heart. I'm Also A Very Faithful , Loyal & Commited Woman. I'm A Woman Who Loves Her Family And Friends , And One That Loves Life ItSelf & Lives Life To The Fullest EveryDay. I Was Born In PittsBurgh , Pennsylvania But Now Resides In California Since The Age Of 7 Yrs.Old. I'm Divorced .. But , ( Single & Looking.) I Have Two Grown Son's My Oldest Is 45 Yrs. Old & My Youngest Son Is 38 Yrs. Old. I Have 10 GrandChildren 8 Girls And 2 Boys. I also have two Great Grandchildren .

I enjoy being around good , honest , happy people. People that I can have a good conversation with. Just being around family , friends , and spending Time With My Grandchildren. Here Are Just A Few Of My Favorite Foods That I Like. I Love Chinese Food , Stuffed Bell Peppers , Liver And Onions ,To Steak Or Chicken With A Baked Potato .. I Love Cake And My Favorite Cold Drinks Are Ice Tea Or A Cold Glass Of Cream Soda.

People Who Are Not Honest With Me.

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07/22/2019 04:27:28

Happy New week dear friend hugs Anna 

07/22/2019 02:05:59

~ Blessings ~


07/21/2019 20:44:25

Hugs & smiles 


07/21/2019 20:33:03

The weather was beautiful today.  Had a wedding shower to go to and was so glad to get out.  Cooler temps tonight and the air conditioner is off..!  Hope you have a very restful evening and a great week ahead.

Hugs, Love, and God bless...., Barbara  :-))

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07/21/2019 20:24:28

Evening  hope  you  had  a  great  Sunday

was  another  hot  day.,  this  heat  will break  soon

my  son  bought  me  a  fan., told  him  i  was  fine but  he  worries

have  a  good  night   see you  tomorrow

07/21/2019 15:12:36

Good afternoon//Evening for you dear friend!!
I wish you the best with love and peace!!
Affectionate greetings and blessings!!

07/21/2019 14:40:04

My daughter is plowing through the advanced math she dodged in high school, in preparation for a course (maybe more than one) she needs in university next year.  She came into my room this morning while I was trimming my toenails and asked me if I'd like to learn about rational functions.  "Is this about the Trump presidency?"  I inquired.  "No."  "Well, what about irrational functions?"  I asked.  No such thing, as far as she knows.  "How can you know the light without knowing the dark?"  I asked.  "Look, she said, 'do you want to know about them or not."  "Okay,' the math failure of the house said.  I looked at the explanation in her textbook, and saw words strung together in apparently random ways.  Then she explained it to me.  "Hey!' I said, 'You made more sense to me than your book did.  Maybe one day you'll be teaching math."  "Never ever say that to me again,' she retorted.  'If I'm ever teaching math, then something very seriously wrong has gone on with my life."  And she left.  She's promised her parents that she will love them more again after her last exam is done.  lol 







07/21/2019 12:26:23
 photo 1c4b5d27f87974440d751f8055175cdd_zpsw7t1yiul.jpg
My apologizes for my absence…
I pray all is well with you…
Things are going good in my life…
I miss you so much…
Sending you lot’s of love…
May your day be filled with many Blessings!
 photo butterfly_sized50_zpsazbcfkpf.png
Sending Love… xox

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