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The Movie Called " The Notebook " Is Just One Of My Favorite Movies.

I love music it comforts my soul & relaxes me. My favorites are: Country , R&B , Christian Rock , Oldies But Goodies , & some of the Old Rock & Roll.

I Enjoy Reading All Kinds Of Different Books But, My Favorite Is reading a good love story .

Here are just a few things that I enjoy doing: cooking and baking , computor programming , PSP Graphic Designing , dancing & singing (kareoke), movies , fine dining , exercising , music , reading , travel , going to sporting activities such as: Baseball , Football , Basketball , Ice Hockey. I also,enjoy going to Pet Expos , going to car & motorcycle shows .. restored and new. I enjoy fishing and camping , going to the mountains and the beach. I enjoy working out in the yard taking care of my beautiful rose bushes. Most of all I enjoy being with my family , friends , grandchildren.I live life everyday , to the fulliest , like if it was my last day so, Laugh , Love , and Be Happy.

I'm A Woman Of 65 Yrs. Old Of Age. I'm Affectionate , Romantic , Beautiful , Compassionate , Warm And Kind Hearted , Caring & Trustworthy. I'm A Woman Whom Has A Kind And Giving Heart. I'm Also A Very Faithful , Loyal & Commited Woman. I'm A Woman Who Loves Her Family And Friends , And One That Loves Life ItSelf & Lives Life To The Fullest EveryDay. I Was Born In PittsBurgh , Pennsylvania But Now Resides In California Since The Age Of 7 Yrs.Old. I'm Divorced .. But , ( Single & Looking.) I Have Two Grown Son's My Oldest Is 45 Yrs. Old & My Youngest Son Is 38 Yrs. Old. I Have 10 GrandChildren 8 Girls And 2 Boys. I also have two Great Grandchildren .

I enjoy being around good , honest , happy people. People that I can have a good conversation with. Just being around family , friends , and spending Time With My Grandchildren. Here Are Just A Few Of My Favorite Foods That I Like. I Love Chinese Food , Stuffed Bell Peppers , Liver And Onions ,To Steak Or Chicken With A Baked Potato .. I Love Cake And My Favorite Cold Drinks Are Ice Tea Or A Cold Glass Of Cream Soda.

People Who Are Not Honest With Me.

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01/26/2022 19:17:15

Evening., the weather is so cold  sub zero., getting a Nor'Easter this weekend

went to get the med's today the doctor order for my ear  was 75.00  told the drugest  to keep it  am not paying that.  I did eat a sandwich today and Ice tea

hope you had a wonderful day see you in the morning.

01/26/2022 02:54:32


01/25/2022 20:32:45
Doctors today. results
Low blood pressure dehydrate, whizzing , ear infection
In other words am falling apart.

Were expecting a nor eastern this weekend., the weather is sub zero brrrr
Hope you had a better day, see you tomorrow
Hugs. June

01/25/2022 09:45:51

What a day for a day dream,make it a good one my friend...Smiles 


01/25/2022 00:55:24

Have a great Tuesday dear friend hugs Vanna 

01/24/2022 18:54:27

Evening  my friends, was a chilly day in the 30's  we will have snow tonight into the morning, I hope it's not to bad  as i have a doctors appointment tomorrow., just went to the auto store need a battery for my car starter., then for coffee with the girls..  I hope you had a great start to a new week., have a good night see you in the morning.  Hugs

01/24/2022 08:58:18

01/24/2022 03:53:23

Happy New week dear friend hugs Vanna

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